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  1. Yet millions of middle income golfers around the country fill up the public and muni course tee sheets every day.
  2. I can’t see how being tall relates to skill in putting. Putting is about vision, tempo, feel, and coordination.
  3. Go to the NYC muni courses and you'll find group after group of working class golfers enjoying the game.
  4. How could the buyers have not realized at the time of purchase that they would be losing substantial money until the condos or other development were completed? Unless they thought they could operate with small losses by opening up for private play until the condos were developed, but that seems like bad planning.
  5. True lol. I actually would be happy to see any of them win another major. I think DJ in particular will have a legacy of underachievement if he does not. And Rory has a chance to be considered one of the all-time greats if he wins a few more including a Masters. But three years later the OP prediction has been spot-on and the disrespectful comments at the time he first made the prediction are looking sillier with each passing major.
  6. Which major winner was written off and then years later came back and won another major? The ones you mentioned (although Watson didn’t actually win) were decidedly better than Rory, DJ or Day. Unless you think they weren’t?
  7. Do you think DJ or Rory or Day are as good as Tiger or Jack or Watson?
  8. The OP's idea is a great one. Any course can say that the back tees are for single-digit or scratch golfers only. If someone ignores, the other golfers or the ranger can approach them and make things uncomfortable. It is amazing to me how many times people who have no business playing back tees still do so. Must be a macho thing or something, but all it does is disrespectfully delay things and make the rounds longer for everyone. And skill, not length, should be the determinant for playing back tees. A shorter distance but more skilled player will be in the fairways more often, not waste
  9. I give it 50/50 that he wins one more, but there is only a 10% chance of that ...
  10. It is funny looking back at all those who responded with insulting or snarky comments who all now have egg all over their faces.
  11. And this prediction is still holding up ...
  12. The course likely doesn't have the infrastructure or room for thousands of fans, tents, etc. involved with a televised Tour event, and it is possible the membership doesn't want to have to deal with the hassle.
  13. I'm just not seeing it. It looks very pretty and a great setting, but the course itself just looked ok. Definitely better than your average track because of the elevations and conditioning, but nothing that would make me want to take a trip there to play.
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