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  1. It's been a second but I finally got this set glued and ferrules finished. Custom paintfill up next. Address pics are 6 (55) and 9 (66)
  2. Just one item today. Pretty clean set of MP18 MMC heads. $350 shipped USPS. Send an offer if I'm off base with the price. Not much ebay data on these. Trades- Ventus Blue 6s Raijin/Raijin Black 60g/Stiff TSi3 or 4 8* head Bettinardi QB6/QB8
  3. Do you want ascending mass and like MRC products? If so, I'd look at Tensei AV Blue AM2. If you don't want ascending mass, MMT or TGI would be my first looks. Budget option: Aldila NV Iron
  4. If you want an easy way, just cut it off with a carbide rod saw. Sand the tip square. Put a tiny extension in the butt. Drill out the stub still in the head. I wouldn't do this unless "traditional" extraction methods didn't work, and I wouldn't do this for a customer without approval. But it'd be a decent backup method if you screw something up.
  5. OkHi all- I've got a Bettinardi QB9 and a Bettinardi Waste Management headcover. The putter is 34" and includes the stock HC. Waste Management headcover is minty and will come in the Bettinardi box it shipped in. QB9- $275 WM HC- $150 Take both for $400 No trades, prices are shipped USPS. Thanks!
  6. Thump fairway is a "high-launch" shaft, stiff handle, soft mid, pretty soft tip. You might not love it exactly in a driver, but you might try a Diamana RF or Ventus Red. For a budget option, maybe an Aldila 2KXV Orange. Tipped atmos black is quite the other end of Thump Fairway.
  7. Another thing about the differences.... Wood shafts are typically 46" raw. Hybrid are usually 42" raw. So, a wood and and hybrid shaft of the same weight will be more dense in the hybrid. The butt trimmed version of each shaft will not be the same weight- less would get cut off the hybrid shaft so it would be heavier. Some older hybrid shafts were .355. You can still find NV105 .355's, for example
  8. You don't want to do this. There's probably only 3" of .335 parallel tip and the part of the shaft that starts tapering is *usually* of a different construction and won't take the load of impact on the section that contacts the adapter in the same way. Aldila will probably have a max tip trim spec, might be kinda hard to find on shafts that old. You could always try "over-tipping" but you're going to be cutting carbon fibers to get the tip small enough to fit in an adapter. If you truly have the swing speed to make a RIP 80X work, you're probably going to need every bit of shaft integrity you can get
  9. So that's code for "we buy Anser castings from AliBaba, finish them, stamp some letters, and use fake grips that we'll call custom, and sell everything marked up 1000%" Or maybe I'm a cynic. What's the brand?
  10. It's probably fake- bad smell is a great sign of a counterfeit grip
  11. Just like Howard said. I find it helpful to preload the extractor- put the club in and start cranking on the extractor until there's quite a lot of tension on the club, like you're going to pull it cold. Start adding heat and slowly cranking extractor if needed and it'll just pop loose at the first sign of epoxy breakdown. Very low chance of overdoing it on heat. I had a F Speed back in the day- I don't remember any carbon so you're good to go on heat if that's the case- the only risk will be to your paint.
  12. Maltby wedges, Mizuno JDM combo set irons
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