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  1. Lot of carbon fiber on this club and interesting to see that they have gotten rid of or significantly reduced the movable weight options. Might be a better thing for actually building a better club but I would think that would hurt off the shelf sales from the average Joe who just walks in and buys a club after hitting 10 balls in the fitting bay.
  2. I think you owe me a referral fee. I had my G400 max listed on FB marketplace and I referred someone who saw my listing to you since mine was sold. Guessing that is him above since he was going to join just to buy your club. Glad you got it sold.
  3. I'm the second owner, but I believe they were ordered at +1". Swingweights are pretty close to stock using my scale so it backs up that they were ordered at this length.
  4. fixing now. they work on desktop but not mobile for some reason Edit: I guess they were too high res for mobile OSes.
  5. A few items to sell today before my wife throws me out of the house for hoarding golf equipment All sales limited to CONUS. I'll be shipping USPS, if you want it sent another way PM me and I will get a shipping quote to you. 1. JPX919 Forged 4-AW in excellent condition. Modus 105 Stiff flex shafts with Tour Velvet +4 midsize grips. They are +1" and 3° flat but since they're forged you can have them bent to whatever specs you may need. Picked these up used and put in 2 range sessions with them and decided to go in a different direction. Looking for $675 shipped
  6. Curious to the answer as well. These are a no-cost option from Sub70 on some of their iron models now.
  7. Looking for the 20g weight from an Odyssey Strokelab Marxman kit. For whatever reason Odyssey decided to create 3 different weight kits for the various strokelab / tripletrack putters and to the best of my knowledge none of them are interchangeable to it has to be a weight from the Marxman kit
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