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  1. Hi all, I recently acquired a taylormade r7 superquad driver, it has been custom painted the crown white. I would like to take that paint off in favour for the black paint underneath. Hopefully I posted this in the right forum. All help is appreciated
  2. Yeah you’re right, unfortunately it was reshafted so I cannot tell.
  3. Hi all, I recently got a r7 superquad driver,used, and the previous owner (who I do not know) put a white paint fill on the crown. It has also been reshafted. I was wondering if there is a way to tell if it is the regular or tp version. Also any reviews or comments on this drive are appreciated
  4. Greetings from Canada ?? Everyone has there dream golf bag. I’ve finally got mine! It took only a month to complete! Hope you enjoy Nike sq machspeed driver, regular flex, 10.5 degrees, 0.5 degrees open. Long and straight. A real fairway finder. Nike sq machspeed 3 wood, 15 degrees, regular flex. Grip it and rip it! Titleist 503 h hybrid. 19* and a stiff true temper steel shaft. Great from fairway, tee, and rough. Ping eye 2+ Becu 3-lw. Blue dot. Stiff sandvik titanium shafts. High ball flight, forgiving, and very workable. Love the high toe and double grind. Ping anser
  5. Looking for ping titanium shafts and shaftbands. Clubheads on or off. Also ping ti Wrx putter.
  6. my dream bag: Driver: Nike machspeed black square at 10.5*, stiff stock shaft as my safe driver. Cleveland classic 290 9* stiff stock shaft when I’m playing good. Winn dri tac grip. Fairway wood: Nike sq machspeed 3,5 wood. All stiff. Taylormade r5 dual grips. Most comfortable grip ever made irons and wedges: ping eye 2+ becu 3-lw in stiff titanium shafts. Also Lamkin chord grips. I currently game these and they’re AMAZING. putter: ping pal 6 becu with factory graphite shaft and superstroke fat grip.
  7. I don’t know I loved the ti armours. Nice and forgiving
  8. I still use my square driver. You lose 5 yards but are in the fairway every time ?
  9. Wow your buddy must be rich ?
  10. Ping eye 2+ becu’s with titanium shafts. Crisper feeling than any club I have and probably will ever hit. I loved the high toe and not too thick top line. And the copper look stood out, you could see other guys glance at them from the other hole ?
  11. I agree, Scottys are overrated. Only one I like is the bullseye and napa
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