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  1. I could play my blueprints forever, but if there was a little rim of metal around club that made the smallest of cavities, that would be its final form
  2. I know I'm reviving an old thread, but can you or anyone else explain this concept to me?
  3. Wife would actually murder me if I did this, or at least stab me in the eye with the green stakes on the drying rack
  4. 1. City and State? Houston, TX 2. Where do you practice (outdoors or indoors?) Both indoor and outdoor. 3. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? Briefly used a prgr monitor. 4. How could a Rapsodo MLM help your game? Significantly. Would help me know what is generally happening to the ball when hitting into a net, and the tracer function would be a tremendous visual aid outdoors. 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely.
  5. Been there brother! By the way, I think some places will loan you one, and some insurances will cover it completely for you!
  6. Precisely the point, you're allowed to play what you like, but the argument that blades somehow benefit performance over a cb is a difficult one.. Again, play what you want, most of us play for fun.
  7. Welp...Morikawa just dropped his blades in favor of CB's, won't help the cause.. Blades are fun to play, especially if you prioritize enjoyment over scoring
  8. Anyone have any updated opinions?
  9. Grew up in Pittsburgh myself, so CMU is a pleasantly familiar name! Agree with everything you said!
  10. Not in an elitist way, but SMU is not a school that is typically associated with excellence in physics (or any of the science fields for that matter). Also of note, a bachelor's degree makes you highly educated at precisely nothing. If anything, it's the beginning point of becoming an expert at something. It's usually those that haven't gotten far in a subject that will try to flaunt their knowledge of it, while true experts are often the fastest to acknowledge how little we really know.
  11. It bothers me a little bit (being an actual "scientist" myself) that he makes these amorphous statements that sound quasi-scientific but lack any real meaning. This is not to be mean, but he was a physics major at a school that's better known for business education. All he had was an undergrad major in physics, and in the physics world, that's barely hitting infancy. One of my majors in college was chemistry, and if I went about rambling on as if I were an expert in the subject, I'd have as much credibility as a middle schooler equiped with Google. He's not an expert in physics or science, and he doesn't need to be. If he would shut his mouth and just play golf, he has the potential for a pretty decent career.
  12. Can someone educate me, is the purpose of the eye 2 shape just akin to what the tm high toe would be? Extra surface area?
  13. Tried to watch the D plane video when I woke up this morning, didn't go so well
  14. Dang you're crushing your driver.. I'll definitely check him out, thanks!
  15. I appreciate it! That's actually close to my iron swing as well. I think the discomfort is still related to getting away from a downward AOA, but it's getting more comfortable with time.
  16. That's good to know! Also learning that the true center of mass is actually the upper outer quadrant of the drawn sweet spot circle, and I'm on the opposite spot, so no wonder my efficiency is crap..
  17. Thanks to y'all's advice and some clay ballard on the YouTube
  18. Made a couple changes, slowed down a bit and followed your advice. Still feels really uncomfortable, but I feel like progress is slowly coming. Thankfully I have tall ceilings so I can practice at home without angering the wife... https://youtube.com/shorts/cV9HBR7Mn4I
  19. Oh gosh, thanks so much. It's crazy how much detail you got out of a single video. Really appreciate the help!! So the skinny version would be that I am too hunched forward at address and that I need to keep my left butt out more during the rotation closer to the starting line. A question for you would be, how do the pros do the whole "jumping" up on the left leg thing while keeping the left hip out? I hear Rory talking about it all the time that he rapidly straightens the left leg at impact, but is that doable without extending the spine? Is he just jumping towards the back instead of up? Thanks again, your analysis has so much detail, and I appreciate you taking the time to do a writeup!
  20. Thanks for the tip. I found a video from a few months back, but don't think my swing has changed drastically since then. Sorry about the smiley, I don't think I'm that important, but it's the internet so can't be too cautious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHLTig3UKYU Edit: just fyi, the hitting direction is slightly off to the left, sorry I don't have a straight on view
  21. Honestly, if it's worth it to slow down, rebuild a swing, and revisit speed later, I wouldn't be that averse to it. I'm early enough into my golf career that it makes sense instead of building bad long term habits. That said, it's a shame...I was hoping some wise golf gurus on the wrx could give me the magic couple tweaks to fix my swing issues and save me $$$ on lessons..
  22. Haha what do you mean by ticky-tacky? I paid for a fitting yesterday at PGASS, huge waste of time and luckily only $50. My rudimentary knowledge seemed to outpace my fitter's knowledge on fitting (I expected way more from him since he worked at club champion prior to PGASS).
  23. Reviving this thread, any consensus as to whether the "60" shafts are made of the same materials? For anyone who has had the chance to test both, any appreciable performance difference?
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