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  1. New sealed SWAG Deep Purple Blade Cover $300 New SP4 MLH Medium Glove $old New Bettinardi 2019 Portrush Fairway Headcover $old Used Kevin Burns Circle E Magnetic Blade Putter Cover $100
  2. The pyramid grooves are great. Sound slot too. The fire logo is cool.
  3. I believe so their finish is a coating so it would work on any material. They have examples of black 303 putters in their portfolio.
  4. My recent add. Love the feel of the pyramid grooves and sound slot. Best feeling KB I’ve tried.
  5. Ask him on Instagram. Can you post pictures? I had an S-28 330g 4*. Santa Fe style flow neck. Stainless. Around 100-200 made in 1998-2000. Stuart Appleby played this style.
  6. Three of these have passed through my hands. From Kevin when I asked him about it "Milled from solid. Made for Japanese market. Head weight 330g, 4 degrees loft and 71 degree lie angle."
  7. Here's some info on it. The 2.5 offset is on the arm lock version only. The standard is 1 offset. https://Not allowed because of spam.com/kuchar-bettinardi-putters/ Models: 2 (#1: wide-flange blade, #2: round mallet) Material: Milled Carbon Steel Finish: Pewter PVD Length: 42” arm-lock, 35” standard Weight: 400g arm-lock, 350g standard length Loft: 7° arm lock, 3° standard Lie: 71° Toe Hang: Face-Balanced Grip: Gray Lamkin (19” on arm-lock models!) Headcover: Kuchar Signature White/Blue Model Descrip
  8. Bettinardi Kuchar Signature Series Model 1. Near mint condition. Measures approximately 36" Original Headcover. Has Winn X 1.18. $old Rose & Fire Ballistic Nylon Fairway Headcover. Rare with zipper pouch. Used maybe 1 round. Looks new. $50 New Short Par 4 Leather Glove. Fits left hand for right handed golfer. Medium. $19 Bettinardi Hex B Power Blue Putter Headcover. $old Prices shipped.
  9. I've been eyeing this one for a long time. I almost pulled the trigger. Ended up buying some other Carbon's. Great looking club.
  10. Do you have the Wilson Staff Blades now? How do you think they compare?
  11. A lot depends on face milling and head shape. But based on experience on a BB1 head shape and FCB, it feels softer and not as harsh / clicky.
  12. Yeah that option is gone it used to be right after the finish selection. Showed a picture of the different options. That broke before on their site and they fixed it after I told them. I would suggest you reach out via email or Instagram. I had the 2018 BB1. Felt soft and muted to me. I would go Standard Carbon milling which is the one on the Bandit Series except the Masterson. Or light milling. For more responsive. If I can find a picture of the millings I’ll post.
  13. That’s good one. The owners told me they tried to make it similar to Spieths 009. Less for hang than the 303 45*. This one being 42*. It looks like their site is missing the milling options to select. Ask them or specify. I know this option broke before. Which Newport and what year BB1?
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