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  1. Ping 410 17º at small or big minus… 220m cuts off the deck, far more accurate than any 3 wood for me. It's about 230-40 off a tee, so I can actually go without driver if I want. However I am planning on upping that particular bad boy to the 425, since it adds even another 10.
  2. Hey mate, It's easy when you understand the purpose. Here are some sweeping generalisations to get you started. Golf is a target sport. Irons are designed to hit a ball in a direction, and stop the ball fairly quickly. This allows you to hit a shot that ends as reliably as possible nearest your intended target. In particular, it's a design intended to be accurate both left-right and front-back. Thus, hit it high, falls out of the air, stops. A wood, in general, is a club designed to advance a ball as its priority. A 3-wood is designed to go far, and often ro
  3. To each, their own. I've gone from a 14.9 15 months ago to an 8.7. No lessons, personal bests, and have been winning city league matches left and right. I had a session to get fitted, and it was excellent, even though I didn't wind up getting the exact options, the fittings - full swing and putter - have allowed me to learn a lot. So how did I do it? Lockdown helped, of course. But for the $1500 you speak of, I added: - Indoor hitting net - 16º hybrid instead of a common 3-wood - Breakthrough putter shaft - PuttOut w/ rug I've also upped my pl
  4. Also, maybe someone here knows this… You look at the grips, and this confuses me. The 58 Midsize says it's standard sized, and the 58 S says it's "midsized". Are these backwards?
  5. Hi all, I wanted to get this absolutely confirmed. I've read that you can indeed order an adjustable length on these as a custom option. I now have my "store" telling me that it's not custom, and I have to pick 33/34/35. I think that's rubbish, because I've read elsewhere that adjustable remains an option. Can someone sort me out on this? I don't want to be stuck to one length as I dial this in, literally.
  6. I have to admit that despite how great these look, I'm going to wait for the i230… I need to see how blended and what bounce they are. If they're high bounce again, I'll go 59. If the 59s are also a little bit blended, as it appears in these photos, and they offer MMT, I'll pounce on them. Still might go with a chunky 4-iron though.
  7. Anyone have any idea whether these will have MMTs available? I don't want to do any reshafting.
  8. As is the case with blueprints.
  9. This makes me so, so, so happy. I really don't like wedges at 50º. It's an old school pitching wedge, and belongs as part of the irons.
  10. Ya. I saw that earlier. That's not chatter. That looks a lot like a single-piece forging back there. It's probably just blueprint2, but with the size of an iBlade. The face of a blueprint is small, and it does take a while to figure out the sweet spot. It's a hair away from a shank, but these will certainly move the centre away to a more normal place. For me, I have to remind myself where to hit my 210 4-iron, because I found I was hitting it too inside. These will probably feel more normal when it comes to distance from hosel-to-middle.
  11. Agreed. For me, the indoor use case is SkyTrak. Mevo+ must have 8ft behind and 8 in front, ideally they suggest 13ft of ball flight for accuracy. I just don't have that sort of room… But I don't want to buy a SkyTrak because I *know* I'll get screwed on SkyTrak2 the next day...
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