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  1. where do you buy those silicon dots, a fabric store? I see there’s a brand that sells them for $15. Lol. I’ve seen some wrap 2 rubber bands around the putter to accomplish it also
  2. No you definitely want the tension on there. But as other poster said you want the hands to work in and club outside of the hands . I would put a ball or a block of wood behind the ball and try to push it straight back on the takeaway. You’re hands are pushing out instead of straight back/inward and getting you off plane from the start you are starting the takeaway with hands and arms, try to feel the takeaway with your shoulders and your body will follow
  3. ^^ I would say your hand path is working too far out on the backswing .
  4. I believe the biggest deterrent to improvement is having the access to facilities. If you aren’t a member of a country club, don’t live on a golf course, or aren’t a junior golfer HS and below, it’s VERY difficult to get better.
  5. 1. Act like your going to spear the ball with the butt of the club 2. Keep the hands and arms up to start the downswing And just turn the body
  6. Just try to balance practice and get better when I can—usually a couple of days per week on the simulator and putting on indoor mat and a round of golf on the weekend—full time job and toddler at home mad it difficult to have set schedule. I’ve accepted I may never break 80 lol
  7. I have not officially , but I’ve exchanged a few videos with him and he has helped me. I utilize his free content that he puts on social media and know my swing well enough as to what applies to me for the most part. Game has certainly improved learning from him. Will take in person lessons when I’m in CA undoubtedly.
  8. Anyone have instructions to build a plane board? The half circle one made out of wood.
  9. Go with the TM and send me the Srixon coupons
  10. Really like the entire Srixon line coming out. Plan on hitting true spec Naples around March or April to do a full bag fitting. Not sure if I’ll buy anything or not , will see the #s
  11. Message me if selling . Thx
  12. Divot action mat. Probably the closest to a real fairway and also easy on the joints. I would stay away from country club elite or other mats with thick fibers that will grab the club excessively . I like the Wittek Quattro as well
  13. I would look at Uneekor or wait for the Full Swing Kit that comes out in the summer.
  14. I would recommend laying something down just inside of the net like cardboard or something soft and it will eliminate the bounce back
  15. So essentially the main effect of hitting off the heel or toe with irons is a loss of distance ?
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