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  1. ccampbell57

    Pxg gen 2

    I have the Gen 2 Mini Gunboat with the Heal shaft. I also have the Gen 2 Closer with plumbers neck. I have the 20g of weight in the mini except the rear of the toe where I put in a 10g weight to match my path. The Closer has the lighter weight in the heel. I game the Mini gunboat 90% unless the greens are over a 13 which my club likes to do during tournament play. The feel off the face is phenomenal and fit and finish have been > than my scotty's. These will not be leaving my bag for some time.
  2. I have 8 dozen of the left dash ProV1 and love them. I have been searching for a lower spinning version of the ProV1x and this hit the spot. My only issue with the ball is the feel at times. It is noticeably harder than the ProV1, but the ball flight is super low and rolls out great off the driver. I have had to rethink my irons and wedges because I am getting at least 10 yards more with this ball due to the lower spin. It is definitely worth the try. As for durability, it is not crazy better than the ProV1's, but does stand up to full wedges better than its predecessors
  3. The Proto X is a great head. I feel very similar to the Ping especially in shape and sound. It is all about shaft however. I put my Ventus 7x on it and performed great. However, still not on par with my SIM. It is a very close second to become a gamer.
  4. 17* TM 790 with hzrdus 6.5 black shaft. I hit it 290-310 off the tee and around 275-290 from the ground. Straight rocket launcher. My only issue with it is if the swing speed is not up, it will not react correctly and becomes iffy. I find my PXG 5 wood far out performs the driving iron on distance, accuracy and hitability.
  5. I have the Gen 2 Closer with the Plumbers neck with all 20g weights and a 25g SS Pistol grip that I gamed for a while...love that putter I just received my Gen 2 Mini gunboat H with (6) 20g wights in the sole and the SS Pistol GT 2.0 25g grip and this thing is insane. I have 10 scotty's and this is by far my favorite roller. The feel and balance is far superior. PXG is really hitting it out of the park with these putters.
  6. looking forward to the Nemesys! Thanks bud!
  7. I'm in Castle Pines so just West. Had a bunch of friends that went to Regis, graduated in '96. Wellshire was one of my staples growing up. Would play there Friday's at 5:45am first tee. Colorado has definitely changed, but being born and raised here, not sure I could go anywhere else. Where did you move too?
  8. No credits. In fact, was hit with our first of many assessments to cover the Club during this. I expect many more
  9. Some of the courses have opened. My Club (Colorado Golf Club) opened for members play only and walking as well as tee times 20 min apart. I'm not going to lie it is very refreshing to be back outside and swinging
  10. The Crossings Golf Club - 4023 Wake Forest Hwy, Durham, NC 27703 Totally hidden gem for $49 peak!!
  11. The worst is the guy who thinks he is a PRO and is the furthest thing from it. Golf is supposed to be fun and relaxing. 99% of us pay to play instead of being paid to play. Enjoy the round, the company, and get some exercise.
  12. we have been locked down in Colorado till Sunday. Got out and it was great!!! Walking only and have tee times set for every day at 5pm to get out!! Stay safe!!
  13. Not sure there is a bad day on the course?? The least fun day I had was when it started snowing on us during a match when we were 2 up going into 16 and had to postpone the match for 2 weeks and lost .
  14. The Left Dash definitely has a different feel compared to the others in the premium lineup. I have been trying to get my driver spin down from 2800 for some time. Switching to the LD and the TM SIM with the Ventus Black 7x has been a home run. I bought 8 dozen and haven't looked back. It is firmer off of the putter, but for those of us with high swing speeds and steep angles of attack these balls are the ticket. Just my $.02.
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