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  1. Pm if you have. Thanks!
  2. I have this driver with a Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 shaft in it, however it just feels too soft and whippy. Any recommendations on an alternative shaft? Swing speed 105ish and hopefully will increase soon I have KBS Tour 130x in my irons if that helps. thanks
  3. May be a long shot posting here, but if selling a true strike mat please PM me with details
  4. Looking for a good deal on this training aid. PM if selling
  5. How do you clean them? Wipe with a wet towel and then dry off like others have said?
  6. your name checks out, ha. Thanks for all the replies. What’s the best way to make a change? Change one club and see if it works then change the rest of the bag?
  7. Currently using GP Tour velvet but finding about midway through my round my right hand is slipping even with changing gloves every hole or so. Any suggestions ?
  8. Since my 5i is 25* loft and The closest Cobra makes is 21* and 24*, would you think carrying a 19* and 21* is too close together?
  9. So I have a 19* Cobra F8 that I hit extremely well. It has an Aldila NV 2kxv green 85 XStiff shaft in it. i want to add a 22* hybrid and remove the 4i from my bag that has the same loft. Cobra isn’t offering this shaft with the Speedzone/F9 and the loft would be either 21 or 24, not leaving much of a gap with my 25* 5i. What shaft would be comparable? Should i venture out to a Sim hybrid or something different that has a 22* loft to better fit?
  10. Standard loft:length:lie. 9.5/10 condition winn drink tac grip, KBS tour graphite 80s $175 shipped
  11. I’ve only used mine a handful of times but any dirt that does get on it , it wipes right off . The material is pretty repellant it appears
  12. A lot of great recs in thread. Bonobos and suit supply are all that I own. Get tons of compliments and quality fabric
  13. Reddit golf, Instagram, and golf simulator forum
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