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  1. Like others have said, a shaft puller might be the single best investment you'll make. The Mitchell graphite shaft puller is the way to go. Simple, solid, and will last forever.
  2. Tim's my neighbor. I watched him do this one one today. Dude has skills.
  3. $320 for a set of Vega Mizar irons 1 month after Club Champion quoted more than $3000k at my fitting
  4. Taking the sole down will be the biggest bang for the buck, but be mindful of how thin it will be in the cavity. Thinner than .100" will likely cause a ring. If you only remove material under the heel and toe flange the harmonic change won't be noticeable.
  5. I was fitted into Mizar irons last year and nothing has been able to drive them out of my bag. I wish they were more widely available. I think folks would be really surprised by the performance. Moderate offset with a thin sole. They're the porridge.
  6. http://ralphmaltby.com/mpf-head-ratings/
  7. Exotics EXS 4 hybrid with Accra FX 2.0 200h shaft. Don't think one can be mentioned without the other
  8. Nike VR_S forged irons and Adam's A12 Pro hybrids
  9. Reshafted a 13.5 with a Tensei Orange 65 and I'm loving the combo. I'm not a very long hitter, but my drives last round were measuring 240 on average, and I don't think I missed a fairway. I'm sold.
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