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  1. How did the ball flight compare to your X100s @KensingtonPark? Weirdly enough I actually lost spin at club champion but I’m slightly worried about a ballooning ball flight.
  2. Hello y’all, as the title might suggest I was recently fit at Club Champion into the Nippon 1050 GH shaft (stiff flex), and I was wondering what experiences people have had with this shaft. I hit it fine on the mats... but mats are mats. I’m also coming from X flex DG tour issue and am worried that the Nippon would be too light. Looking forward to hearing y’all’s experiences. Thanks. edit: Accidentally posted in the wrong part of the forums and don’t know how to move the topic sorry
  3. Scotty’s whole tour only marketing scheme revolves around making GSS a big deal. As someone who has a GSS Kingston it really isn’t a big deal.
  4. First time winning one of these things! Thanks to GolfWRX and SeeMore for hosting this!
  5. Definitely the i210s. I hit the 790s a few months back and almost 1/10 balls would be 15 yards hot. My friend has the i210s and I have messed around with them and had some great results. The 790s are also so strong that I would have to carry something like a 48°. On top of this the 210s are like 2/3 of the price. No brainer for me.
  6. Right now I am playing the T100s/620CB mixed and from my experience the 921 tours are more difficult than both of the clubs I mentioned. I do think there is something to be said about 10 years of improvement in the forgiveness aspect, but in my experience the 921s aren’t very forgiving at all. I think it depends on your swing, because I’ve heard a lot of different things from folks with different swings. I would do some more testing, but in the end I think you will see a noticeable improvement with any iron compared to something ten years old. I also agree with your point about the forged bein
  7. What are the main talking points about this year's release. From my experience the jump from the F9 to the SZ wasn't much, can I expect a larger jump this year as far as results are concerned?
  8. Why is this so reasonably priced? I don't even putt with a Newport 2 and this is tempting...
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