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  1. Didn't take it personally at all, your assessments have been mostly fair and would certainly make sense from your perspective. That wasn't really directed at you. If anything, I'm probably mostly just embarrassed that I had to Google that Seinfeld reference from earlier..
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzBpGbzvxac If it helps, this was the oldest video of my swing that I could find from around 1 year ago, and if I could find any older, it would look much worse than that. I've put a lot of work into it since then. My dad is not a golfer, he golfs very occasionally with his friends, enough to own his own set of clubs. He is not a ceo nor is my mother a dietician. If we are splitting hairs, I had been to Top Golf and the nearby range prior to starting, but never true golf. I will admit that I belonged to the cohort of people who looked down on golf pri
  3. Correction, not the tips, was the blue tees which is 6600 as I indicated above. Sure, whatever you like to think, don't know either of those people, nor have I claimed to be an excellent golfer.
  4. Sigh..leave it to golfwrx to take a thread that was started with good intentions and drag it through the mud. Couple of things to point out on the comments above, this is around 1.5 years of work, not 14 days. I practice almost daily in my garage. I have posted my swing before here, and got a lot of help previously from a guy named @Valtiel (such as this one: https://youtube.com/shorts/cV9HBR7Mn4I). We installed turf in our backyard with a putting green "for the kids" that I practice on. I'd say my first 10 rounds were scored with a bit of forgiveness, but the last 4 have been strict (with the
  5. Did I miscount? I had 42/44, 1 double bogey, the rest were bogeys and 5 pars Edit: Sorry I figured it out, I counted putts from the fringe as putts.
  6. Real feel country club 3x5, got it for decently cheap at Costco online. I was going to be super cheap and get one on Amazon, but I figured I can spend 100 more and save on medical fees in the future for wrist arthritis.
  7. That is correct. Got young kids, so 1 round per month was what I bargained for. Edit: it's been around 15 mo, I don't always get a round 4 weeks on the dot.
  8. Foot spray and learning to keep my butt out were the two most important things for me to develop my ball striking. I had these super bulky cobra forged tec irons and then the z785 irons, and I didn't really realize how much help I was getting from my irons until I got the blueprints. I started using footspray when I realized my hands were stinging way more than they used to, and I found that I was hitting all over the place. After a few months of the spray, my strike pattern is way closer to the center.
  9. Hey all. Firstly, this is not a flex at all, and I am far from a decent golfer. I am a beginner, spent my first couple months really confused about the sport. This is meant to be more of a primer for new golfers to glean off my notes and see what worked and what didn't for me. I started golfing just before the pandemic issues got serious in the states. My dad invited me to spend some quality time we had been missing for years, and I went into my first round with a lot of confidence. I had formerly been an athlete in a couple different sports, and like many others, thought that I wo
  10. I feel generally the same, but for some reason, I hit the speedzone fairways really well..
  11. The iblades in my long irons will never get bumped
  12. Ball placement is the same for 6 and 7 for me, so for me it's a mid. That being said, I transition my blueprints to iblades at 5, so the forgiveness level works for me. The price point not so much..
  13. In your opinion, what is contributing to the (perceived) ease of launch in the iblades vs the blueprints given that the iblades have a higher COG. Or better yet, the G710 has a AVCOG of 0.878" which is leagues higher than the blueprints, and that this launches ridiculously high.
  14. A CB version of Rickie's non-rev33 irons at a fair price point would save me from breaking bank with the i59's.........
  15. I am also confused about the point @RolandofGilead brings up. So that sounds logical to me, but going to check on some of the more "forgiving and high launching irons" that I know of, I'm finding them to have high COGs (for example, the G710 has a AVCOG that is higher than the blueprint). Am I missing something? Also, a separate question.. I know the MPF isn't something that is considered highly credible, but I am really confused as to how it's measured. I would expect a club that has a higher MOI and a lower AVCOG to have a higher MPF. I own both the iblades and the blueprints. Th
  16. Y'all are killing me Wife's a really good gal, just that she's gotten a touch scarier with the addition of 2 little ones over the past few years which is totally understandable.
  17. Gotcha. So if we can simplify things to say that MOI measurements equates to "forgiveness," does that make, for instance, the 620MB (which has a higher MOI measurement than the CB) inherently more forgiving than the 620CB? Logically, perimeter weighting seems like it would boost "forgiveness" but given the MOI values, is there another parameter (excluding size of face, CG) that is looked at to indicate the amount of forgiveness, or is the MB more forgiving than the CB based on its MOI number?
  18. It looks great but I'm kinda bummed at the missed opportunity that we could have had a blueprint with a small cavity.
  19. Dent is literally right in front of her treadmill . What's sad is I was taking some random swings a bit too close to the ball, and accidentally glanced the ball. Drywall is no big deal, but when it comes to golf, my wife will find any reason to try and ban me from it.
  20. Thanks so much, sorry I should have specified. My question is regarding MOI vs MOI-CF. Don't know what it means that certain blades can have a higher MOI than thier cb counterpart but have a lower MOI CF.
  21. Please help me before the boss notices. New homeowner so not such a handy person at the moment. My garage is my golf practice area but I seem to have made a wound in the wall with a bad practice swing. How do I fix this before the wife notices?
  22. Nothing tastes like the Kool Aid
  23. I could play my blueprints forever, but if there was a little rim of metal around club that made the smallest of cavities, that would be its final form
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