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  1. Thanks. These look great at address. I much prefer the straighter leading edge compared with the more rounded Mizuno wedges of the past.
  2. @ADAbsolutNDN Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing! Some of them look professional quality. I'm planning on playing both Cabot courses next summer, as well as a few in PEI. I can't wait!
  3. Got to agree. They are right up there, though I am reserving judgement somewhat until I see them in the flesh. I also agree about the Mizuno Pro script. I love it and it takes me back to some of the old school Mizuno blades of the past. Elegant and classy. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. Lol.
  4. Indeed. I don't get it. Presumably their objective as a company is to make money. They'd sell a ton of these yet they don't make them available to the masses.
  5. The specs are available here (scroll to the bottom of the page). Not sure if that confirms your theory or not.
  6. Seriously. I was about to pull the trigger on some ZX-5s but am going to wait now. I doubt they'll be as forgiving but damn they look good.
  7. Loving the look of these, in particular the 223s.
  8. Thanks. That's at Greensmere Premiere Course, just outside Ottawa. It was an evening round a few weeks ago. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time, for a spectacular sunset.
  9. You got a great deal. Congratulations!
  10. Very nice set up. The Ping bag is as are the putters. When you say "009 sightline" do you just mean a sightline on top? I know Scotty likes to take credit for other people's ideas but this one might be a step too far.
  11. This video is not about the PD shaft as such, but it does give some clues on likely performance...
  12. I play my irons and wedges at +1" but play a fairly "standard" length driver at 45". I find it gives me the best combination of accuracy and distance. Anything else also feels too long, which is counterintuitive, given the length of my other clubs.
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