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  1. They're only as accurate as your measurements
  2. Hi all, prices are PP G&S & shipped USPS priority CONUS. No trade interest. Cobra 3w's- both come with matching headcover RadSpeed Big Tour 3w- $150 F9 Tour 3w- $100 Add the Motore X F1 7S for $50 to either club Superspeed standard set- $150, good shape SOLD Blue radar- $100 SOLD
  3. Probably, yes. The impression I got was that the production value was all Matt
  4. 100% they don't care. This smacks of the majority stakeholder in TXG being given a number to which they couldn't say no and getting out at probably the peak of the Covid/2019 Masters Golf Boom. Club Champion has many thousands of dumb rich people who are bad at golf to whom they can sell sell SST Pured VA shafts- these people have never heard of TXG and will never mourn the loss.
  5. Ugh this sucks. I always liked TXG's content and philosophies.... disappointed to see them acquired by Club Charlatan.....er...Champion. I hope they got a good payout, and hope Mike and Ryan keep on with the podcast
  6. Boring: D-60 3w,5w-70 4i-118 5i-LW-132
  7. Heavier grips will, in all likelihood, not affect the feel of the head really at all. If they do, throw a few grams of tape on the head and see what you think. Also, not sure about your grip preference, but a z-cord midsize is pretty small for a Midsize especially under your right hand. Might be worth a shot
  8. Depends on how you play it. Mostly a full swing club? Build like an iron. Partial swing and around-the-green? Build it like a wedge.
  9. Not having seen your swing, X or tipped S, depending on the feel you like.
  10. Yep same here. Bladed 50yds past the green? Twirl. Or Tomahawk. Maybe Helicopter.
  11. You can 100% blow off z-grips, but it's work, and you'll probably explode 1 or 2 of them. All it takes is a careful hand and the correct amount of pressure
  12. I would develop partial shots for all of your wedges, and make sure you know how far they go. I'd guess 54 will be your go-to for anything 90yds and in. Playing a lob wedge for everything will make you look really cool when you hit the shot correctly but it will come with a pretty high degree of variance
  13. Wow. The fact that I feel bad about saying I only have one (Tour AD UB)...... well I guess I simultaneously belong and don't belong on this forum
  14. Know how far your shot needs to go. There's really no excuse for everyone, on every shot, to not know front/pin/back distances, between smart phones and cheap rangefinders PLAY THE RIGHT BALL. Don't fall victim to "shaft ego." Very, very few golfers need to "take the left side out" and "reduce launch and spin." More than likely your AoA is negative...
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