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  1. I've seen/heard nothing about KBS changing anything to prevent this.
  2. Pro orange, CK Orange, or AV Raw orange?
  3. Any AV raw other than a TX is a made for- granted, a really good made for, but lacking the more expensive stuff (MR70, Boron, etc) found in Tensei Pros and AV Raw TX's. Think of the non-TX av raw as a successor to the non-pro Tensei CK's
  4. What would be so wrong with a 9S or 10S, huh Fujikura???? Would buy a blue 10S for my U500 today if it existed!!!
  5. They'll bend stuff. I find it easiest to place the order online, then call about getting it modified. Saves hassle of dealing with part numbers and billing info on the phone
  6. Hi all- normal stuff- prices are shipped USPS and Paypal G&S. If you're in Canada- prices are not negotiable and add $50 and I will sell to you. Only trades- 100+g graphite 4i shafts in stiff flex. NOTHING HAS A GRIP except for the 818H2. All listed shaft lengths are without tip and grip. If you want anything tipped, gripped, extended, or cut, I can do it for you, just let me know. Ok here we go- good stuff first. 2x Ventus Red 7S- built these for a 3w and 5w. 3w shaft not tipped, 5w shaft tipped 0.25". Cobra adapters can be removed. 3w shaft is 42", 5w shaft is 41". $200/ea, $350 for both. SOLD 818H2 21*. Shafted with Aldila Tour Blue 85s. Plays @39.5", just like a regular 3i. Shaft has a heavy lead tip weight, and the head has a heavy weight I made from brass and lead in order to get the swingweight right. Will also include the stock 14g weight. HC included. $80 Sold All shafts below $40 shipped. Subtract $10 for every additional shaft you want. Take all 5 for $150. Exact tipping amounts mostly unknown, most shafts were played in FW woods or hybrids. HZRDUS Blue 60 6.0 (NOT TIPPED, plays 45" in TM) SOLD HZRDUS Green 70 6.0 (3w length) SOLD Diamana B 80S (5w length) SOLD OG Diamana Whiteboard 83x (7w length) SOLD 2nd gen Diamana Thump Hybrid 90s SOLD Last- First gen DG S400 black onyx wedge shaft- the one with the bad finish. $25 shipped. Shaft is fine, finish is rough. Include a black and white MCC grip. Sold
  7. The heavy grips are going to trick the scale. The 0.5" will probably take care of things for you as far as getting the SW up. Dry fit with a standard weight grip to get a better picture of what they'll feel like.
  8. OG blueboard, speeder 757, grafalloy prolite, aldila nv. Around then.
  9. I'm currently wrestling with this as well. S400 in irons, Ventus Red 7S in 5w. Currently playing a RIP Phenom 100 in my U500 and I'm not in love. Not sure whether to build a little longer with an actual hybrid shaft or go with a DG 120, MMT 125, or Recoil 125 at iron length. I like the idea of graphite in the utility club, but I'm not totally sure why
  10. Pull-cut says over the top or outside in to me. I don't know how much a different shaft will change swing path.
  11. You want the weight to end in zero for Kaili - 70s, 60x, etc. OG Blueboard, weight will end in 3.
  12. I'm a selective ho it seems. Putters? Drivers? I have as much fun trying new heads/shafts/clubs as I do playing golf Hands off my MP66's though. I'm going to have to literally wear them out before I go iron shopping
  13. I played 6s in a 9* 425 max- straight and spinny is how I'd describe it. I've found some distance going to lower lofted, low spin heads- first a 425 lst and now a sim2. The red and 425 max was a great fairway finder, but barely longer than my 3w. I also don't love the feel of the ventus red. If your goal is to hit it straight and the ventus lines up with your timing, it's a great setup
  14. I think I'm going to give the HD7S a shot in the fairways- what sort of tipping would you recommend? I swing a driver about 103-105, smooth but not super smooth swing, the HD's are going into a 3 and 5 wood. I don't especially need help getting the ball in the air- 3w is typically a tee club or par 5 second shot club, 5w is typically hit at greens. GD says 0.5 for 3w, 1.0 for 5w.
  15. Seems pretty good....I can agree with launch coming down if you keep the spin where it's at. You've got a pretty similar delivery to me, and I play an 8* Sim2.
  16. What sort of swing speeds and distances are you seeing? Do you like the counterbalanced feel of the Rogue? What weight of Rogue Black were you swinging? What was your launch angle?
  17. @WristySwing would you happen to have any insight on where the MAD, AD FWY, or YS6 reloaded fall in with everything else?
  18. Lol awesome. That makes things easier! Whatever their profile is, I apparently agree with it
  19. Yeah yeah... get fit.... Ok now that that's out of the way- I've been playing ADXC 6S in my Driver (Sim2 8*) and Ventus Red 7S in the fairways (F9 Tour, 13.5 and 18.5) S400's in irons and wedges. I like the soft handle feel, and I like to feel where the head of the club is. The Ventus Red is obviously a bit out of place here- I like the ballflight and dispersion I get from it, but only when I'm grooving my swing and don't have to rely on feel, if that makes sense. I'm tempted to just put the XC in the fairways. But, I historically haven't done awesome with stiffer-tipped stuff in fairways. There's always the old standby copout of "just go for an Aldila with a blueboard profile." I got sucked into the Ventus hype- sure it works great but only when I'm swinging well. The ADXC is my first foray into Graphite Design (have played just about everything from MCA, Fuji, and Project X), and I'm admittedly somewhat smitten with how the ADXC feels. So- the actual question here- is there anything from Graphite Design that's basically an ADXC with a slightly softer tip???
  20. Interesting. maybe the weighting is playing with you- the EI curves look quite similar to me
  21. I would think the following would be similar HZRDUS Red HZRDUS Smoke Yellow NV 2KXV Blue Tensei AV Blue Linear loss of stiffness to just above the tip, a slight increase, and then a slight drop.
  22. Have three shafts for sale- all prices PP G&S and shipped USPS. Shafts do not have grips. I will remove the TM tip unless you ask to keep it. None are tipped. Diamana BF 60S, plays 45" in TM - $150 SOLD Rogue 125MSI 60TS, plays 45.5" in TM - $100 SOLD Speeder Evo II 661S, plays 45" in TM - $100 SOLD
  23. It's either fake or you're buying from a dealer that does not follow Fujikura's policies on selling shafts without some sort of prep/ install
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