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  1. No need! Bryson and all the talk was a DeChambust!
  2. I understand the local rule, but he didn't brake the club while making the shot, he broke the shaft while leaning on it. They probably didn't want to deal with his whining, lol.... Nice local rule for a Major Championship.....
  3. Serious question. He didn't break the driver while hitting, but by leaning on it when retrieving his tee. Is that legal?
  4. I'm on DeChambeau "The World Hates Me" watch. The lad has some serious growing up to do.
  5. Let's go to the network nobody watches. Monahan is such a genius! Lol....
  6. SC Special NP2 35 inches. Took it out today for a spin. Not a bad feeling putter, probably the best production since the Pro Platinum in the OTR offerings. It is not going to bench my 35/330g 009, but it is a well built putter worth keeping.
  7. But, but, but, Jay Monahan is a genius.....
  8. 78 a couple of weeks ago. I always enjoy playing with better players. It is fun to watch good scoring and well executed shots.
  9. Final round, 2007 U.S. Open at Oakmont. Walking with my wife on 17 and Cabrera was making his way to the green. My wife asked me if he was "El Pato"? Cabrera turned around and said to her, "yes, I am". That's the only tournament we ever been to, but for my wife was priceless. Of course, Cabrera won that tournament. Very special to us.
  10. Congratulations Sniper!
  11. Believe it or not, this is my favorite part of the U.S. Open apart from Championship Sunday.
  12. To me Koepka. He's a solid closer.
  13. > @Seeking70s said: > Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized > Number 1 unless 3/10 of a second to read is deserving of #5 for Speed Ranking, lol. This is the one I owned and the best I have ever used.
  14. > @BlackDiamondPar5 said: > > @"Colin L" said: > > > @BlackDiamondPar5 said: > > > > > > > > > > @"Colin L" said: > > > > > @BlackDiamondPar5 said: > > > > > > @"Colin L" said: > > > > > > > > > > > > > "Also as I've said several times--- while not officially in the rules, you and your buddies can act as your own committee and handle divots as you please. So long as done sparingly it will have no adverse impact on your handicap." > > > > > > > > > > > > Are you saying that in USGA handicapping a round that is not played by the Rules can be an acceptable score? The Rules do not allow you to "handle divots as you please." > > > > > > > > > > No different than instituting LCP. > > > > > > > > It is indeed different. A Local Rule allowing preferred lies is authorised by the R&A/USGA. There is no authorised Local Rule permitting relief from divots. That is the basic point I was raising, not the question of a group forming its own Committee. No Committee, however formed, can just invent its own local rules and explicitly cannot create one which waives a Rule of Golf. > > > > > > > > If USGA handicapping rules currently allow scores to be returned from rounds not played according to the Rules - which I would doubt - the World Handicap System will not. > > > > > > True, but there are ways to properly score a hole that aren't played by the rules of golf or skipped all together. > > > I agree the world handicap system is a dream by the USGA that has shown itself to be out of touch with the golfing public. > > > > The World Handicap System isn't just a dream by the USGA. It's a reality from the USGA and the R&A which will be coming your way next year. > > Exactly, a dream that became an unrequested reality. Based on what I've read it will still have a lot of local flavor recognizing that golf competition is handled differently across the world. I posted the link earlier. I have read it twice and my head still spinning.
  15. > @2bGood said: > > @Golfer4Life said: > > > @2bGood said: > > > > @Golfer4Life said: > > > > That would be lame and I wouldn’t want to play or socialize with you, sorry. > > > > > > :D you have some high standards. I some how don't think you would choose to not socialize with a person because the didn't try their hardest on a casual Thursday morning golf game. > > > > > > Can you imagine if it was true how silly you would sound? > > > > > > Me " hey golfer4life, do you and your wife want to come over for dinner, we have some fun people coming by and a brought in a great chef to cater? I t should be a wonderful night." > > > > > > Golfer4life : "Sorry I will not socialize with you as you did not try hard playing a causal golf match 7 years ago." > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Well, if someone were to behave that way, it won't even go that far. Sorry my standards offend you, but they are mine. Thank you! > > > > If you can't be honest in a simple game, how honest can you be in life? > > Not offended, just thought it was funny/curious. > > Last month I was visiting a friend who had Alzheimers. He wanted to play our old penny a point card game. I have to admit I did not try hard at all and even actively threw a game or two. > > He had fun, I had fun - winning did not matter. > > > > Fair enough!?
  16. > @"North Texas" said: > > @Golfer4Life said: > > Watching the Women's U.S. Open and now I understand why the USGA is a destructive force in golf. Basically they are like an Egyptian plague, the pick a course, kill it, and move on????? > > Please tell me this is sarcasm. Not at all, just my opinion.
  17. > @GolfChannel said: > > @Golfer4Life said: > > > @"Birdie Mac" said: > > > > @Golfer4Life said: > > > > Sorry, but this guy is a complete and utter fool. > > > Sorry to see your negative post. I generally like the majority of your posts. Despite your opinion of the man, you might check out what he has to say. It's pretty interesting. We all have our opinions, but I think we can learn from most anyone. I recommend giving it a listen. > > > > > > > I was actually kind to the guy. He's a flat out racist whom I don't care to listen to. I'm done with it. Plenty of anecdotal evidence on the internet. > > Wait, are we talking about Samuel L. or a different “famous” golfer known for their blatant racism? Come up with something new and original. You people are too funny. You can always move to a different country. Adios! But you wouldn't, America is too good.
  18. Bubba Watson is the only whiner I have witnessed blame his caddie for his own poor execution. He's definitely a neither, lol....
  19. Enjoy the reading? https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/handicapping/world-handicap-system/WHS-resources.html
  20. It seems the Americans are going down like sweet muffins....
  21. > @ChronicSlicer said: > Lexi falls apart..who's next? Such is the state of American players on the LPGA.
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