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  1. My full set of ZX7 with GP Align Velvet came clocked at 12:30 across the full set. Shop comped me new grips and I installed myself. I’m just ordering g with grips off in the future. Great, great irons however.
  2. They are in some stores already, saw them on Thursday, a few days ago. I have mine on hold for pick up tomorrow. Not sure how, but they’re there. Maybe they have an early release because the store pre-ordered them instead of doing one off custom orders.
  3. The blade length is typical Mizuno, slighty on the long side, compared to TM or Titleist, which I personally prefer. The rep talked a bit about the sole being variable, wider on the long irons and narrower on the short irons.
  4. Didn’t ask to see the HMP. I play blades so was primarily asking to see the clubs that that were in my wheelhouse. Sorry.
  5. Longtime lurker but figured I’d chime in given that I’ve seen the new 921’s. Hopefully this helps with the speculation and doesn’t get anyone in trouble No pics unfortunately, the rep asked that I not take pics, which is fair given the embargo until the official release. Similar blending story as Mp20. Satin finish with darker cavity on Tours, mildly less offset, softer top line bevel. Forged has more tech from its appearance, mildly less offset, and thinner top line than 919 to blend better with the Tour. Basically more tech and modern aesthetic vs MP20.
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