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  1. Same problem here. I have the entire domain on my "safe senders" list. Had no issues up until July when I just stopped receiving all emails from the site.
  2. Not a bad plan as I'm in the same boat. Driver was the one place my bag was set but who is turning down a free driver
  3. Got one I need to redeem as well. I take it they will not let you use it as a credit towards anything else? You can only get the Speed, Max or Max LS?
  4. This put a smile on my face this morning. ...this putter is so bad I want it gone before I even finish this damn round.
  5. I think if you register with Gen 3 sensors (which I presume these are - subscription required) the first year when you sign up for an account is free. They don't actually track the sensors themselves so I doubt they would know if they are used or not. If you register free sensors, aka the ones that come with Cobra or Ping clubs, you get 3 months free then you have to pay. I have Gen 2 sensors which are the exact same except for the firmware, and am grandfathered in with no subscription fees ever......that is until the batteries in the sensors die and have to be replace
  6. Link is a device you clip to your belt or pocket that registers the shots. It is not necessary, but if you don't have it you need to keep your cell phone in your pocket while you play. Also, if you have an android phone, shot detection is far more spotty than on iphones and the link can alleviate that problem.
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