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  1. Hey Stephen. The putter shaft has a speck of a band left. I’ll post a pic. I love the look of the diamond groves! Yeah these were in a big bin at a Good Will store , pay buy the pound, thing . They caught my eye for sure. Yes I will comment on how they play. Also the grips on the irons aren’t burgundy but black wraps with gold thread. The bottom 3 pics are of the putter. Any info is much appreciated!
  2. Hey folks picked up this set today. Macgregor AT2, Tommy Armour VFQ’s I looked them up but haven’t found much info on them yet. 2-9 iron and an 11 iron. Grips are surprisingly decent and shaft bands are all intact. And a forged Denny Shute putter. They were in such good condition for their age and almost free so I had to get them. Any information? Thanks!
  3. Ping 1A. Sounds cool but, well, I find it annoying, sort of. The better you hit it the more pronounced the “ ping”
  4. Hello sachdog. I got this from this forum. Ya might find it helpful. I just bought a set of ISI’s becu online. didn’t ask enough questions, and the pics stunk. Now I got to reshaft the 7 iron ( a nice thin crack towards the head) and clean up some of the faces and groves. Any how, Ping should be answering their phone now or soon at least. Can always ask them about their clubs. Take care. Sorry I had a pdf that has to be download. Heres a pic of it . ( i try never to download stuff. Good ole paranoia ?)
  5. RIP!! R7 ! You gave it a good life! Great excuse to get a new one.
  6. No. And there is no evidence that they ever had any. Usually a few clubs in an old set you can see a remnant of something. I also noticed the end of the hosel is rounded in to the shaft, not open with epoxy showing Interesting. Reg ole eye 2 .
  7. The 5 is 37.5 in. I got few other sets I’d like to fix up so I’ll check out those threads. I went a little crazy and bought a few sets online recently. Haven’t been able to hit any of em yet. Recovering from a broken ankle. But this microtaper shaft seems like it’ll work out for me, flex wise.
  8. Hey ShallowFace. The 5 iron is in at D0. My little scales batteries are almost dead, so couldn’t get through the set. Also sort of crude fulcrum measure. Yeah nice set; can still see the Brunswick label on bottom of shaft ( Ping microtaper labels in good shape ) and the Dylagrips are in good condition. The heads were reconditioned, reshafted and regriped i believe due to years those grips and shafts were used.
  9. Thats a nice set . Love the becu’s. I stay up late searching sites for those being sold cheaply. Just got lucky a few months ago, 3-w all matching serial numbers. I am still looking every so often for the woods. I picked up a set of ISI’s matching serial numbers but the condition is not so good.
  10. I just got the set of eye2’s yesterday. They are in good shape.
  11. I went nuts on a couple Ping eye2 sets, 2 zing , 1 ISI set. Cheap finds online. Now I got a few regripping projects and upset wife. ?
  12. Any one remember the Cleveland Vas 792’s. IMO really easy to hit and weird looking.
  13. Thanks for sharing folks! Thanks Big STU, for getting me to the Ping expert side ! There is the Usga web site that has “ Informational club database ” with a detailed list of identifying markings, photos of the Ping eye2 variations, and rulings on the groves of each model,but no mention of the lite model. Im still waiting for the set I bought to arrive. I hope there is a club with a readable serial number. The seller said they wore off and thought they were v groves. Thanks Shallowface, I think they might be v groves also. I will call Ping when they open back up. I’ll try emailing them. And le
  14. Hello. Your right. The pic was of a set of eye2’s I bought years ago missing most of the serial numbers. I was showing Nessism, the worn numbers. Yes I’m trying to find grove type, rarity, significance of them. I just went ahead and “ impulse” bought these late last night on line, according to Pings web site they are u groves and should be their “ lite” model but the shafts are microtaper ( according to seller), not ez lites. Seller thought they were v groves but im pretty sure ; again according to Pings literature they are not.
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