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  1. Have now played with the 22 degree Tour Edge EXS Ti Utility a half dozen times. It has proven to be very versatile as a rescue club. The face is super hot and the ball jumps off the club. Will need to spend some more time with it as I have hit the ball further than I wanted a couple times when trying a punch a shot under low hanging limbs. Since it is my 15th club, I swap it in and out of the bag. Full swings are about 205-215 yards. Putting it right between my new Tour Edge C721 25 degree 5 hybrid and my old Tour Edge XCG7 21 degree 7 wood.
  2. When I purchased my Titleist AP3 irons a few years ago I was coming out of the Taylormade PSI irons. One of the main reasons that I wanted to ditch the PSI irons was the black Taylormade badge on the back of the club. The badge over time would lift out and the ends were pointy and sharp. More than a few times I reached for a club and got stabbed. Made me feel like I had a bunch of snakes in the bag trying to bite me. That and about one out of every 8th shot with the Taylormade PSI irons would be a weird flyer that would go 10-15 yards long and usually sail over the green into
  3. To set the pin location with the Link you depress the middle button of the Link for about a second while standing next to the pin on the green. I have found this to be convenient because generally you are going to be near the pin on every green to either remove the pin while putting, retrieving your ball from the cup or replacing the pin after your done. Why is setting the pin important? It improves the approach, chipping and putting statistics accuracy and helps identify where your strengths and weaknesses are more clearly.
  4. I prefer the Link. Never liked having my phone in my front pocket. The Link also picks up shots better and is easier to use to set the pin location for more accurate stats.
  5. Footjoy Club Professionals a good option, especially some of their previous year models. I have several pairs for exactly the reason you stated.
  6. My regular golf ball is a Bridgestone Tour BRX. Recently was given a free sleeve of 2 of the new E12 contact. Played a couple rounds with them. They were definitely longer off my irons and chip shots didn’t check up quite as soon. Overall though I was impressed with them.
  7. I am trying out the Sim Ti 5 wood with the Diamana Limited FW 75 stuff shaft and it is a great shaft and head combo so far for me. It will probably replace my Tour Edge EX 10 16.5 degree 4 wood with a Fujikura Fuel Red 60g Stiff. The extra weight and the low torque has eliminated my occasional hook. Performance is excellent. Just got to get used to the look and sound of the Taylormade head. Just bought another Diamana Limited shaft off of EBay to put into another fairway wood to try out.
  8. The 5 year lifespan is based on an average golfer. I have 204 rounds entered in the GHIN system in the last twelve months. The batteries in the sensors last between a year and a year and a half if you play a lot. The sensors on the clubs you use the most will need replacing the most frequently. I do have a spare sensor or two to use while waiting for a replacement to arrive. You can also manually enter a shot if the sensor’s battery dies on you mid round. They’ll replace them for free in the first two years, so you will get maybe 3 years out of your initia
  9. The grip sensors were free from Arccos as a partnership deal with them and Ping. I paid for the Link and I choose to pay for the ongoing subscription because of the value I’m deriving from it. The club changes were the result of data gathered on usage and yardage gaps. The members of the Men’s Golf Association and my playing partners that are skeptical of making any changes have helped me to recoup whatever I’ve paid via our daily bets, the birdie pool and points games. Through the first five months of the year, I’m the leading money winner and
  10. The Arccos sensors, Link and dashboard has been instrumental to my improvement over the last year and a half. I have found that the folks at Arccos have been very responsive if a sensor malfunctions, breaks or the battery dies sending a replacement quickly and for free during the first two years of ownership. The best features that have helped me are the yardages for the clubs, the statistics, strokes gained and areas to work on. I’ve completely changed my club makeup since getting the sensors based on the information learned. The caddie feature is very hel
  11. This giveaway came just a little late for me because I already own the Tour Edge Exotics C721 25 degree hybrid with the 80g KBS TGI shaft. It has proven to be about 5 yards longer than the Titleist 818H1 25 degree it kicked out of the bag. It is my 200-205 yard club. But the most important benefit is that it has reduced my tendency to hook a hybrid when I go hard at one. Producing a predictable draw instead. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway. My other hybrid in the bag is a Tour Edge XCG7 28 degree with the Exotics Fujikura Fuel Red shaft
  12. Like the author of this post I have struggled with hybrids hooking too much. I’ve probably played at least ten different hybrids over the last 8 years. Yes, I’ve been fit multiple times for hybrids and have still struggled with hooking the ball. I have come to believe that many hybrids are designed with a draw bias. They often have an upright lie angle and are equipped with fairly light shafts with high torque to help golfers with moderate swing speed to get the ball up in the air and counteract a slice. But my swing speed isn’t that low. I just swing t
  13. Many people struggle with the top end of their bag and are looking for forgiving and easy to launch clubs. Ironically, fairway woods and hybrids are deigned to be easier to launch than corresponding long irons, but because of their shaft length and lack of loft are sometimes hard to control. What specifically is your issue? Are you having trouble getting the ball in the air? Are you having trajectory issues, fighting a hook or a slice? Are you topping the ball? Just getting worm burners? Fatting it? Is it just off the
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