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  1. The 4 iron doesn't bother me one bit. The 5-iron is a tougher call, but if it were me, I'd 210 it as well.
  2. Go with the new set. It's worth it to get them installed properly.
  3. I soft stepped the TX since I bought a 3-P for my 4-U. "Wedge" flex in the sand & lob. If you want slightly lower flight, the TX will feel like x100s. If you want the slightly higher flight, the S will feel like S300s. The amount of difference you are talking about is negligible for performance. Go with the profile you like the feel of more. If it's me, I'd tell you the soft-stepped TX is brilliant if you've been dealing with KBS.
  4. I would expect a very similar design in overall size, but the toaster weight will be gone. Replaced by a toe screw and some internal design… similar to the i59, but more focused on forgiveness than workability. More speculatively, I'd expect that the 710 and 4xx line will line up so they can be blended at any club - same with the 59/210. I'm imagining they'll be actively looking to have emphasis on the long-mid irons for the 230s.
  5. I think this is a very settled answer. The Blueprints are a fifth category. i59 are an iBlade replacement. i230, due out next year, will replace the i210. i525, due out next year, will replace the i500 g430 is rumoured to replace the g425, but that's too far out to know. g710 has no known replacement in the near future. Do the names suck? Well, it's no Rocketballz, but it's a pretty well known path on WRX.
  6. Just a 110 proto. Very much not the same. As much as I think they are good shafts, they are spinny for me. They are probably the best non-mesh graphite iron shaft out there. The difference for me is that the feel with the MMT is like steel. It is more rigid in the middle, but not in a bad way -- just in the way that steel would feel, but without the return of energy to the hands. That's really the best way to describe it for me… Recoils are good, but the more you force the issue, the more spin they produce because the midsection it just a little more flexing. MMTs are a perfect translation if you're coming *from* steel. If you're a graphite aficionado, and you need holding power, Recoils will definitely fit certain profiles well/better.
  7. Definitely interesting. I'm sure the guy isn't giving away all of his secrets, but I'm not sure I've ever framed it that way. I've typically thought it was more of a "science-y" approach to feel/gusto. Sorta makes sense, but the correlation isn't very high. However it might be high enough to matter. It's at least interesting -- I know I'm going to note my buddies, and what's in their bags. I can think of Mr Taylormade right now, and he's a prototypical extravert…. hmm...
  8. Interesting article saying that in short, introverts buy Ping and Titleist. What do you think? https://www.firstcallgolf.com/features/feature/2021-10-06/how-your-personality-not-your-game-may-affect-equipment-buys
  9. It's this demanding, which-PC-to-get question that makes me wish it just worked as a PS5 input on 2k golf or EA. Much less expensive, designed to do the job, and handles 4k easily.
  10. 1) So all-inclusive doesn't mean inclusive of the full 20 available. Got it. 2) You're already behind; there's posts that say you can buy a $4000 buyout of lifetime gold. Again, what does that mean for new software in that time? 3) Just… what? 4) Certain values are excluded at base subscriptions. It's not clear that the values are taken into account or necessary for accuracy - or, it's been asked here and only assumed. Side spin… seems important? These should have had crystal clear answers right out of the gate for pre-release. They don't. And about Paris… that is daft.
  11. I have to say that while I appreciate having the two entry points, they've done a cockup of a launch with the information and what you get. If you get the GC3, do you get 10 courses or 20? If you get the lifetime upgrade for LP, do you get software updates? What works with an iPad, what requires a PC? Does the LP without a higher subscription still work the same in calculating flight even if it doesn't show the results? Or are you "buying more accuracy"? I'm in a fortunate place where I'm not necessarily forced to get a GC3, but man, what a poor rollout.
  12. I plan on waiting. If the Destiny Cluster screws us over, I'll rue my decision.
  13. If for nothing else, they sure looked classic with nothing on the bottom, and the stamp in the toe nub.
  14. That won't be the case in some countries. That'd be illegal.
  15. I finally took my irons out for a round. My elbow is still getting better, but 9 holes, and I drilled 5 of 9 approaches to within 12 feet. I haven't really putted a lot so I went 0-for-5, but steel is fully dead to me. I thought the comment about dispersion in the review was going to be confirmation bias, and while I'm aware that it's possible I fall prey to it as well, the results did not lie to me. If you haven't hit one of these, go grab an Apex Pro in a bay somewhere and hit a few. Yes, they're a little "dead" feeling compared to steel, and I prefer that, personally. Maybe you don't. But one thing you'll see is that the ball will launch a touch lower than DG, go about 2y further, and dead stop. Descent angle about the same. I can't see ordering any iron in steel ever again.
  16. Putters should only be allowed one grip, not two.
  17. So one might ask… We all assume it's better than a SkyTrak. Should we assume it's as accurate as a Quad with fewer cameras?
  18. It's highly unusual, and likely because this is a very new category. It's very rare that a product goes from business/pro level to consumer with similar benefits. Can't think of the last time that happened for golf… not that many products in golf are tens of thousands, but the few that are rarely shed cousins close enough for 60-75% less in one iteration. This might just be a good "Model T Ford"… or maybe not. We'll see if it stacks up.
  19. I did a bad job saying it, but my point was simple. He's playing a 4 iron now, so if he's asking about irons, telling him he should switch to hybrids completely misses the point. I play hybrids, as well. I'm not bagging on hybrids. I'm saying that if someone is playing a 4-iron to a single digit, it's sort of rude to say "you only need a 6-iron; you're doing it wrong".
  20. The Callaway Apex Pro offers MMT iron shafts "stock" / +$15. I hate recommending Callaway because their quality reputation is deservedly poor (or has been, and was in my experience), but it's a great deal. It'll look pretty similar, but be a lot easier on your body, and dare say they perform better than DGs. If that sole width is right, it would be a good upgrade.
  21. Dude is an 8. Not many 8's playing 3, 4, 5 hybrids. Some do, but they already do. If they're playing an iron, there's no way someone that good is going to say, "maybe I should try hybrids for my approach shots". Dispersion and lack of spin would cost shots fast.
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