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  1. A hark back to the TR shafts of old? The 660TR is still my favourite shaft of all time.
  2. Well said. The harsh realities of business that others have mentioned were doubtless the reason behind this development, but it feels like the end of an era. The end of something real and genuine. TXG was one of the daily distractions that has helped me retain my sanity during the pandemic and I'm gutted to see it come to an end.
  3. This is very disappointing, especially Matt quitting.
  4. Lol. OK good point. Perhaps not the best comparison and one that doesn't do justice to Lexi.
  5. Lexi strikes me as the Rickie Fowler of the LPGA. Marketable, well-known but ultimately not at the same level as the best on tour.
  6. Yes, they do. I've had this confirmed directly by Srixon and in fact I ordered some B heads myself as I play my irons over length. Apparently they also make C weight heads as well which are heavier, for shorter iron builds. Here's how my ZX5s came out in terms of swing weight. Bear in mind that these are for ungripped irons with Recoil 95s at +1/2".
  7. I've been reading this thread with interest. Thanks for all the reviews, especially @SwingBlues who has provided exceptional levels of detail and follow up. Chapeau Sir! It seems like a few reviewers have been struggling with the Mezz on longer putts. How does it compare to other mallets in terms of forgiveness on off-centre strikes? Not having tried a DF putter, I'm assuming the lack of torque helps with this? Also @labgolf when will these be available to the public?
  8. Ping are still trying to fulfill orders for the original Ping Anser, so a new putter line might be beyond them at this point.
  9. PXG always seemed like an awkward fit for her. Perhaps she'll join the Korda sisters on the Titleist train.
  10. I quite like the look of these and the colour scheme doesn't bother me. However, I'm still not clear on what TM have done to get around the fact that carbon is "not well suited to impact application" (their words). What tech has been used to suddenly make it suitable for being impacted at 100mph plus, thousands of times over? I'll probably be sticking to my rule of avoiding the first versions of any "groundbreaking" new product, in order to wait for the technology to prove itself and for the inevitable problems to be ironed out.
  11. Yes. His putting his horrific, especially for someone at his level.
  12. Wife: "Zlawson36* (*I'm assuming she calls you by your username) WTF are you doing!? Why the [email protected]#! are you buying more golf equipment!? You have enough already!!!" Zlawson36: "My precious, I understand you're angry, but here's a question for you. Do you know what it feels like to hit a Mizuno iron out of the screws?" Wife: "No." Zlawson36: "Exactly. Now would you mind grabbing me another beer?"
  13. It's a tough one, but I'd have to say Richard Bland's 3ft par putt on the 12th hole of the second round of the Dubai Duty Free Open. It was a tricky little slider, that he could have easily missed.
  14. A very enjoyable watch. TF makes it look so easy, even when not at his best. He's also a very down to earth, humble individual so all credit to him.
  15. My comment was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. That said, there is only a 6 year age gap between them, meaning Charlie will be 44 when JDII is eligible for the Senior Tour. Lol.
  16. Nice set up. I see some epic head-to-head battles with Charlie Woods in his future.
  17. Reviving this thread with this gem, which is currently available on eBay. Act fast before this stunner is gone!* *Pairs very nicely with a foot wedge.
  18. When Charlie asked his old man if he could replace his 3 and 4 irons with hybrids, Tiger grounded him for a week.
  19. I'm hearing rumours that Trackman is having issues getting accurate readings for this club as it's invisible to radar. ...I'll get my coat.
  20. I played all last season with just a speciality gap wedge (50 degree). There were definitely times when I needed something with more loft around the greens, but overall I don't think it really affected my scores too much. It also had advantages, in that it really simplified my decision making and also forced me to be a lot more creative with my short game shots.
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