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  1. Trust me, I'm not "good enough," and it started off as a joke from my buddies, but ended up playing lights out with them. There was a study out there somewhere from Ping that said that some people end up hitting smaller heads better. I'm not here to start an argument about blades vs cavity, but I was definitely in the "people who play blades are kidding themselves" camp, and still kinda am, but for some reason they are working. Talk to me next week, and I'll probably have tossed them in the bin
  2. So in Ping's lineup, the i210 would be their GI iron, and for TM, the p790 a SGI, correct? I had a stint with the i200's, they were really forgiving, and now the blueprint which is also forgiving. I've hit the p790, it was waaay too long and draw-biased for me (on the launch monitor indoors). That said, it went really high, so theoretically should hold greens just fine?
  3. Blueprints for me! Seem just as "forgiving" as my old z785's while looking terrifying.
  4. Someone correct me on my history here, but wasn't Cleveland making wedges before Vokey?
  5. I did a side by side yesterday of C-taper lite X-flex vs x100's. Was in the same boat, thinking about buying the C-taper lites. - C-taper lite is a different beast than C-taper. Higher flight, higher spin, way more perceived flex than the normal C-taper. - x100's also felt smooth, but definitely more stout. - I ended up keeping the x100's because found the middle of the face a bit more often. My ballspeeds actually went up a decent bit with the C-taper lites, which is not what I wanted.
  6. The more I look at it, the less bad it looks. Actually, starting to like it. Gonna stop looking since I just bought a new putter..
  7. Looks great! Pleasing to the eyes for sure.
  8. It doesn't matter if the number remain exactly the same, new iron releases transform the last generation into piles of useless metal.
  9. Would love to purchase this unit, but my wife would murder me. Also, that sidespin is around my 7 iron backspin
  10. My $ taper experiment just ended, hook city for me, though I did come down to S from X so that may be the culprit. Or my lack of skills.
  11. Got 2 things for sale or trade. Really, the only trade I'm looking for at this time is a i210 4 and 5 iron (maybe 6). i200's are also acceptable. 1. Srixon z585 (4-6) and z785 (7-PW): Used with care, I am the second owner, heads in good condition as seen below. $SOLD. 2. KBS $-Taper 120s pulls: Also used with care, I am the second owner, UTx grips with 3 rounds on them (and some range sessions). $SOLD.
  12. Went an inch long, found out that (a) I was choking down and (b) tucking my shirt only when I went to putt because the long butt end would catch on my shirt. Never again.
  13. Is there any is the $500 price range that looks at degrees offline or sidespin? Just want to know how far offline I am hooking the shots into my garage net.
  14. Go back to 2019, pick up a used M5, pocket $250.
  15. I have the old NX7 non-sloped RF, and it's great. Had it around 6 months, thrown it around, left it in a hot car, works fine. Distances almost exactly the same as my buddy's bushnell. I paid $140 with a promotion.
  16. The only thing that's improved over the past decade is how good OEMs are getting at marketing.
  17. Fair enough, they certainly look nice. Srixon definitely deserve a lot more attention, though I feel like the performance improvements were incremental from last generation (if improved at all).
  18. Not to be a killjoy, but are these really that different than the 785's? I own the 785's and have hit the zx7's, numbers are the same and feel essentially the same in my humble opinion.
  19. I like the older one ever so much better, the new one seems longer? Of course, my tastes will probably change very quickly. I remember thinking how much I hated the new 921 tours compared to 919, but now I can't even look at the 919's because they look "old."
  20. Probably titlest for elitism, but I'll still play them if the price and performance are there
  21. Ballistic Golf seems to be a legitimate company. I always thought they were annoying with their instagram adds, but they seem to actually have a really good reputation, and very good price point.
  22. Can totally see this. Would definitely have thought of purchasing a new release had it been more on the horizon, but ended up getting enticed by a used set on the classifieds.
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