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  1. Yes. 50° CBX2 and 56° CBX(2?) fullface. No more wedges than that..
  2. E12 in yellow and green all year. Will be using it for -22 also.
  3. T_leif

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Swede here. The EU-page looks kinda weird and nothing like the US-page... I ordered my clubs (699 pro black) from the US-page and now I'd like to add a set AW @50°. Would prefer to do it by the EU-page but can't find it on there. Reason why is that customs add about 20% when importing from the states. Not to mention the shipping cost is almost as much as the club itself
  4. I use the big max aqua tour 3. It's great, no issues what so ever in rain. Pretty big cooler pocket too
  5. Any thoughts about Cobra ultradry pro? Good/bad/so so Can't find a single review.. Looks good on paper tho. Waterproof and 4.6lbs
  6. With speedzone i went for 5 iron all the way to Sw, with the last wedge being a 60° bigfoot. I really like this setup so far. The 60° is pretty much only used from the bunker, no problems with it being shorter in length. Last season was F9 OL 5-Gw, then to i210 and now I'm back to OL. Can probably tell i am all about making this game easier.
  7. 8.8 F9 One Length. Keeping it simple... Would really like to go get fitted for once but meh.
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