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  1. Ugh I am loving this driver. My dispersion is still a little left and right but getting better with every round. I did set a personal best today, 10mph wind at my back on a raised tee box (roughly 5 yards up from the fairway), hit a beautiful draw that found the fairway on a sweeping left for a total distance of 283 yards. A little harder and slightly more left and it would’ve found the green. Played 18 and shot under 100 for the second time in a row. First was a 97 and then a 96 today. Just have to be more confident in my wedge shots and I could get down to 90.
  2. So I’ve gotten to put a couple rounds on the new driver after the re-grip and I must say that I love it. Swing weight feels great, averaging 235 on my drives with the longest so far at a whopping 256 yards! I have hit a few nice draws with this clubs but I still need to get my consistency together a little more. I played today and shot a 97 with a number of short game mistakes, mainly second guessing my wedge abilities instead of just hitting the dang ball lol. I feel I can definitely improve that number in the next few weeks but that’s a different discussion all together. There is still probably room for improvement if I get fitted, but right now I am more than pleased. And to answer the missing right question. On a good swing, it is definitely face open causing it to push right, not so much of a slice. On other times, I would say it’s getting my arms ahead or flicking the wrists because it will take a hard right. I am improving quite a bit and having confidence in my drives is really nice for a change.
  3. Didn’t get a chance to change the grip so I games it at about a D 7 swing weight. It did do really good and honestly added 15 yards to my drives. I feel I could’ve done better but the driving range is closed so didn’t have any way to warm up. I think I’m going to like this setup once I get it dialed in.
  4. Surprisingly enough, the swingbyte says I have an average of around 4 degrees in to out, just slightly more upright when starting my down swing. I just need to get my tempo sped up from 4:1 to 3:1. I did notice that when swinging with my back and shoulders at a 3.5:1ish tempo, my swing speeds were actually reaching 98mph with my R1. Didn’t really swing any harder, only focused on a faster tempo, just gotta remember to keep the face square or hard right she goes lol. Anyway, grip and weight with be here today so I will throw it on and see how the EF does.
  5. Luckily they haven’t shut down the courses here yet. Went and played 9 yesterday afternoon just to get some fresh air. I started using my back and shoulders more to swing the club so that is taking some getting used too but my drives looked decent. Can’t wait to give this new driver a try, all the parts should be here Friday.
  6. Thanks for the idea. Already ordered the 15.5 gram weight to put in the track and the new grip though. If it doesn’t feel right still, I’ll see if I can find some lead tape.
  7. Well the driver showed up today and looks really good. Couple of small scratches but nothing to worry about. They did cut the shaft down an 1” but didn’t re-weight it and it has a standard Callaway grip that is lined up a few degrees open. Currently it is sitting at around C 7 on swing weight and it feels super light. Sitting at the desk for about an hour, I figured up that I need to add a 15.5 gram weight in addition to the stock 16 gram to make the swing weight D 3.3 when I switch the grip out to a mid size golf pride MCC +4 like my other clubs. Oddly enough, with the added weight is going to make it very similar to my current R1. The EF will end up being overall approximately 343 grams, with the head weight of 210 grams, and a D 3.3 swing weight as mentioned. The R1 is 340 grams over all, with a 209 gram head, and a swing weight of D 3.9 so it shouldn’t be that big of a change in feel.
  8. I know I have to fix a few things on my swing so I threw this together today. I have an old Swingbyte 2 that I haven’t used in a while so I decided to dig it out to see if it still works. Wish they would bring the iOS app back. A couple of 1/2” stall mats from Tractor Supply to have a softer surface and level out the Wal-Mart driving mat, along with a Wal-Mart practice net. It’s not the most high tech solution but I’m getting good feedback.
  9. I know I have to fix a few things on my swing so I threw this together today. I have an old Swingbyte 2 that I haven’t used in a while so I decided to dig it out to see if it still works. Wish they would bring the iOS app back. A couple of 1/2” stall mats from Tractor Supply to have a softer surface and level out the Wal-Mart driving mat, along with a Wal-Mart practice net. It’s not the most high tech solution but I’m getting good feedback.
