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  1. Some better pics, but again, sounds like I'm fine. Thanks all.
  2. There is old epoxy, but there is some exposed graphite that I was concerned about. It sounds like if I just apply the adapter, it won't matter much? I appreciate all the advice from everyone.
  3. Awesome, thanks y'all. It's my first "high end" shaft, just want to make sure it's fine even if there is some exposed graphite on the tip. Thanks again!
  4. Hey all, So I purchased a shaft off an auction site, and it arrived in the condition shown in the pictures. It looks like there are some small chips along the tip of the shaft. My question is, is that exposed graphite below or is it just old epoxy? Secondly, I'm no pro, will it even affect performance if I'm going to epoxy an adapter tip over the "damage?" Thank you!
  5. Up for sale are the following items: 1. Tensei AV Raw White 65x with a TM tip and a recent UTx midsize grip. The shaft measures 44" long. 2. A "Practice" M5 head. Definitely some embarrassment, but this was the head I was using when I was reconfiguring my swing 6-8 months ago. A perfectly functional head, but a good amount of scuffing on the painted top line as can be seen in the pics (don't judge). Not going to win any beauty pageants, but still performs just fine on the course, and is also perfect for any devious experiments you WRX-ers want to perform on it. Buy them together, $old shipped. Additionally, some sort of trade involving an AD IZ 6x shaft would be welcomed.
  6. For sale is a set of Dynamic Gold TI X100 shafts that were soft stepped once. They were pulled from a set of blueprints that came directly from Ping (I was the second owner of the blueprints). A touch of sticker wear on the long irons, 0.355" taper tip, UTx midsize grips put on 4 months ago. $old.
  7. I live in the same swamp, my raw wedges start rusting less than an hour after the plastic comes off
  8. I've seen others sell these and didn't see any rules about not being able to sell gift cards, so here goes. Mods, obviously let me know if this is not okay. I got a PGASS gift card SOLD
  9. If we're talking ballpark figures, the putter I have in mind is the ER2 which is 22 degrees toe hang. I am wanting a lie angle of around 72 (stock is 70). How badly would the toe hang get messed up from 2 degrees of upright lie?
  10. How is it done though? For instance, if you change the lie by bending the top of the bend, it will aim the center of the shaft away from the center of mass correct? If you bend the shaft near the hosel, you'd get the same effect, which would theoretically increase toe hang. Do you bend both to "re-aim" the shaft at the correct spot?
  11. Hey all, I wanted to know how hard it would be to adjust the lie angle (I want more upright) without changing the toe hang of a single bend. Is this possible and/or worth the effort? The workshop guy at a local big box says it's no problem, but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around how it's done. Thanks!
  12. Really wanted to love the dg120 x100. I tried these at the store the other day to compare to my TI X100, and while the swing weight change was welcome, it felt a touch harsher than I would have liked.
  13. Just leaving this here, if you have trouble selling the irons and part them out, I'll buy the grips from you
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