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  1. Anyone know what the process is for getting signed up for COTM? They put something out there on twitter to be notified but I never received anything. I assume this is a January to December type thing so we would be seeing something soon. Is it just like a regular drop where you pick the blade or mallet item and then pay the $1200 or whatever it is going to be for the year?
  2. Looking for 3 cheap grips to go on a used set of superspeed training sticks I bought. The grips on there were trash to begin with and age has only made them worse. Won't be using these in bad weather so no cord grips, other than that I'm not too picky. They can be pulls or slightly used as long as they have a lot of life left, are standard size and aren't expensive.
  3. Are these scorecard holders? And is there a brand associated with these or a site that you bought them from? Also, as mentioned above can we get pics of the inside?
  4. They should be to the tip of the raw shaft (hopefully). Otherwise, all of the measurements would be worthless since every brand of adapter is slightly different in the length it adds....
  5. Cubs mallet still left. Should be a must-have for any Cubs fan golfer out there!
  6. 1. Bloomingdale, IL 2. 20 3. Evnroll ER7 4. No 5. The concept of lie angle balancing is very intriguing to me. I've been told that I should be using a face balanced putter and at a different fitting that I need one with slight toe hang. Neither seems to make a big difference so this concept would be worth a try. 6. Absolutely
  7. Driver cover sold. These are two of the coolest covers SWAG has put out lately! Only reason I'm selling Wolfman is my brother and I both managed to snag one....figures we go 0-20 and then both hit on the same one.
  8. Picked up a few SWAG Cubs headcovers I thought my buddy would like but he says he isn't interested in gaming them plus a Michael Jackson Thriller Wolfman Halloween mallet cover. Everything obo. 1. Cubs Game 7 Scorecard Driver - $185 SOLD 2. Cubs Game 7 Scorecard Mallet - $165 3. Thriller Wolfman Mallet - $190 Sold Any questions or want additional photos please shoot me a PM.
  9. Also, I should add that there are far easier, better and faster ways of scamming people out of money if this was an INTENTIONAL scam. These guys went to the trouble of creating and producing a prototype of a putting training device. Then went to the effort to get it into the hands of the guys at TXG, who may be famous around here but aren't known to anyone outside of diehard golfers on the internet. None of my regular playing partners know who they are. On top of all that, they actually designed a good product that got the praise of the boys to the point that they dedicated a video review to it in the first place. I don't believe that all of those things could/would have happened if their intent was really to steal $80 from 400 people. The one thing that I will admit was probably dishonest was projecting a ship date of February 2021. Based on what the updates have said, they didn't even have the tooling finished in December (probably just their one off prototype) so there is no way they could have ever delivered products in February. Shipping in February would only have been possible if the completed product was already on a boat at the time the TXG video went live. We will probably never know whether they deliberately provided a ship date in Feb to mislead people into thinking the product was further along in development than it actually was or if they were just completely clueless about what it would take to transition from prototype to mass production. Either way, I still think there is a (small) chance we get the product at some point assuming they have enough funding to make that happen. Maybe I'm naive, but I don't get the sense that they tried to steal money without the intent to ever produce the goods.
  10. Someone at TM was mis-informed if they told you that was R flex. Project X offers their shafts in 4.0 (womens), 5.0 (senior / A ), 5.5 (regular), 6.0 (Stiff), 6.5 (X-stiff), and 6.5TX (Tour X-stiff) their website even has a picture of the regular shaft model right on it, and it is clearly an R
  11. It would be nice to get some communication from these people. I honestly think they are just in way over their heads as the information they have (rarely) provided does make sense and they have provided updates far beyond the charge back period for most of the orders that were placed. I bet 99% of people placed an order within a week of that TXG video going live so the charge back window closed in like July. If it was nothing but a straight up deliberate scam there would have been no reason to provide updates past that date. I'm hopeful to still get my order, but certainly won't hold my breath.
  12. Nice looking HC. I live 20 min from Swag HQ and fedex somehow has "misplaced" mine and it's still not here....
  13. I got a message dump about 2 hours ago which was everything from the past 24 hours or so which never happened before. Previously when it didn't work, I didn't get the old messages, the new ones just started flowing in but this time I got all of the previous 24 hr messages so maybe this was a different issue?
  14. It's the black graphics version of the DI. OP, is that a 4 hybrid ? Hard to see from the photos and I don't see the loft mentioned anywhere.
  15. @Gxgolfer Seems to have stopped working again. haven't gotten any notification emails the last 2 days
  16. I did. Couple back and forth messages and I sent payment on the 3 wood a little before 10am CST.
  17. Is this an actual armlock model or is it just a standard Ten ordered at 38.5" ? Armlock putters usually have a lot more loft ( ~6°) because of the forward press armlock creates.
  18. Fixed now? I started getting messages again about an hour ago....
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