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  1. Tungsten carbide rod hacksaw blade, rotate the shaft so you only cut from the outside of the shaft towards the middle. Perfect cuts every time, very quick. Just make sure to account for the width of the blade when you're marking the shaft to cut to length.
  2. You'd need to go and get a fitting!!! If nothing else, the launch monitor data might clue you in on what's causing your miss
  3. What's your procedure for wedge fitting? Do you have interchangeable heads and wedge-specific shafts?
  4. Shot in the dark without seeing his swing- Aldila NVS orange NXT 55A.
  5. Not sure about the older offerings, but the 425 is definitely an av raw
  6. It's an av raw orange in the Pings, not a ck or a ck pro.
  7. It appears to be real, but the the "realest" TX flex is not a stock option Compare X to TX specs on MCA's site, TX raw orange is the only low/low raw orange, and the torque is much lower than the X
  8. It's never too late! The escape of "I have to go to the garage for a little bit" is healthy for a marriage. She gets you out of the house, you get to go play with stuff and drink beer
  9. Invest in a shaft puller. The world will become your oyster
  10. Seems accurate. WHYYY was there not a plumber neck m craft IV???
  11. KBS because the shafts are basically consumables Callaway because they never look right. Maybe it was because the ft-iq was current when I seriously got into golf, idk, but i don't even look at their clubs each year I used to be anti-Ping until I picked up an i25 fairway, and it was awesome. Starting this year on G425 driver and loving it. I'm still not so sure about their irons UST Mamiya because nothing they've ever made that I've swung has felt right. I don't mind PXG at all. Commercials are obnoxious? Do you not buy cars or watch movies or
  12. Is it an issue? Probably not. But it shouldn't look like that from the factory, I'd ask for an exchange
  13. If you're getting high spin numbers and a reasonably low flight, I'd guess your impact is too low. I second the foot powder recommendation
  14. Your driver head weighs, let's say 200g for simplicity's sake. If you add 2g of tape, you'll take it to D2 and add 1% to the mass of the head. I would think the amount of tape you'd need to produce a measurable effect would be detrimental to swing speed, unless you could swap or remove the weight in the back of the club. But, if you do that, you're going to have literal gobs of tape on there. I would think you're probably better off trying a lower spin head or checking out your delivery.
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