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  1. I'm ashamed to say I haven't watched much LPGA golf until the last six months or so. However, I'm really enjoying it now. The LPGA does a good job of showing highlights on their YT channel. LPGA players' games are so much more relatable than the top male players. In fact, they provide the perfect blueprint for how to play great golf, without always hitting it 300 yards +. I know I'm stating the obvious here but just wanted to share my new appreciation for the best female players.
  2. I caught a few of the highlights yesterday. This has to be one of the worst courses I've ever seen used for a European Tour event, let alone a tournament with the pedigree of the Italian Open. Flat, dull, pylons everywhere. Having played a fair bit of golf in Italy, I can testify that they have much better courses to offer than this. Hopefully this is a one and done visit to this particular venue.
  3. I didn't see it posted as an attachment in this thread, but I may have missed it. Incidentally some of the original links to the catalog on the first few pages no longer work. Just trying to help out those that may not have accessed it. I'm not claiming this is a world exclusive.
  4. Here we go. Some amazing looking stuff in here. Enjoy! 2021_Titleist_Gear_Catalog.pdf
  5. On the one hand, I see what you're saying. They could be more transparent about their testing data. On that other hand, I suspect that site could release everything they have and it still wouldn't be enough for many. Some of the reactions from people when their preferred brand's products perform badly in testing, are simply beyond parody.
  6. The ball test of the Q-Star Tour on another well known golf site, implies that the QC issues could run deeper than that model alone, especially with what everyone is saying here about the XV.
  7. Hopefully they follow it up with a Z-Star test. The results were awful and it's hard to see this not damaging Srixon's reputation.
  8. Lil review of the drivers hereand fairways here These reviews are more applicable to slower swingers rather than the 120mph+ average WRX member, but they're interesting nonetheless.
  9. I'm curious why you're swearing off TM woods? I say that because I've basically done the same thing. They're great clubs but the two I've owned, I couldn't hit for toffee. I'd even been fit for the second one and I ended up hating it! Lol. By contrast I've used a fair few Titleist drivers and they've all been solid, despite them being "self-fit". Maybe it's a mental thing.
  10. Very nice. Any close ups of the irons. Not sure the current pictures are doing them justice...
  11. Very nice setup. I love that you keep the plastic on your wedges to keep them looking nice. Does it effect feel at all? On a serious note, I really love the bag itself. Is that a Hoofer? Any chance you could post some more pics of it?
  12. This one looks nice. They've taken a Stitch / Vessel approach.
  13. To be fair the colour lime green has been clinically proven to damage the human retina, so it's not surprising there has been some negative feedback.
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