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  1. I think 150mm LCP should be in the rules at all times. Edit: That's "six inches" for the Americans in the room.
  2. It's certainly a thing they should be able to do. Frankly, they'll need to for some of the stuff coming out. The TW one might be under $5k, so you're going to have a lot of people make that jump where $14k is prohibitive for a GCQuad. SkyTrak has a very specific market, and Mevo+ is closing in on them. They're going to need to do something.
  3. Exactly! I still tilt my head at it, but I love it.
  4. For those that say "I don't care; I'd play my clubs just fine from the desert" have never played from that desert. It's the old tumble finish, but in one spot. -- I should also add this: Most good courses post "desert areas" can be played as lateral hazards, unmarked. The less expensive courses have areas you might be in that resemble something of a cheap dirt lot that other geographies would simply grow longer grass and call it "rough". It's not a sand trap, but there is a reason a lot of us who grew up in the Sonora develop a "sweeper" swing. Those chea
  5. There are plenty of desert courses where #15 is legal, but only from those areas. Note like most local rules, they tend to be available for everyday play, not "highly skilled" tournaments.
  6. Poor dispersion, assuming you can play an iron. Hybrids at the top are a tool, and they have uses that are often specific. For me, I have two. One is a traditional 20º replacement for a 3-iron, and one is a 3-wood replacement because I do much better with it. If you ask me, why not change out your 4-6 iron with a hybrid, I'll tell you no because I can properly gap the irons, and irons are somewhat better in dispersion for almost everyone. If you cannot gap your irons, you should be playing hybrids. If you're that person, descent angle is your friend - and you can't get
  7. The hardest part about practicing is practicing realistic conditions. Ranges love turf because grass is expensive. It's hard to find bad lies when turf is level. Practice balls have poor characteristics. I think it might be fair to say that "on course practice" does have merit, but it's also the regime in total. Yes, it's good to have perfect practice conditions. Learn there, but then how does it apply? What's unpopular is that the way the golf industry has sold us the concept of "practice" is bogus. It takes quite a while to really figure out why you can "stripe it on
  8. If you guys take a look at tgw or something and customise an order with a different grip, you can see things go from 8 weeks to 1-2. I think that's your culprit right now.
  9. Yep. Rubbishing any of that stuff. It's goners.
  10. No one wants their clubs named after a terrible US President.
  11. This will annoy some... I'm of the opinion that "executive"/par 3 courses are the urban future. Instead of huge courses, you can make many par-3 courses play plenty long. If you are required to hit a limited flight ball off the tee, where it goes roughly 1/3 distance, then replace it there out with a real ball, you could save half the distance of a full course. Of course you could play it "executive" if you wanted, where it's short, but a full course could be made in about 3500y/3200m with the first ball condition. What course wouldn't want half the grounds
  12. A few things... There will be a successor, and it's the i230. It's likely to be a Q1 2022 release, but it could be sooner. That photo is a 210 above….
  13. I haven't been following this for too long, but it's staggering how many good players: - Play a hl/4w/5w - Trim below the "standard" 43"+ stock length - Call them "mini-drivers" for when they're full length and mostly tee box These are all the things you hear tossed around for people struggling. The funny part is it's inverted; the better players have figured out the marketing farce known as a "three wood", and made it work.
  14. The majority consensus for 2021/22 is (and note it's not a guarantee): BP / i59, then i230 / i525, then G425 / G710. The odd part for Ping is I don't think in recent memory they've had 6 iron "lines" outside their women's and kids lines. However, I believe that based on this, the thinking is that each of the three categories (tour-ish / everyone / mid-high cap) now has a blending option, along with the 59/230 or 525 option in long irons. The monochrome approach to styling I think reflects this, so you aren't building a rainbow badge situation. It worked with getting rid
  15. I'm an 8 right now, and fairway woods can get stuffed. 16º high-bird for me.
  16. Same. I'm playing the mid-am in Jan, and without a cap, no entry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whether you use it for games or not is a choice, but it does indicate a general level of play no matter what.
  17. Technically, it can be. However, the great advantage of a camera-based system is there is no additional size requirement for an indoor studio. A net and the absolute minimum space of 10' behind and 10' in front, that's a big space for many. It's larger than, say, most bedrooms. For some, that won't be a problem. For me, I don't have that much room.
  18. I saw one happy customer with elbow pain relief. I've been unable to play for a month now… I did get one round in, but my left elbow flared up hard again. I'm hoping you guys could confirm that this is not placebo at this point?
  19. I was willing to stretch the budget a bit thinking it was camera-based… now that there's a need for 10 feet in front and behind, it puts me squarely back onto SkyTrak.
  20. Here's another unpopular opinion... Those of you saying "I go out and play with 5 clubs after work and score the same." - No, you don't. Not consistently. - If you did, you would only carry those 5. - It's like remembering all the red lights on your drive somewhere. You don't remember the days when you get all green lights. Selective AF. - If in fact you do score equally with 5 clubs, you're terrible at golf.
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