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  1. Post in error due to misunderstanding about fitting parameters.
  2. For sale is an excellent quality set of J15 CBs. The faces are still excellent, the only cosmetic issue outside of chatter is a small nick on the bottom of 4. Standard lie, loft. I bought these recently, used them for one round, and found that whatever magic Endo manufacturing did to forge these made them feel too soft for me. Realized I do better with the clack of cast metal. Let's do $sold for the set of heads, will consider reasonable offers.
  3. Can't wait to buy these on the classifieds in 3 years!! As an aside, all the talk about the MOI values being a marketing ploy...thank goodness MOI isn't something you feel on a YouTube review and can actually be measured. Also, Ping have historically been the company that cares the least about marketing, so there's that too.
  4. Sorry made a typo, this is a stock u85 that is 20* loft, I have not touched the loft/lie, so it should all be stock.
  5. 1. Done. 2. Yes! 3. Traxion Tour, Standard, in White/Red/Black 4. Traxion Tour 2.0, Black/Blue/White
  6. This is because I am stupid, I will add an updated picture when I get home today. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Up for sale are a few well cared for items. Price drop then off to an auction site. 1. Ping Blueprint Heads 4-P. Black dot with matching serial numbers. I'm the second owner of this set, purchased from another WRXer, I've played around 5 rounds with them. Great condition as can be seen in the pics, primarily just a bit of chatter. $SOLD. 2. Ping iBlade Heads 4&5. Black dot, non-matching serial numbers. Also purchased from another WRXer, not too many hits from me. $SOLD. 3. Nippon Modus 120x 4-P Shaft Pulls. Pulled them from a set of irons I purchased recently, they have not actually seen a single swing from me. Shaft diameter is 0.355" and lengths are in the pics. $SOLD. 4. Srixon U85 3i 20* Utility. A new shaft was installed with a new grip (DG U100x, Lamkin Sonar Wrap), will also send the old Recoil (stiff I believe?) with it. I am the second owner, may have hit it 15 times total, just not for me. $SOLD. Prices are very fair in my opinion, though will consider reasonable offers. I am much more interested in selling, but a trade interest I may have is a set of good condition iBlade heads in Black dot. pin 9/1
  8. Recently picked up a set of these, and thinking about bending some of the longer clubs a couple degrees weak. Anyone with any experience with this? Would the increase in bounce be significantly noticeable?
  9. Just one thing today, sold it elsewhere but the buyer cancelled the order, so it's back up. Dropped the price so I can get this thing moved. Used Speedzone 5w in white with a Tensei AV Blue 65 S shaft with a newish UTx blue midsize grip with 2 wraps. Will include an acustrike mat for the heck of it. Sold
  10. This is just an aside, but I'll add an acustrike mat if you buy either the set of shafts or the wood. Whichever one comes first, thanks.
  11. For sale are the following: Used Speedzone 5w in white with a Tensei Blue 60s shaft, used probably for 3 rounds and a number of range sessions, just not a 5 wood person it seems. Sold Tensei AV Blue 3w 60s shaft, no adapter. $sold Tensei CK White 70x driver shaft, TM adapter. Sold Both shafts bought together for sold All shafts above with a newish UTx blue midsize grip with 2 wraps. S&H included, US buyers only please, sorry rest of the world. Will consider reasonable offers. Gonna put them on an auction site, first come first serve I suppose, thanks!
  12. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes, a non velocore blue in 6x - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Blue 6TX - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Driver!
  13. This is getting way off topic. Helpful advice is always appreciated, but cynicism and sarcasm definitely dont help those of us who are newer and really putting our best effort towards the game. Will lock this thread and hopefully start something less controversial at a later time. To those that are really looking to give golf advice or at least want to take a friendly jab at my swing, feel free to send a message.
