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  1. Hi all, As someone who hates harsh vibration, I'm interested in going back to graphite in irons. However, time and again, I see that steel still outperforms graphite in irons. Irons obviously have heft issues for some, where graphite cuts shaft mass in half. That's awesome, but I am still happy with 120+gr metal shafts. With that said, *strictly* based on performance alone, are there any graphite shafts that would be equal or better in total dispersion than Dynamic Golds? I'm including both side-to-side and front-to-back. Not worried about money, looks, style… not even
  2. This sums up both company philosophies nicely.
  3. Sounds nice… but strangely hasn't been trademarked.
  4. And in summary, several of us believe the July 2021 release will be i59, replacing iBlade. This also means that the 210 is unlikely to see any sort of update until Jan 2022. And why would it?
  5. I think this is a function of where and how you play. This thread has been loaded with anecdotes, but I have seen a few themes: Hybrids that are 18º or less tend to be about 10 short of an equivalent fairway wood. All things equal, hybrids have a little more versatility in lies, and a somewhat lower trajectory. Also all things equal, fairways have an advantage of descent angle. As for how they play, it appears that many here are "all in", insofar as it's D-H-H-H, or D-F-F-F. Obviously many mix. And right now, I mix as well. My chickenstick is my hybrid, beca
  6. If that's the e6, why are they asking for testers? They'll have 4 million of them in a few days, no? Maybe it's just marketing… "tester" as in "we plan to use you for market research"?
  7. Just saw it. They're seeking testers. No shock there. I imagine this will be their new tour ball. However if they don't do it in yellow, I may jump off the Bridgestone train.
  8. https://www.ustmamiya.com/golf-shafts/brands/recoil/recoil-dart/ More info available, but so far, whimpy shafts only.
  9. The good part about a launch monitor is it doesn't know who's swinging.
  10. Very unlikely given the notch in the club head and the black dot. Maybe there's text missing somewhere, but surely they'll bend it.
  11. Imagine the engineers at Ping right now, looking at that 11v. I hope their lawyers are getting warmed up.
  12. Also, if it comes back exactly the same, drop the 6i, play the 5i in its place, then go 5h.
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