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  1. Just bought a set of 3.2, the cover is slightly harder than the vice pro plus that I am using, and hits slightly firmer, but no appreciable difference in performance. The difference in firmness/clickiness takes all of 5 minutes to get used to.
  2. Not really adding to the debate, but didn't want to start a while new thread for this question. What is the difference between shaft length and total length for driver? For instance, if I want a playing length of 45.5", what length shaft would I be purchasing? Thanks and sorry to hijack thread.
  3. So I have gotten a set of these fakes before. They were "certified" sellers per ebay, but when I opened them, smelled like kerosene. I didn't think much of them, then they were put on. I remember thinking, "these feel better than normal." Played a couple rounds with them, again noting they felt "better" than usual. Then I did some online investigation, emailed Golf Pride, confirmed they were fakes. Removed them, got a refund from ebay. If they weren't fakes, I would 100% buy them again as they felt better to me than the real thing, but alas, can't support fakes.
  4. Quick and random question, sorry didn't know where to ask and this thread seemed marginally on topic. When people sell shafts on the classifieds and they say shaft is "cut to 43" does that mean that the driver is playing at 43"? So it's 2 inches shorter than "standard"? Or do you add the height of the driver head?
  5. I only do full swings. 58 degree from 100, 62 degrees from 80, 66 degrees from 60, 70 degrees from 40, 86 degrees from the fringe.
  6. I have used unbranded grips before. If I never knew it was unbranded, I don't even think I would have thought about it. Not that different at all.
  7. I haven't found the blueprints any less forgiving than the iblades. Both are great, but blueprints feel sooooooo much better.
  8. Do you feel like it's necessary to have 2 different partial wedges hitting the same distances without it being redundant? What would the advantages be other than trajectory differences?
  9. Sorry to revive this thread, but I'm trying to understand why everyone says 4 wedges "better for gapping." I currently have a 3 wedge setup 46-52-58. Really trying to convince myself that I don't need a 4th. My PW carries 132, Gap carries 120, Lob carries 106. Even if I "improve" my gaps from 100-130, my lob wedge will take almost 100% of the shots from 30-100 yards, so where are the gaps that I'm missing out on by not having a 4th wedge? Serious question, because I've almost pulled the trigger on a 4th wedge several times today, and trying to stay rational.
  10. Honestly have done just fine without lessons, just lots of practice in the garage. A membership at PGASS using their launch monitors was also a great purchase (though chasing big numbers is always a risk).
  11. I sold a set of i200's before the great golf explosion early last year (4-PW for a paltry $150 because that's the best I could get), now see them going for much higher. It's not necessarily the amount, just that I "lost out."
  12. Pretty multiethnic for me. 7 brands. Driver - TM Wood - Cobra Hybrid - Nike Uiron - Srixon Irons - Ping Wedges - Cleveland Putter - Ping Ball - Vice
  13. The new 2021 tyne 4 is the same size and shape as the PLD version, as I understand it
  14. Finding something else to criticize such as looks or intangibles such as " premium wedges more consistent strike for me blah blah"
  15. Just got fitted for this today, hopefully it's not just the honeymoon, but I love it. Nice compact look to it.
  16. Though I guess in this swing, it's moving a bit more that I would like..
  17. Not at all, I appreciate the help. My head tends to move right as my arms extend after I make contact, but I really have to actively think about it otherwise it turns into a metal headbang.
  18. They've had these at PGASS for a few days now somehow. Tried it yesterday, and it was lovely.
  19. Hey thanks so much for the response. So the only numbers I really have are from the bays at PGASS, and I never questioned them, but I suppose I trust those values too much. That being said, I do feel as though i get more oomph out of my 3 wood than my driver. My general golf knowledge is limited as I only started playing around the start of the pandemic, but I've pretty much had the idea that I should tee it high and have the highest AOA as humanly possible shoved down my throat. I do use foot spray, but for some reason, even out of the middle, my ballspeed doesn't seem to go up. Granted, it's all over the face most of the time haha. Also, I feel like when I hit it higher in the face, my launch goes up which helps distance even though my ball speed drops. I just can't get my swing to angle up enough. I know chasing numbers is not smart, but I just feel like I should be getting a bit more from my driver. I have tried teeing it lower, but my launch drops and my spin goes through the roof (at least based on the GC2 they have at PGA).
  20. Up for mostly trade is a gently used Spider X Navy slant neck at 34". It's been decent for me but I'm finding that I have more arc in my stroke than I thought. The only cosmetic issues I could find was a little scratch on one of the back weights. Otherwise used lovingly. I am looking to straight swap for a 2021 Tyne 4 (this is the only putter I'm looking for at the moment). Otherwise, I will let the putter go at $SOLD. Feel free to make offers, but the only trade offer I'm looking for is the putter written above, thanks!
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