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  1. Full set of the MB's. Not too many of the purist sets out there! Probably because mortals like myself can't hit 'em. These are in great shape. Some minor bag chatter, but that's it. Faces are in great condition. Tried to capture condition in the pics- faces are of 7 and P. Shafted with Nippon modus 105 S. Standard length/loft/lie. 3 doesn't currently have a grip, 4,5 are Jumbos, and 6-P are midsize. Super smooth shaft/iron combo, feel incredible if you're a decent ball striker! My game is just trending the other direction. $660 OBO
  2. Two sets up for sale today. Both sets have two rounds on them (some clubs never hit) and zero range sessions. I would have kept the Apex Pros, but just upgraded to the '21's. Will be able to ship these out first thing Friday morning. Callaway Apex Pro 19 5-P. These were tour issued to a Champions tour player- client of mine who never took a swing with them. They had graphite shafts in them, which I had professionally pulled. I was going to install steel shafts to game these but then got a deal on some Apex Pro '21s. Faces are near mint condition- 8 iron has one tiny bag chatter mark. 5, 9 and P soles have some minor play wear (9 is pictured), 6, 7, 8 have essentially no wear on the soles. Side note- I do have a PX LZ 6.0 set of shafts and a Modus 105x set I can include for additional if someone wants. $500 SOLD! Callaway X-Forged CB '21 5-P. These are great feeling clubs. Surprisingly liked these shafts, despite my skepticism. I just prefer the hotter feeling face of the Apex Pros. Again very minor play wear on the soles, some clubs haven't been hit at all. Faces are mint other than some minor finish wear on a couple that I'm pretty sure is just from bag rub (7 iron pictured). $775 SOLD
  3. These clubs were tour issued to a player that is currently on the Tour and used to be sponsored by Nike. They have never been hit and been in plastic since day 1. They play 1/2" long and have Tour Issue DG X100 shafts. There is slight discoloration of the black coating on the hosel of the 2 iron, mostly unnoticeable though. These clubs are beautiful, but I will honestly never play a 2 or 3 iron, so they'd just be a collector's item for me. $200 shipped for each of them. Thanks!
  4. I have two Evnroll putters for sale- ER2 and ER5. Heavier putters just don't suit me. Also, going to Scottsdale for a month and need to pay for the increased greens fees somehow! Evnroll ER2- Last year's model. Only seen a course once, otherwise been used indoors for practice putting. Face and topline are mint. Bottom has some very light surface scratches, which should be visible via the pictures. SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0 with an additional 50G weight for those of you that like swinging an axe. 35" length, 355G head. Comes in around E2 swingweight I believe (without 50g weight). Evnroll headcover has some sticker residue on it. $245 shipped SOLD! Evnroll ER5- 2020 model. Wasn't going to sell this, but my new Stroke Lab just suits me so well (yes, I have a problem). Has seen 7-8 rounds and some indoor practice. Face and topline are mint. Bottom has some VERY light surface scratches (nearly undetectable if you aren't searching for them). Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro grip- honestly, my favorite grip I've ever used. 35" length, 355G head. Also comes in around E2 swingweight, but feels slightly lighter than the ER2. Evnroll headcover, but as expected, lost the ball marker first round out. $245 shipped SOLD!
  5. Think that exfoliant could help my wife look this pretty? lol. These things are beauties! Wish I was a better player.
  6. @duck_hunter Sorry, didn't see your comment. And honestly, never even realized that was a Lefty tip. lol. That's the HZRDUS, though.
  7. I'm a shaft ho fo sho. I'm in love and marrying my Ventus 7x.. for now. So making room for next season's purchases. I have several shafts for sale, all with minimal use, a couple with a little more "shop wear" than others. All prices shipped. Ventus Velocore Blue 6X- 44" grip to tip- tipped 1/2". Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. Taylormade TP +-1.5* adapter. Looks new. $200 SOLD! Ventus Velocore Blue 6S- 44 1/4" grip to tip. Lamkin Crossline 360 grip. Taylormade +-2* adapter. Some very minor bag wear. $190 SOLD! Tensei Pro Orange (with tungsten and boron) 7S- 43 3/8" grip to tip- Have no reference, but feels tipped. Very stiff for an S flex. Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord. Taylormade +-2* adapter. Like New. $165 SOLD! Tour AD-DI 6X- 44" grip to tip- tipped 1". Straight out of a PGA Tour player's bag. Golf Pride New Decade MC Midsize grip (brand new). Taylormade TP +-1.5* adapter. Some minor bag wear. $140 SOLD! Tour AD-DI 6S Fairway- 41 5/8" grip to prepped tip. No adapter. Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip standard. More minor scratches than the others- all cosmetic though. $100 SOLD! Tour AD-BB 6X- 43 7/8"- tipped 1". Off the tour van. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G grip. Taylormade TP +-1.5* adapter. Some minor, cosmetic wear- barely surface level. $140 SOLD! Project X HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 70g- 44.5" grip to tip. Golf Pride New Decade MC grip. Taylormade +-2* adapter. Great condition. $95 SOLD!
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