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  1. So we have a golf group - about 20 guys or so, and we want to have a tournament format match open to the group but the catch is you need to play with old clubs. I'm looking for some ideas for setting the ground rules that won't be punitive and that will help incentivise players to play older clubs but still have it accesible to all the players. Some of the ideas my playing partner and I have are as follows: - limit number of clubs to 6 or 7 - clubs need to be older then 1980 - strokes given to players who play older clubs, best dressed, and most authentic golf bag Thoughts? Ideas?
  2. Sucks that Wilson doesn't offer their utility irons in left hand either.
  3. I agree - start from the green and work your way back.
  4. I just looked at Wilson's website, now says February 2021
  5. Verdict is this is legit. Club faces may be suspect
  6. I'm close to pulling the trigger on buying these - Adams XTD Forged left 3-PW but just wanted to see what people's thoughts were on the shaft - head combo. I think this is somewhat uncommon to the set, as the 3 iron included in the set is not the hybrid. Lack of pictures definitely make me skeptical.
  7. Currently gaming the Cleveland classic collection #6. It has the slightest toe hang and a shallow face compared to other putters. For whatever reason the roll out distance seems the most predictable and precise on mis hits compared to the other putters I have bagged which aren't many (ping anser 2f, orlimar TM-01).
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v5n7MBIENoFor the lazy...
  9. Depends on how far of a run out - short of the green with room to go low I like to use as low lofted club as possible, typically an 8, 9 or pitching wedge. If I am short side, or need the ball to stop fast, then i use a 60 degree (12* bounce). I use to use a 52 degree all over, but I've gotten much better with a 60 degree wedge, and found the 8, 9 and Pw are more predictable.
  10. Course Name: Westwood Plateau Executive 12 hole courseCity, State: Coquitlam, BC (Canada)Price Range: $25 CAD weekend $20 CAD weekdayA brief description of why you think it's a hidden gem: Cheap, fast to get around (2 hours), a couple drivable par 4s that make you feel warm and fuzzy, good vistas, and kid friendly without being too hard
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