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  1. they are fantastic irons. I demoed them and loved them. Super long for somewhat normal lofts
  2. anyone directly compare these to either T100 or MP20MMC?
  3. nothing but positive reviews on these clubs. I might have to take the plunge for 21
  4. Hello All I did an iron fitting last year and was close on 3 irons - MP20 MMC T100 and Ping I210 The 210 didn't appear nice to my eye The T100 I've been using them all year but never really liked the Ap2 and Don't like the T100 that much. Ive played MP52 53 and MP15 in the past and love a good chrome MP iron with S300. Looking for some MMC reviews before I make the plunge. Any negatives?
  5. pretty soft Wayyyy softer than my scottys - not sure if its a good or bad thing - we shall see
  6. Rolled the New Cleveland Putters today. They are fantastic. Look great in all black . Fantastic Grip as well. Love the Feel. Bought a 10.5 https://www.clevelandgolf.com/en/putters-/huntington-beach-soft-premier-10.5-putter/MHBSP105.html anyone have any experience with these putters? Any reviews? Was the easiest putter in the store to line up!
  7. Hello All I am playing the T100 but can use a few more yards. Ive also been seeing some reviews saying the T100S are fade bias (weight in toe makes the flatter at impact, ...) I have been short and left with my t100 otherwise I love the look and feel. I also LOVE the black finish of the T100S. Any reviews? Ive played both PXI and PX 6.0 and enjoyed them both so the ZL shouldn't be a problem.
  8. good idea - ive been 52 56 60 forever - switching to PW 54 60 soon - I can hit my PW from 130 to 100 no problem.
  9. suprising to hear. the 54s were pretty big. I would think the MMC would be less forgiving. Did you ever play MP53?
  10. is this accurate? If so the PX sound perfect
  11. anyone playing these with PX 6.0??? I had AP2 714 or 716 with PX 6.0 and it was the pinnacle of my ball striking . I loved those clubs. Might make the move to the T100
  12. hello Im possibly moving to 790s and would like to try the MG2. Ive been a vokey player since 2008 but the MG2 look unreal I would love to try them. Looking for some long term reviews please! I layed the 60 SB open at the store and it looked like it had too much bounce compared to my Vokey M grind. Any opinions?
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