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  1. Come on guys. Tyne to call it a day with the Ping puns.
  2. IMHO Toulon is making some of the best looking putters around right now. I'm seriously considering a Garage custom.
  3. I received my MSS Trainer a few days ago. First impressions are that it's well built and the adjustable weighting system is both solid and convenient. I really like have an all-in-one trainer, rather than the weights being spread across multiple devices. I'll be honest, an irrational part of me was worried about the weights somehow coming loose and flying off through my neighbour's window, but seeing how secure they are when screwed in, I don't think that's going to happen. I've only managed a few swings in a very cold garage, so wasn't going all out. However it feels
  4. I give it three years before he's out with a left knee injury.
  5. No need to apologise. We've all been there!
  6. I was just joking. I literally have nothing to back up what I said. I just thought of Craig Stadler and P. Reed and thought I'd throw it out there.
  7. Maybe he's just trying to put his injury woes behind him. Chunky golfers are much less prone to injury, and that is scientific fact.
  8. I use Sun Mountain bags partly because they're good but also to get around my own ocd in terms of matching the brand of my bag with that of my irons. Put another way, Sun Mountain don't make clubs so I'm free to use whatever brand of irons I like without worrying about matching them with my bag!
  9. I forget sometimes that Srixon are not widely known for their equipment, outside the WRX hardcore. No doubt this is because their marketing budget is a fraction of the better known OEMs which most golfers flock to like moths to a flame. It's not a bad thing though. I love playing high quality Endo forged irons that most golfers have never heard of and likely think I found in the bargain bin at Walmart.
  10. It's a bit like an advent calendar. You shall receive one iron every 7.5 weeks, from now until Christmas...
  11. I believe they use this. In my experience it wears off pretty quickly, especially in the heat.
  12. Totally agree. I think Bridgestone are doing themselves a disservice by still using the swing speed ranges as a guide for choosing one of their balls. Then again, marketing has never been their strong point. @Torrey4Life I would echo the other suggestions made. Go with the Tour B X or RX.
  13. I think this sums up recent events very nicely...
  14. Thanks for posting. Are those swingweights in line with what you were expecting? I'm assuming Srixon used the lighter "B" heads. I'm pretty sure I'm going to order mine uncut so I can have my club builder adjust them to the right length and possibly just rebuild them from scratch. I also play over-length irons and swingweight is always something that has been a challenge.
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