  10. Being a high handicap from lack of skills to get it all together at the same time, I just wanted to speak to this for a second. Since I am 6’5” tall, a standard length set of clubs doesn’t usually work out too well for me. If I remember correctly, I’m +1/2” and 2 degrees up lie on irons which does effect ball flight. I would say 100% to get lessons and get a good swing before getting fit for clubs. Luckily I did it the right way and had a decent swing when I went in. I do know that my swing changed dramatically just after a few lessons so if I had been fit before, my numbers would’ve been totally off. Lessons are hands down the best money I have spent on golf. Around here, a lesson is cheaper than a dozen top end balls and will get almost instant positive results.
  11. In the US here and no lock down yet. I’ve been really thinking about taking up walking the course lately. I actually have a gas cart that I currently use, especially when my wife and son comes along for 9 holes. I get caught up in bad shots and my mind take a over for a little bit which equals a few bad holes. I’m thinking that if I walk, I can use the extra time to reset. I could always use the exercise too.
  12. That’s why I bought used - like new during the sale for less than 50% the price of a new one. ?
  13. Thanks! My biggest problem is getting to play consistently. It’s usually a good driver day, or iron day, or putting, can’t ever get them all to show up at the same time lol.
  14. Here is the only swing I have on my phone at the moment. It’s about 4 years ago and a year or two out of practice at least. It’s a safe “keep it straight” swing and I know I am losing a lot of power with the under rotation on the backswing. I have actually been working on getting my rotation where it needs to be here recently.l while trying to maintain control.
  15. I usually go a little over board on researching things when I decide to buy new stuff. I didn’t want to get the club super light since I was already using a lighter shaft and cutting it. I understand the concept of using more weight to get better energy transfer and to add stability. I didn’t want to get it down to a D0 and have less weight to transfer energy into the ball. Plus I am having them either add wraps or change grips to get to a mid size which will totally throw the balance off. Depending on if/how they re-weight the club, I might get a heavier track weight to bring it back up and add to the MOI.
  16. That was really my plan, just get the club and use it. Seems that things have came a long way since my last driver and I actually hit a Mavrik pretty decently a while back at Dick’s. Didn’t really want to drop $500+ on a new driver and saw the “like new” Epic Flash on sale for just under $250 with the customizations so I jumped on it. I can pay for a fitting and a new shaft if I need one and still be under the cost of one off the shelf.
  17. I will when the system decides I’ve been here long enough to allow it lol. Edit: Made it
  18. I totally am. I also understand that the dispersion might be off as well due to the setup not being correct. The main thing I am experimenting with on the shorter shaft is finding the center of the club. If I find center more with it, then I will have a basis going into the fitting. If I still have the same amount of miss hits, then I will know that I shouldn’t worry about it so much.
  19. I see where you are coming from on the suggestion. I can buy another stock shaft for a low price if I need too. I figure since I might have to change up the whole shaft when I actually get fitted, I might as well try an inch shorter to see if I like it with a few rounds on it rather than making an on the spot decision in the store.
  20. Thanks for the reply. I have taken a number of lessons in the past and plan on taking a few more to get me back up to speed. I was playing quite regularly until I took a new job, got married, and had a child. I pretty much haven’t played for the last 5 years except for the occasional round here and there. I would say my swing has probably gotten a little out of shape and needs some tuning. I actually have plans to sneak out to the course and see if the pro has time for a quick lesson.
  21. Hey guys, just looking for some advise. With pretty much all the golf stores shut down, the chance to get fitted for a driver is non-existing. I wanted to take advantage of the Callaway preowned 40% off sale on Epic Flash drivers so I threw a semi educated guess out there. Background: I am 40, 6’5” with a stocky build, handicap is around 30 when I actually have time to play consistently, driver swing speed is right about 90 with a smooth tempo but working on getting it up to around 95 controllably. I have been gaming a Taylormade R1 set about 11.5 degrees, draw bias, set slightly closed at address, with a stock length stiff shaft since it was released back in the day. I do have a tendency to miss right and most drives have a lowish launch. Sorry for the long details. So with that said, I decided to get a 10.5 epic flash with a project x even flow green 55 5.5 shaft and cut 1 inch to 44.5 inches but asked to reweight back to D3. I came to this conclusion after reading everything I could find on shaft fitting. My understanding on the subject is that my current shaft is probably a little too stiff for my swing speed so I went with a little more flex even though I am cutting it. The evenflow green kick should help me get the ball up a little more and the shorter length will hopefully help with control to find the middle of the face more. I have plans to get fitted when everything returns to normal-ish but just want to get out to practice and have fun. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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