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  1. Thanks I appreciate it! Might also try a flexier shaft to see if my numbers bump up
  2. Between 5500 and 6000 depending on how bad I hit it. The occasional low spin knuckler.
  3. Wow you're absolutely right, it's 16.3 deg. I feel real stupid, thanks for clearing that up.
  4. Oh I had no idea, the guy who was fitting me at pgass said I needed closer to 20. Also, I was getting 10-15 yds of rollout on the monitor so I assumed I wasn't getting enough launch.
  5. Oh, one other thing to add, the 16 degree was on artificial turf, I heard grass launches lower, so I'd probably be lower than 16 for launch.
  6. Post in error due to misunderstanding about fitting parameters.
  7. For sale is an excellent quality set of J15 CBs. The faces are still excellent, the only cosmetic issue outside of chatter is a small nick on the bottom of 4. Standard lie, loft. I bought these recently, used them for one round, and found that whatever magic Endo manufacturing did to forge these made them feel too soft for me. Realized I do better with the clack of cast metal. Let's do $sold for the set of heads, will consider reasonable offers.
  8. Sorry to bring back the offset hook debate, I have played with pretty much only blades for a while until my most recent round, where I tried a more forgiving iron to see if it would help me with my golf when I was tired and off focus. My natural shape is a mild to moderate draw. I transplanted my x100's from my blades (7i offset 1.27mm) to a "GI" iron (7i offset 4mm), and hooked 100% of my shots. I used to be in the camp of people who doubted that people could be that sensitive to equipment, but I'm now thinking that there might be more to it than I thought. Anyone else have a similar experience? Literally the exact same setup, swing, shaft, etc
  9. Welp...that's not gonna be leaving my head for a few days. Glws!
  10. Can't wait to buy these on the classifieds in 3 years!! As an aside, all the talk about the MOI values being a marketing ploy...thank goodness MOI isn't something you feel on a YouTube review and can actually be measured. Also, Ping have historically been the company that cares the least about marketing, so there's that too.
  11. Sorry made a typo, this is a stock u85 that is 20* loft, I have not touched the loft/lie, so it should all be stock.
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