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  1. I am selling a sweet PXG Gen 2 iron combination set. All irons have Modus 105 S shafts in them. Grips are CP2 wraps in good to fair condition. I purchased these irons new from PXG in April of 2020 and have played roughly 40 rounds with them. 5 and 6 iron are the XF irons 7-Wegde are the P irons. All irons are minus 1/4" in length, standard loft, and lie 1 degree flat. $850 for irons Also for sale are PXG 0311 forged 50° gap wedge, 54° sand wedge, and 58° lob wedge. These were purchased new from PXG in mid may 2020. All wedges also have Modus 105 S s
  2. I am looking forward to it. It played smoother than my nippon for sure. Can't wait to get them!!
  3. I did hit them side by side. I was just curious to see if anyone made the switch and we're happy or disappointed with the decision long term. I enjoyed the Miura more which is why I went with them. But hitting off a mat in an hour fitting doesn't answer all questions. Was just curious on people's thoughts is all.
  4. So I have been playing with PXG gen 2 irons with a modus 105s all season. Some good and bad with these clubs. My dispersion has been the biggest concern. I just was fitted and ordered what I think are the some of the sexiest clubs out there, the Miura TC 201 in 5-6, and MC 501 in 7-W. Got fitted for the Accra steel 105s. Weight of the demo club was perfect and I got a very predictable ball flight. Just curious what people's thoughts are on this combo set along with experience with Accra shafts, and if there is a large difference between the 201 and 501? If anyone happened to switch from PXG
  5. I have been looking and it seems the the club set is $999 everywhere with the exception of some Ebay stores which I am skeptical about.
  6. Thanks for the info. I feel lik the modus 105's are a good fit for me. Any ideas outside of Ebay where these clubs are discounted??
  7. Hit a few today with the modus 120 and it is a strange shaft. Did not vibe with it at all. Hit a bunch with my PXG modus 105 and back to normal. Fitter thought 105 will work best for me!
  8. Thanks to everyone who responded. I have a fitting scheduled this week to try some shaft options. You have all SOLD me on the irons. Too much praise here for me not to try them!! Not sure if anyone has any insight in what I am about to say, but here goes. If I am reading too much into it please tell me haha. The swing weight on my PXG irions is D0, the swing weight on the srixon is D3. This is a pretty big difference? My theory is the low swing weight from the PXG combined with the lower weight shaft, may be the reason my dispersion has been off. Also call me crazy but I hit some of
  9. I was unaware the 785's were hollow body? Interesting. I thought the 585 were hollow, and straight cavity in the 785's! I am excited to try them
  10. I think I am sold on the irons, just a matter of finding the correct shaft for me!
  11. After reading all of these posts here about them, I am am pumped up to try them. Have a fitting in the books soon!!
  12. Thanks for that. My PXG's are incredibly soft, and when I hit other clubs, I find I really miss how soft they are. I am hoping the 785's feel close to as soft, but in a smaller head than my sticks. That would be a perfect match. Something a bit smaller, and soft, without losing crazy distance!
  13. Thanks, I have a hybrid set up now with my PXGs where the 5 and 6 are the XF model, and the 5-W is the Players version. Seems to be a good fit, and will probably look to do the same
  14. Thanks, I am going to hit some with the Modus 105 and 120 and look at the numbers!!
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