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  1. Great advice from everyone! I'm also super confused by this. My son is 13 years old and 62" tall. So probably too tall for junior clubs and needing adult clubs with ladies or senior flex. Swingweight is a factor. I'm going to try and fit him into one of my old sets. I'm a lefty and I selfishly taught him to play left handed for this very reason.
  2. Forget his driver, what putter does he use?
  3. I hit the Callaway Apex Pro 21's at PGA Superstore yesterday and last week. For some reason, they felt terrible. Probably the wrong shaft - but they didn't even feel like a "forged" club
  4. All great points! I also thought it would also be cool and provide some performance benefits...like the old Callaway S2H2 hosels or the Wilson Staff Model Blades or the Titleist 660's
  5. Curious if we'll ever see interchangeable iron shafts, like woods now...? They already use it when demo'ing shafts for a new set. I'm asking this because I reshafted a few sets this week and my fingers and wrists are hurting.
  6. Thanks electroleum!! I edited the description.
  7. Yes - Open to removing shafts, but I can't promise I'll do a professional job at it.
  8. Getting rid of some sets after our recent move. All prices are OBO (open to any and all offers) and include shipping (USPS). Please PM me for more photos as I have pictures of all the faces of each club. (Apologies if the prices aren't as what I had earlier. I had to repost this post due to a violation I had in my earlier posting and I don't remember what prices I had put earlier) Titleist TS3 9.5 degree Tensei 55 S Flex shaft Golf Pride CP2 Midsize grip Headcover and wrench not included $225 OBO 2. Ping G400 Max 9 degree Ping
  9. I have the Blueprints (trying to sell now) and always hit them amazingly well on the range. Then recently brought them onto the course and that head seemed to have shrunk overnight. The round went downhill from there.
  10. These look more like a blueprint replacement
  11. I HAVE a LH Miura KM008 but am not looking to get rid of it. I read a rumor that there's only 9 in the world? Good luck with sale!!
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