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  1. what are you doing to work on this? Same problem here
  2. $140 shipped 1 year old. .370 parallel tip pulled from Sub 70 cb639. standard length, grips are standard golf pride and have plenty of play left.
  3. Looking to buy one at a good price compared to new. Dm if selling
  4. I’ll play from any tees you want if you pay for my round. If I’m paying I’ll play from wherever I’d like and keep pace.
  5. I just LOL at golf instruction anymore. Most are too position oriented and charge outrageous prices.
  6. I ask bc I have a devotion 75 stiff 04 in my epic speed 4w (16.5*) and absolutely love it. Debating what I want to put at the 21* spot and thinking of the same epic speed 7w and devotion shaft
  7. What made you go with the DI instead of devotion in both?
  8. Yes I would say this is accurate for me....
  9. i have kbs tour and ventus blue 6x in driver. What type of ball flight are you getting with your irons? High? Medium?
  10. Ibe heard c tapers are harsh, didn’t think the c taper lite would be...
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