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  1. Nice looking HC. I live 20 min from Swag HQ and fedex somehow has "misplaced" mine and it's still not here....
  2. Looking for a ZX4 gap Wedge with the stock neo shaft in stiff flex. Let me know what you've got.
  3. I got a message dump about 2 hours ago which was everything from the past 24 hours or so which never happened before. Previously when it didn't work, I didn't get the old messages, the new ones just started flowing in but this time I got all of the previous 24 hr messages so maybe this was a different issue?
  4. It's the black graphics version of the DI. OP, is that a 4 hybrid ? Hard to see from the photos and I don't see the loft mentioned anywhere.
  5. @Gxgolfer Seems to have stopped working again. haven't gotten any notification emails the last 2 days
  6. Looking for a TSi2 3 Hybrid 18° with the Tensei AV Blue 80 or AV Raw Blue 75 shaft in stiff flex. Standard length Let me know what you've got
  7. I did. Couple back and forth messages and I sent payment on the 3 wood a little before 10am CST.
  8. Is this an actual armlock model or is it just a standard Ten ordered at 38.5" ? Armlock putters usually have a lot more loft ( ~6°) because of the forward press armlock creates.
  9. Fixed now? I started getting messages again about an hour ago....
  10. Confirmed. I haven't gotten any messages since ~ 10am CST Tuesday
  11. Got any pictures of the face? What kind of grip is on it and what condition is it in?
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