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  1. No, I would not have found it more informative. Also, no need for you to take a smug, cheap shot at me either.
  2. I tagged both of your posts since each asked what I mean by "playability". To me, playability is the overall attributes of the ball like distance, trajectory, spin, etc. (measurable) from the tee shot through the last putt. To me, it also includes things like feel, putting roll and short game reaction that can't really be measured. It's personal and more qualitative. I would call it the human element. I'm sure that I am using the wrong term. I basically made up the word in an attempt to say that I personally think a golf ball is more than its dry ball data from robot swings.
  3. I walk 9 a couple of times a week in the afternoons. It's a good way to end the day and practice by dropping another one or taking 2 off a tee box. I much prefer playing 9 to pounding balls down the range.
  4. One of my old golf buddies came to vacation/play golf earlier this month. We did a huge ball test over 4 days using the Titleist Pro V1's, V1x, AVX and all 4 Bridgestone Tour B's (black, blue, red and green boxes). Since we wanted another Titleist ball to use to make it 4, we added in the Titleist TruFeel. He normally plays Pro V1 and I play Tour B RXS. Our driver speeds are both right around the "magic" 105 mph cut line. My handicap is 5.4 and he is 7.2. We basically each did a 4 man scramble by ourselves for 2 of the days. He tested Titleist and I did Bridgestone on Day 1. We flipped for day 2. We used GPS to track our distances and kept some basic notes. What were our findings? 1. All the balls were really really good. We could play with any of them and be happy. 2. All the balls were within 5 yards of each other off the tee on normal strikes. 3. All the balls were within 5 yards of each other on approaches. 4. Some felt hard and some were soft. We really preferred the softer balls. 5. The trajectory differences were surprising. Some flew much higher. 6. That cheap TruFeel held its own against everything else for basically half the price. 7. The quality of strike mattered a whole lot more than the ball. I think I'm going to save some cash and switch to the TruFeel when my stock of Tour B's run out.
  5. I really like the Kushin 4. I ended up going with a Tyne 4, but the Kushin was right there. Great model!
  6. I take their "scientific tests" with a grain of salt. I've never been a fan, but I was over their content completely when they "tested" golf ball retrievers and tried to make it sound professional. All of the ball tests are redundant and ignore two critical pieces: trajectory and overall playability. A golf ball is much more than its driver ball speed and wedge spin rate.
  7. My favorite glove is the Titleist glove. I'm sure it is mental, but I like it better than the comparable FJ version. I have a hard time shelling out the cash for the ultra premium gloves, so I looked for better bargains. I'm a fan of the Costco glove. I don't think there is a better glove deal around. I prefer them to the MG's. The last 4 pack that I picked up a month ago ran really small for some reason, so I gave them away to my neighbor. I just tried the Maxfli glove from Dicks on a 2 for deal last week. I like it, but the Costco glove is a better price. I would have no problem playing the Maxfli glove if I did not have access to a Costco. Based on the comments, I need to try the MG's again.
  8. I went with a Tyne 4 and love it. I know some people are knocking the colors and sole graphics, but I actually like what Ping did with this line. The insert feels great no matter what ball I've used. I think this is Ping's best insert putter line since the G2i/G5 days.
  9. I'm a fan of the Bridgestone yellow.
  10. It's so humid down here on the Gulf that sweating through a hat takes me about 5 minutes. Rinsing the hat out with plain water after the round helps keep things under control. Do this before it dries. For cleaning, nothing beats soaking the hat in a warm water mix of blue Dawn and Oyxclean. Take a soft brush and scrub before rinsing it out completely.
  11. At the course I grew up playing, the real players all had Hogans or Eye 2s. I asked my parents for Eye 2's back then, but I still look at Hogan Edge sets on eBay all the time. Just great equipment.
  12. Putter 2 by a landslide. The PGA Tour average make percentage from 5' was 80.72% from a Golf magazine article in 2019. 20' to 25' was 12.47%. IMO, you are doing something really special to be at or better than Tour quality from any distance. The idea that you are at or better than Tour quality all the way out to 20' is an achievement. Go putter #2. Article for reference: https://golf.com/instruction/putting/pga-tour-putting-make-percentages-distance/
  13. I will have to give these a try after I work through my stash of Tour B's. I avoided them due to the poor durability of the E12 Soft and Speed, so it is nice to hear that Bridgestone made some changes to the Contact.
  14. I know that it is recent, but the Speedzone Extreme will go down as one of Cobra's best drivers. I love it. I also have to vote for the L4V.
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