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  1. Okay, so I need some help squaring the math in my head. If you have a Callaway driver at standard length of 45.75, it has a SW of D4 (assuming 60g shaft). The matching Callaway 3 wood is 43.25 and again D4 (70g shaft). I know that these drivers sit right around 200g for head weight including the adapter and I believe that most 3 woods sit right around 210. So how are they getting the swing weight the same in both? They are dropping 2.5 inches of length which should equate to 15 SWPs. Even if we assume a smaller relationship with longer clubs like 2.5 SWP per 1/2 inch, we still get 12.5 SWP drop. The change in head weight from 200 to 210 should give us back 5 or 6 SWPs and a 10g heavier shaft gives 1 more. All that combined only gets back 7 SWPs? So where is the rest of the change coming from? Is my math wrong that we are still missing at least 5 SWPs? Thoughts?
  2. Those marks are perfect candidates for any of these products. I'd bet you can get it good as new within 5 minutes.
  3. 165yds Mizuno MP-18 MMC, KBS Tour 120. Standard lofts.
  4. Get it while it's hot, or at least still warm. Makes all the difference.
  5. So I am about to get fitted for some new irons. Currently using some older TMs from 5 years back. They are pretty beat up and it's time to refresh, however I am wondering if I need to be looking at new shafts if I am moving away from TM into something different? Thoughts??
  6. I realize I could post this in the Equipment section but figured I might get more knowledgeable respondents here. Why are Tour Issue heads so much more expensive than standard retail versions. Is there really something better, or am I just getting a different serial number/hosel stamp?
  7. I was just thinking, and I'm not sure if this is already in existence somewhere on here but it would be nice to have a resource where people could find good independent clubmakers in their particular area. Does this exist on here?
  8. Watched this yesterday. If you want something super compact.https://youtu.be/QZqRRYCv6n4
  9. Are the 760, 750 and P7TW all .355 tip?
  10. Question. Is it better to miss with the driver and make contact low out on the toe, or high in on the heel. Wondering what would give better results; ball speed, spin, and launch factoring in?
  11. Saw this Youtube video where they regripped a golf club with rubber cement, scissors, and some masking tape. Anyone ever use rubber cement for grip work?
  12. That guy definitely knows his stuff although like you said, he is using all the tools available that most of us probably don't have. I subscribed to the Mobile Clubmaker youtube channel. He seems to like to show how to do things for more of the beginner club builder with tools that I at least have some of. It's informative but not dumbed down for beginners.
  13. Watched this youtube video a few days ago that seems to cover all this. Also makes me think that different drivers can show different amounts of face angle change based on sole design?https://youtu.be/tKPY51evEh0
  14. Crossline Black with Crossline Full Cord in my woods. What could be better?
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