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  1. Titleist 735cm from 2005 I. I just can't get use to the strong lofts these days and then there's no 3 iron and you need to buy six wedges to fill the gap at the lower end.Typical iron set is 6 clubs instead of 8 and it costs $1000+? Up until they started injecting irons to basically make them hybrids there were no reel advancement in iron technology.
  2. Because lets be honest, the new irons are all the RAGE and specifically "fitted" in every way and you have everyone saying tweak this on the new ones, change shafts in the new ones, do this do that to the new ones. Are you kidding ?, just to get them to play the same as the old clubs ? I've been down the same path. These are the next "holy grail"....... and a year later they get sold on the bay and I'm back playing the Titleist 735cm's. They play solid, go the distances I know and when things aren't working I know it's me.
  3. Stick with what works, I'm still playing Titleist 735cm,s and I've tried all the latest stuff when it comes out. All they've done is turn modern clubs into shovels and jack the irons up so much you think you're better than you are. When in reality you're just hitting a 8 iron with a PW on the bottom. Don't get me wrong, there's some great clubs out there being produced but as far as the older clubs, not really a great improvement. The last thing I want is half a bag of wedges. And now in an attempt to fly them farther their foaming the hollow irons so you have a bag of hybrids.
  4. I picked up a Titleist 913h 17* hybrid with Diamana shaft at my local club shop for $25. Fully adjustable hosel and simply smokes any driving iron I ever tried.
  5. I have s55's 4-PW blue dot tour issue DG shafts. Sold my p790's last year and went back to these. Such a solid club with no surprises. Turf interaction is simply a joy.
  6. I agree, I really like the guy and always cheer for someone a little different.
  7. Mizuno MP-4, absolutely gorgeous and solid as can be. A few years old now but that means you can get them reasonable. I picked up a set a few years ago that were supposedly from Japan, came with factory installed DG S200 shafts. And thankfully they don't have the stupid strong lofts and perfect gaping (4* a club).
  8. Posted them below, I'm at work so I just used some old Instagram pics I had from last year. I can take more, there's a red Scotty band on the shaft as well. Even came with a wrench.
  9. I'll take some this weekend and post them. IMG_3492.AAE IMG_3491.AAE IMG_3491.AAE
  10. I'll take some this weekend and post them up. I've never done pics on here so I'll have to play with it a bit.
  11. I'm an 8hcp and chip with my Vokey sm7 black 58*. Unless there's a ton of green to work with, and then I use the same club in the 52*.
  12. My irons are old school set so my PW is 47*. I play vokey sm6 blacks in 52*-58*. One of my playing partners is scratch and plays modern day irons with a 43* PW bent to 42*. That's one degree stronger than my 9 iron. So if I club off him (same swing speeds) it requires some math. Just seems ridiculous to buy a set of irons that are so strong you need to then buy 4 wedges to fix a gaping issue below your 160 yard PW.
  13. I bought a fake one on purpose after seeing the results on my golf spy ? The shoot out they had between a real one and the fake one was fantastic. I've since moved away from the Newport/Anser style and back to mallet with sight line help. I was floored at how nice the knock off is, right down to the scotty cameron head cover.
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