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  1. Agreed. 4 mph of ball speed is huge. Especially for a club that's already at the CT limit....maybe I could see 4 mph measured at one specific spot on the face that was less than optimal before but 4 mph across the board is hard to fathom in a year to year update.
  2. Lot of carbon fiber on this club and interesting to see that they have gotten rid of or significantly reduced the movable weight options. Might be a better thing for actually building a better club but I would think that would hurt off the shelf sales from the average Joe who just walks in and buys a club after hitting 10 balls in the fitting bay.
  3. I think you owe me a referral fee. I had my G400 max listed on FB marketplace and I referred someone who saw my listing to you since mine was sold. Guessing that is him above since he was going to join just to buy your club. Glad you got it sold.
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