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  1. Hey mate. The two iron is the only club out of the three that has been in my bag/I have hit. It's one of the oldest clubs in there and I want to keep it in when all the new clubs get put together, even though it doesn't make much 'sense'! The hybrid and utility are sitting in my room unused, both with steel shafts in them and the upgraded shafts yet to go in. Swapping the shaft in the 2 iron was something I did only last year. The stock steel shaft was pretty good but quite whippy (Nippon 990GH 'Uniflex', 102g).... I was interested in trying the Steelfiber composite shaft in something and thought why not chuck one in the two iron as an experiment. I got REG. flex and the 85 gram 'i80' model as that was the only singular one I could buy in Australia. (At that time I hadn't yet bought shafts or clubs from overseas.... Didn't trust them to be packaged well enough to arrive in one piece). I researched the Steelfibers and popular opinion was that they play half a flex or 1 flex stiffer than they are. Plus the torque quoted is very low for a regular at 2.9. Also they have a stiff tip design. So I justified the purchase of a reg. with that info. I also would have ideally liked the i95 model as I wanted to match the weight of the old steel shaft if possible but I thought 85 plus a 4.5 gram aluminium ferrule and a midsize grip (another experiment) would be close enough. To sum up, I probably should have just left the club stock but in saying that I have hit some ripper shots with it since the shaft change, and it feels great to swing. In terms of distance, when I hit it as good as I am capable of or at least 97/98%.... I can cover 240-245 metres. I would think that the new hybrid and UT will be around about the same distance range. (I would have liked to got the Accra shaft for the hybrid in STIFF but like the Aerotech, it was only avail in XS.) A bit of an experiment again but I have always wanted an Accra shaft and think with the torque number, profile and length of shaft it will be close enough to stiff. 41" for a 3 hybrid is about right I think.... Maybe 40.5-40.75 could be what I go with... Like I say the club hasn't been assembled yet! As I said in this thread in response to someone else, I have decided to have the new setup like this as I am not shooting the scores I used to and playing a round these days isn't much about trying to shoot a low score, it's about hitting at least a handful or more like a dozen or so shots, really well. Long, long tee shots preferably! So no four wedges for me... The top five clubs in my bag are there for fun and variety off the tee. They won't be hit at all off the deck (or barely ever). My 5 iron can go 205 or so metres and I am past the days of trying to belt a 3 wood off the fairway 260+ metres to get on a par 5 in two. Much rather lay up with the 5 and flop it close with the short pitch. Cheers, buddy.
  2. I was going to take out the 2 iron and leave 4-pw but really wanted to keep the 2 in the bag. I don't ever understand the concept of carrying four wedges (unless your 'pw' is crazy low loft like 41/42* or something). I cant shoot the scores I once could anymore so golf is for me is more about having fun and the feeling of hitting at least a few great shots in a round, esp. off the tee. Instead of carrying another wedge that I don't need I choose have 5 clubs at the top of the bag, all of them I use almost exclusively off the tee. Obviously a pro golfer or low handicap player who plays in comps won't have a set composition anything like this, for obvious reasons. I am just a hacker these days though, and this setup does what it is spose to for me. And I like to be different to others/mainstream in a few areas. Have stuff no one else really has for eg. Better than being a big time crowd-follower.
  3. During 2020 and 2021 I have bought very close to an entire set of new clubs as I have sought to put together my 'dream witb'. I now have everything I need to assemble them all. The only club components in my bag that won't be new are the heads on my 2 iron and 5i-Pw. This is my specs list for the new bag setup: DRIVER Metal Factory A9 SKY BLUE 10.5* Nippon N.S. Pro Regio Formula B+ Type 65 (Stiff) 66.5g 45.5" 3W Bridgestone Tour B XD-F 15* Fujikura Diamond Speeder FW 7S (Stiff) 78.5g 43.25" UT XXIO Cross Zero 17* Paderson Kinetixx Ballistic 95 IR (Stiff) 99g 39.5" 2I Callaway Big Bertha Fusion 18* Aerotech Steelfiber i80 (Regular) 89.5g* 39.5" 3HY Bridgestone Tour B JGR 19* Accra Tour Z TZ5 95 M5 (X-Stiff) 97g 41" 5I-PW Tourstage TS-201 Athlete Spirit True Temper Alloy Blue Sora (Stiff) 95g 52&60* Kasco Dolphin DW-120G Blue Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH Blue (Stiff) 98g Putter Kasco 9/9 Blue BM-005.
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