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  1. Looking for 34” and 69 or 70* lie angle
  2. $325 shipped OBO. Add $5 west of the Mississippi 33”, brand new never used SS pistol 1.0 traxion grip. PM with questions
  3. $old shipped. PM with questions. First to PayPal gets it. Condition is very good (a couple of small not very noticeable spots next to face of putter, as shown. No trade interests
  4. Liveonce

    Sub 70 Clubs

    @JaySub70 curious as to why the standard lie is 72* when most manufacturers are 70*? going to order shortly and debating if I should have the lie altered or not… thanks!
  5. Thanks for the input. I decided to hold off. I just can’t justify $650 after tax . Like the look and I’m sure it’s great, maybe try to catch one used or the full production run
  6. What differences have you had using LAB vs traditional?
  7. SIK 33” DW double Bend. $340 (retails $500 with grip). Used less than 10 rounds. Brand new never used Superstroke Pistol 1.0 GT grip installed. not sure of lie but I think a couple degrees upright. Can ship today. PXG plumbers neck 35”, great condition $old
  8. I want to buy, but $600 is freaking STEEP
  9. Thoughts? Looks pretty cool..
  10. Any thoughts on this ? Looks cool..
  11. All good suggestions so far. I recommend NOT getting a mat that can hold a tee. These mats are very grabby even on good strikes and will cause injury. The three most popular mats are fiberbuilt, divot action and true strike. Can’t go wrong with any of those
  12. Liveonce

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Any good plumbers neck options with sub 70 putters?
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