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  1. Very happy to see Fitzy win today. -6 winning score is almost US Open levels of difficulty!
  2. Nice win for McIlroy. He looked so much calmer and "with it" today, versus a lot of Sunday's when he's been in contention and his mind has gone to scrambled egg. 20 wins on Tour is impressive.
  3. But of a weird request this but I'm after a Mizuno ST200 Driver and 3 Wood headcover - the black and white ones as per the picture below. Must be new, or like new condition. Shipping to ON, Canada. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the pictures. I love the look of these. Would you mind posting some address pics?
  5. I don't think anyone's ever questioned what a nice guy he is, or what a charmed life he leads. It's just frustrating to see someone with so much talent prioritize acting in commercials over playing golf.
  6. You make a good point. I play an older set of Srixon irons and have the same issue. I just don't have the swing speed or consistency to get the most out of my 5 iron, to the point where I'm actually considering a 5 hybrid. Perhaps the 223s will be better in that regard?
  7. Presumably this won't be legal during competitive rounds? If not, then I say let the players and caddies use it during their practice rounds, but ban all green reading aids (including green reading books) during the tournament itself.
  8. MMB1500

    Anser f wrx

    I used to own one. They're nice and $275 is probably a fair price for one in that condition, with the serial number stamped on the face.
  9. Such a shame. We need a new generation of players to get into the game and many are being put off by overbearing parents. Smdh.
  10. Found here. No address pics sadly.
  11. How would you compare it to the size of the Srixon ZX7, or indeed the ZX5?
  12. Yes, but it would have been even more fat without the VT sole.
  13. I have the same combo: Motore X 6S in the ST-Z driver and 7S in the 3 wood. Speaking of the 3 wood, I now have a few rounds and range sessions under my belt with it. I appreciate I'm still in the honeymoon period, but I think I'm in love. It's just such a solid fairway (a club I've always struggled to find consistency with in the past). It looks great at address, feels exceptional and, as someone point out earlier, just wants to go high and straight. I'm playing mine in the neutral setting and still manage to get a slight draw which is my typical ball flight. Almost certainly there are longer 3 woods out there, but I use mine primarily for positional tee shots and 2nd shots into par 5s, so I don't necessarily want, or need, a low spin cannon that's only a few yards shorter than my driver. The Motore X is also a great compliment. I've always got on well with mid spin, mid launch shafts, and indeed Fujikura shafts in general, with the 660TR being one of my all time favourites. The Motore X has definitely lived up to expectations. It feels smooth and responsive, with a slight kick, but not to the point where I feel its loose, or liable to go left on me. It also seems to stand up well to faster swings. Overall, I am very, very impressed with both clubs and given the price point, and "real deal" Motore shaft, these are almost certainly some of the best value clubs of 2021.
  14. Can anyone speak about performance off the deck? My current hybrids are great off the tee, but I need something that will launch easily from the fairway on par 5s, which mine don't. How does the KTH stack up on this criteria?
  15. Will be buying a 54° and a 58°. I've needed new wedges for a while and I'm glad I waited for these.
  16. Thanks. These look great at address. I much prefer the straighter leading edge compared with the more rounded Mizuno wedges of the past.
  17. @ADAbsolutNDN Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing! Some of them look professional quality. I'm planning on playing both Cabot courses next summer, as well as a few in PEI. I can't wait!
  18. Got to agree. They are right up there, though I am reserving judgement somewhat until I see them in the flesh. I also agree about the Mizuno Pro script. I love it and it takes me back to some of the old school Mizuno blades of the past. Elegant and classy. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. Lol.
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