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  1. Gotcha, would give up a few yards to not have them. Don't know why, they just dont suit my eye..
  2. Drooling... Just wondering why the need for turbulators when they took them away for the wood and hybrid...
  3. I agree they feel like ProV1, and the cover isn't bad. I have used the same 8 balls as practice bay balls for probably 3 months, hundreds of swings on each of them, they only just exploded on me yesterday. However, heard so many good things about MTB and about to run out of my last batch of new Vice Pro's, so I might just give them a try.
  4. I have had success with the Vice Pro, but wanted a harder and higher spinning ball, but these emails are definitely confusing me a bit. I may try Snell MTB-X instead of the pro plus.
  5. So...got another response, someone help me translate this.. Here's my email: "Thanks for the reply. I apologise if I have this wrong, but if the pro plus is akin to a ProV1x, shouldn't the pro plus compression be higher than the pro? Thank you." Here's the response: "Yes, that is correct. It is the other way around for those two. But most of our Vice Pro customers were Pro V1 users, same as our Pro Plus customers, they were previous Pro V1x users. We also have a ball recommender option in our website to guide you which Vice ball might best fit your gamepl
  6. I was curious as to the compressions of Vice Pro vs Vice Pro Plus as there was some conflicting information online. I emailed Vice and got an interesting response. "Thanks for the message. Here are some information. Compression rates: VICE DRIVE - 90 Overall compression VICE TOUR- 90 Overall compression VICE PRO - 95 Overall compression VICE PRO PLUS - 85 Overall compression VICE PRO SOFT - 65 Overall compression Comparable to; Drive is comparable to DT Solo Tour is comparable to NXT Tour Pro is comparable to ProV1 Pro Plus is comparable to ProV1x
  7. Didn't need a fitting at all. I just asked them if I could try it, took a few practice swings, and then they made me do 3 analyzed swings which is where the averages come from. Really useful information, and makes me feel much more comfortable about my shaft choice. Also important to note, the top choices tend to prefer Mizuno's preferential custom shaft options, so it may not feature all brands.
  8. Just to play devils advocate.. I previously played Modus 120, thought I loved it, and in my mind there was nothing better. I took some shots of my swing with it, and found that it was flexing in a suboptimal way as it was releasing too early (Picture #1). I went to the PGA superstore and used the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer (for 7 iron), and I picked the KBS $-taper from the top choices (Picture #2). Now if you look at my swing, at the same point of the downswing, it seems to be flexed in a more optimal position. As an aside, I play the z785's and they are fantas
  9. Won't judge them until I have them in my hand. Weird people will write it off just because they are from Costco (though the kirkland stamp is pretty gaudy).
  10. Thanks, I was not aware that TXG had done a comparison. I was aware of the Trackman case study, which was the only available data to me, so I almost took it as mantra that I would lose height, gain spin, and lose distance. Thanks!
  11. Somewhat peripherally on the original topic, do distances drop proportionally from turf to mat or is it all over the map? For instance, if someone has perfect 12 yard gaps between clubs on the mat, is he going to have 12 yard gaps at a reduced distance on grass or is it not that straightforward?
  12. Not completely new, it's been 6 months now. Also, is that distance unusual? Pros likey don't swing with everything they have, and my more experienced buddy who got me into golf is definitely longer than me if he wills it. The machine that I used today is a GC2 from PGA superstore, on turf. Not that I have any need to prove anything, but I'm happy to film it and send it to you if you so desire, but that certainly wasn't the point of my earlier post.
  13. So...holy guacamolito... Just took my new 785/585 blended set out today for a first hit and to determine my gapping, and holy crap are these long. Honestly, it's put me in a gapping conundrum. My 4-6 are 585's and 7-PW are 785's. I figured my distance would drop as I was coming from a set of cobra forged tecs (7 iron is 29.5 deg), but my carry on the 7 iron ended up being exactly the same at 180 yds. Even the ball speed went up from 120 to 126 mph. Sorry, I don't have all the launch numbers, but certainly surprising. Down to the 585's, the numbers were even more dramatic.. My 5 iron normall
  14. To be fair, I think a few feathers were ruffled with their golf ball from a few years back, but certainly can't see it with the putters or wedges.
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