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  1. I might try to hit a Modus 105. The 105 stiff iseries and Modus 105 S look pretty similar to me
  2. Looking for a red 7s velocore, not tipped, don't care about grip or adapter. Thanks!
  3. IIRC, T100 BBTG changes through the set. I would definitely take the trust but verify approach here though
  4. Nope- swing issue. It might not be the ideal shaft for you, not sure. However, a 23 deg hybrid should go into the air, and a draw can be hit with any long club
  5. Titleist always has the best looking staff bag. So at least they're doing that right! Lol
  6. I don't think so. But, when I see one, it's Ping! Some of them are downright cultists!!!
  7. The difference here is that a car detailer is being paid to make your car cosmetically better, while bending an iron is a totally functional activity. The functionality of your irons has not been affected, although the bender didn't, in my opinion, do a very good job. I think this one, unfortunately, is a learning/research experience for you more than anything. We've all been there, doesn't mean it sucks any less. Sorry man! Just chalk it up to Mizuno softness!
  8. I would think step 1 is to get accurate info regarding your swing. Otherwise I fear you'll be buying shafts twice instead of just once. Find one of the big box stores and hit on a GC2/GCQuad or a trackman. If you're hitting 200yd 7 irons, you're going to want the right shaft for your swing
  9. Wow. You're well over PGA average if your 7i is 95-98- I wouldn't give any more money to that fitter. I'd say you need to be put in at least an X, maybe an X7, PX 7.0, etc
  10. Gen 1 Thump hybrid is where it's at IMO, or if you can find an OG blueboard 103 and shim it into a hybrid, that might be cool
  11. I'd just put a trash bag full of paper towels in front of it. Wife will never move it
  12. I'd say the B 60 X is superior to either of S+ or AV Raw. The MCA blue profiles that are newer than Diamana B and are the premium offerings are Tensei CK Pro Blue, AV Raw Blue TX, Diamana BF, ZF, and TB.
  13. Definitely prep and trim yourself. Insertion depth through a set of irons can vary slightly. All you need is a good ruler, a hacksaw with carbide rod blade, and some 120 grit.
  14. The best description of X100's I've heard- "not a beastly shaft, can handle a beastly swing." Maybe it was Howard? Anyway, I tend to agree with this. I've always teetered between X and S, and played X100's forever and they never seemed like too much to handle. I've tried 130X $ and C taper, and 6.5 Project X, and they all seem like telephone poles to me.
  15. Hi all- all prices shipped, looking for trades: Ventus Blue 6S Ventus Red 7S Diamana TB 60S Speeder Evo VII 661S Tensei Pro Blue 60S MP18 FliHi 4i head For sale: Ventus Black 6S, not tipped, plays 45.25" in Taylormade- $250 Ventus Red 6S, tipped 0.5", plays 45" in Taylormade- $250 SOLD Speeder Evo V 661S, not tipped, plays 45" in Titleist- $125 SOLD Can pull and swap grips or tips. I've got a CMX G425 tip, any other brand besides Ping, Titleist, or TM I'd need to order. 8 Degree Sim head. Finish is rough, club w
  16. It's very easy, if you have the right stuff. You need- -Golf Epoxy -Sandpaper -Hacksaw with carbide rod sawblade -Masking/Painters tape -Bench vise makes things WAY easier -Either an air compressor OR grip tape and a solvent If you need to pull adapters, that starts to get more difficult/more economically involved. General process if you're starting from a virgin shaft- -Cut tip if desired -Prep tip with sandpaper (or box knife) -Glue adapter -Allow epoxy to cure -Install shaft in head, measure for length -Cut butt, double check length measurem
  17. First of all, I'm jealous, those are sweet. I wouldn't worry even a little bit about spines. Align the sticker so they look nice. Re: weights you find when disassembling- tip weights are there to fine tune head weight. You can clean them up and keep them married to the head they started with (much easier if they're brass), or re-weigh all the prepped heads for new tip weights to keep the 7ish gram progression from head to head going, assuming 1/2" length differences between clubs.
  18. MP FliHi! Also liked Sub70 699u.
  19. Seems like Ventus, Tensei, HZRDUS, and some Diamana get most of the chatter, and most of the spots at fitters. I've loved every speeder evo I've hit, and it seems that they're even possibly up-market of Ventus according to Fujikura. Additionally, resale values on them seem to suck- I've seen a few Evo 7's go <$200 on the BST. What gives? Lack of tour presence? Too expensive MSRP?
  20. OP is your F9 a wood or hybrid? NM- saw the answers
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