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  1. If you guys take a look at tgw or something and customise an order with a different grip, you can see things go from 8 weeks to 1-2. I think that's your culprit right now.
  2. Yep. Rubbishing any of that stuff. It's goners.
  3. No one wants their clubs named after a terrible US President.
  4. This will annoy some... I'm of the opinion that "executive"/par 3 courses are the urban future. Instead of huge courses, you can make many par-3 courses play plenty long. If you are required to hit a limited flight ball off the tee, where it goes roughly 1/3 distance, then replace it there out with a real ball, you could save half the distance of a full course. Of course you could play it "executive" if you wanted, where it's short, but a full course could be made in about 3500y/3200m with the first ball condition. What course wouldn't want half the grounds
  5. A few things... There will be a successor, and it's the i230. It's likely to be a Q1 2022 release, but it could be sooner. That photo is a 210 above….
  6. I haven't been following this for too long, but it's staggering how many good players: - Play a hl/4w/5w - Trim below the "standard" 43"+ stock length - Call them "mini-drivers" for when they're full length and mostly tee box These are all the things you hear tossed around for people struggling. The funny part is it's inverted; the better players have figured out the marketing farce known as a "three wood", and made it work.
  7. The majority consensus for 2021/22 is (and note it's not a guarantee): BP / i59, then i230 / i525, then G425 / G710. The odd part for Ping is I don't think in recent memory they've had 6 iron "lines" outside their women's and kids lines. However, I believe that based on this, the thinking is that each of the three categories (tour-ish / everyone / mid-high cap) now has a blending option, along with the 59/230 or 525 option in long irons. The monochrome approach to styling I think reflects this, so you aren't building a rainbow badge situation. It worked with getting rid
  8. I'm an 8 right now, and fairway woods can get stuffed. 16º high-bird for me.
  9. Same. I'm playing the mid-am in Jan, and without a cap, no entry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whether you use it for games or not is a choice, but it does indicate a general level of play no matter what.
  10. Technically, it can be. However, the great advantage of a camera-based system is there is no additional size requirement for an indoor studio. A net and the absolute minimum space of 10' behind and 10' in front, that's a big space for many. It's larger than, say, most bedrooms. For some, that won't be a problem. For me, I don't have that much room.
  11. I saw one happy customer with elbow pain relief. I've been unable to play for a month now… I did get one round in, but my left elbow flared up hard again. I'm hoping you guys could confirm that this is not placebo at this point?
  12. I was willing to stretch the budget a bit thinking it was camera-based… now that there's a need for 10 feet in front and behind, it puts me squarely back onto SkyTrak.
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