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  1. Only seen a few Nike golf pull overs at Ross. Picked up a Shield pull over for around $30 (retail $80), but will return, as I realized I have a couple Nike pull overs that look awfully similar.
  2. Was in Ross today (southern IL) and picked up a few UA iso-chill gloves. They discounted them to $2.80 because they had some discoloration. Saw an Aeroshield jacket (retail $200) for $60. Not my size so passed. I would love to see the high end Nike showing up again. No golf shoes and little in polo's.
  3. Was at Ross today in IL and saw a couple of pair of React. Grabbed the 9.5 in black/red for my son for $30. The others were black in 8.5W. They are also getting a few more TW polo shirts. Had the mock neck, but it was green so I passed.
  4. Found a pair (size 10) of black Jordan ADG in Illinois. Not my size, so I'll keep checking.
  5. My Ross (southern illinois) has been getting a steady stream of React VP's. I'm trying the flipping thing on eBay, but I didn't clear them out. They have the white and silver, and the white and silver with neon green sole.
  6. My Ross finally has seen some white React Vapor 2's show up. Roshes have been in for a couple of weeks. Southern Illinois.
  7. I had to get a new account due to email changing and lost my post count. Now I can't PM? I'd like to contact a seller about buying irons, but can't Any ideas for help? Bob
  8. Could you PM me regarding combo set? I changed my email and don't have post count to PM you apparently. Bob
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