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  1. It's the same argument of "bring back the eye2". Some people will go nuts for it, but not enough to make it worth Ping's efforts.
  2. Yes, it's considerably stiffer, as were the Hepplers. Sigma2---------2021/Heppler--------------------------Graphite If you picked one up, and picked up your Sigma2, you should have noticed a lot less flex just in holding it. Black is nice, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Just be aware that if you're coming from a Sigma2, these are going to feel hot.
  4. If you think this is bad, wait for what PXG & Miura do to their prices. They're not immune, and they're not about to become less-than-premium.
  5. That stigma is going away in time. Just like it did for woods. The thing that's changing is that the performance is finally equal to steel. They've been saying it for a while, but now we're in an era where you lose nothing in dispersion. What's left is two steps, and that's to get specific shafts into the no-upcharge list, and then majority-PGA. Apex Pros, as much as I dislike Callaway and their poor customer service (in the past, don't @ me) is offering them for just $15 over steel. $200/club. When you've seen them win on Tour (Ancer), and you can get them "off the shelf" more or less, they'll start becoming a little more common. When the PGA embraces them more, and you see half of them using it, steel will just be the cheap sets only.
  6. Full Kit is late as well. You guys know there's a run on silicon, right? Not enough chip manufacturing volume. I wouldn't be surprised if they start taking pre-orders at the PGA Show; both FullKit and GC3. This stuff ain't easy right now.
  7. Can someone clarify what "1-dot" and "4-dot" means in categorical terms?
  8. Wally… I am agreeing with you. I disagreed with James talking about the "average golfer". Maybe we're talking past one another.
  9. This market is clearly not for average golfers. It's an error to think they are doing anything here for Joe Duffer. How many driving ranges could justify now having one at 3k? People doing lessons freelance can rock up with credibility. In-home systems are no longer $14000, they're half-price. I would love to own a Quad, but I might be able to justify the $7k, and the parts it's missing are simply not important for someone like me. A device that's primarily in my garage bay, but can go with me to a range, and offers game play, simulation, etc? But if Bushnell can get that initial purchase price to $2999, there are a lot of people that will make that jump. It may still cost them $7k, but it's a lot easier to get it in the hands of consumers for $3k. That's a hi-spec PC. Connect the iPad you already have, buy $200 projector, and you're in business. Think of all the car brands that aren't for your "average driver". They do well, right? This isn't different.
  10. I think the non-subscription option will be the GC3.
  11. Or they might be that inept… with Foresight, you cannot count that out.
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