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  1. Gaps seems to be around 18-20 yards. Is it too much? Probably. But I'm not very good anyways and usually aim for the center of the green so I'm not sure it hurts my game that much. but yeah...
  2. For some (weird?) reason I don't carry more than 10-12 clubs, so I went with cleveland 50° CBX2 and a 56° CBX fullface.
  3. Yes. 50° CBX2 and 56° CBX(2?) fullface. No more wedges than that..
  4. E12 in yellow and green all year. Will be using it for -22 also.
  5. T_leif

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Swede here. The EU-page looks kinda weird and nothing like the US-page... I ordered my clubs (699 pro black) from the US-page and now I'd like to add a set AW @50°. Would prefer to do it by the EU-page but can't find it on there. Reason why is that customs add about 20% when importing from the states. Not to mention the shipping cost is almost as much as the club itself
  6. I use the big max aqua tour 3. It's great, no issues what so ever in rain. Pretty big cooler pocket too
  7. Any thoughts about Cobra ultradry pro? Good/bad/so so Can't find a single review.. Looks good on paper tho. Waterproof and 4.6lbs
  8. With speedzone i went for 5 iron all the way to Sw, with the last wedge being a 60° bigfoot. I really like this setup so far. The 60° is pretty much only used from the bunker, no problems with it being shorter in length. Last season was F9 OL 5-Gw, then to i210 and now I'm back to OL. Can probably tell i am all about making this game easier.
  9. 8.8 F9 One Length. Keeping it simple... Would really like to go get fitted for once but meh.
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