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  1. That's a pretty nebulous question...But the Dynamic Gold is anything but tip soft. They're among the lowest launch/spin iron shafts out there. But if that's what you're going for, smooth butt feel, low launch, I'd try a Tensei Pro White or a Diamana DF.
  2. My Cobra F9 Tour is not leaving my bag any time soon. Paired with my OG 83x whiteboard and turned down in loft it's perfect for playing in windy/hard conditions low to the ground.
  3. of the ones you have listed, I would lean towards the Aldila tour blue for sure
  4. They'll bend, especially when hit off mats
  5. I'd be tempted to try a Project X 5.5 8i shaft in the wedges, if you like the feel in your irons. If you're looking for extra launch/spin the HiRev seems reasonable
  6. You all really need to get into cars. This is a bush league dyno queen thread. "Let's see the timeslips." Oh and Foresight is Dynojet and Flightscope is a Mustang Dyno, apparently. Go check out LS1Tech or YellowBullet, some of y'all would cream your pants at the argument opportunities!!! LOL. Something I think some people forget about with fittings and launch monitors- the numbers as an absolute are ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS. There are WAY too many variables to control to think that you could take indoor, off-turf LM numbers to the course, or even compare LM numbers one day to some
  7. If there's a player that's doing something the other players aren't, and that thing is resulting in wins, the rest of the field needs to git gud or start being ok with losing.
  8. +1 on the evenflow. IMO, the evenflow black and blue are severely underrated. I had a fitting this year, and landed on G410 LST, hit tons of shafts, from stock to TPT and Raijin Black. Best numbers came from the $100 evenflow black. That's an anecdote, sure, but don't sleep on it. The results from the fitting were similar enough to what I'm getting with my ahina that I didn't buy anything. OP, not sure how willing you are to hunt on ebay and cut and glue your own stuff, but you can find top-line Fujikura and Mitsubishi shafts that are a generation old for $100 or less that will
  9. Gotta go with football if you ask me
  10. Bryson is the most interesting thing to happen to golf since Tiger. who cares if his game is different. I don’t watch F1 to hear about safely driving 70 on the interstate, I watch to see passes made under 5G’s of braking and corners taken at 160.
  11. Just my opinion, if you have something you like that works, I would go with that and maintain consistency through the bag. If Kaili does what you want, the gains from switching would be incremental at best with a possibly large downside. I would go Kaili in both.
  12. Hey Howard...worth noting, seems the software change has 404'ed the link above. Would you happen to have this chart? I'm curious to see it now after reading this thread. TIA!
  13. First up- brand new in plastic (except the 7 iron, hit about 10 times) Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pros (4-P) + JPX 919 50deg GW. C-Taper Lite 110 Stiff shafts, Standard size NDMC MCC +4 grips on everything. Not much to say, these were bought from a local pro shop and never put in play. $old. Standard L/L/L. Next- Cobra Forged Tec black irons. 4-P. KBS Tour FLT 120S matte black shafts. Orange champkey midsize Z-grip knockoffs. Lengths are not standard- short irons all play about the same length, long irons are more normal lengths. $old shipped OBO.
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