  14. I'll bite since this is directed towards me. Firstly, if you look at my response about the tips, the quoted bit (which he later edited) refers to my 86 being from the tips. It was not from the tips, only my 12th round was from the tips. The only inconsistency you speak of is the 3 putt count, which is a fair point. The individual stats are to the best of my memory, the only thing that is not is the score since I did not do the scoring. If I made a mistake, as I've made clear here, I'm certainly happy to admit it. I will happily learn from them. That said, If no one on this golf site has ever recorded a stat from memory and made a mistake, I will apologize to the golf lord's and only ever put pictures of recorded values mid-round. Talking about the score, I agree with you, learning the rules was hard. There are a lot of them. Thankfully, I rely on people who know more about golf to tell me the rules and score for me. I know that my score is a real honest to goodness score since it wasn't scored by me. You've already decided that you are not going to believe it, and frankly, it doesn't really matter because that's not the point of this thread. One thing I don't understand is that while golf is not easy, breaking 90 does not seem like some earth shattering achievement. I worked hard for it, but I don't feel like it was extraordinarily difficult, so why all the disdain? Again, there are likely better threads for you to hang out in since it sounds like you're a much better player.
  15. Didn't take it personally at all, your assessments have been mostly fair and would certainly make sense from your perspective. That wasn't really directed at you. If anything, I'm probably mostly just embarrassed that I had to Google that Seinfeld reference from earlier..
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzBpGbzvxac If it helps, this was the oldest video of my swing that I could find from around 1 year ago, and if I could find any older, it would look much worse than that. I've put a lot of work into it since then. My dad is not a golfer, he golfs very occasionally with his friends, enough to own his own set of clubs. He is not a ceo nor is my mother a dietician. If we are splitting hairs, I had been to Top Golf and the nearby range prior to starting, but never true golf. I will admit that I belonged to the cohort of people who looked down on golf prior to getting into it, even arguing that it wasn't a real sport, just a hobby for older folk. Welp..definitely thinking posting was a mistake. Was honestly chuffed that I finally broke 90 after months of painstaking effort, was excited enough to post. Also wanted to see if I could add some value to the people who are early on in the sport like myself. No other sport has grabbed my neurosis quite like golf, and having more fun than anything that I've ever had. If the math on the 3 putts seems suspect, can't do much about that. I don't think my math was that off, but it wouldn't be the first time I've made a math mistake. However, I wasn't the one who tallied the raw score, so I can sleep easy knowing it's a real score and my first time breaking 90. This will likely be my last time posting in this thread (unless someone addresses me specifically). Again, it would have been preferable if this could have been a place for newer golfers to trade ideas; I guess it's become more of a joke, and probably my own doing. Obviously, if anyone has any advice for how to not slip back to the 90's or to even progress, I always appreciate advice.
  17. Correction, not the tips, was the blue tees which is 6600 as I indicated above. Sure, whatever you like to think, don't know either of those people, nor have I claimed to be an excellent golfer.
  18. Sigh..leave it to golfwrx to take a thread that was started with good intentions and drag it through the mud. Couple of things to point out on the comments above, this is around 1.5 years of work, not 14 days. I practice almost daily in my garage. I have posted my swing before here, and got a lot of help previously from a guy named @Valtiel (such as this one: https://youtube.com/shorts/cV9HBR7Mn4I). We installed turf in our backyard with a putting green "for the kids" that I practice on. I'd say my first 10 rounds were scored with a bit of forgiveness, but the last 4 have been strict (with the exception of gimmes that have to be approved by my playing partner. I know that this is heresy to some). I can sleep easy knowing that they were scored mostly appropriately. As before, I posted this as a primer for other beginners, which I also label myself as. Some of you make it sound like I am claiming that I'm some super talented golfer. I only just started breaking 90, I have never claimed to be great. I also addressed the 3 putt error above. The point of the above post is to show what worked and what didn't over the course of the last several months. You guys that are really good at golf, great, there are probably better threads for you on this site.
  19. Did I miscount? I had 42/44, 1 double bogey, the rest were bogeys and 5 pars Edit: Sorry I figured it out, I counted putts from the fringe as putts.
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