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  1. personally, After playing the Bridgestone Tour B XS for the last few seasons, I rarely have to change a ball. It has such great durability its one of the best on the market for that reason alone. I would say I change ball every 4 rounds (9 Holes due to limitations) or so. It really is that good unless I lose it lol. ^_^
  2. well since I didn't get much for Christmas this year after missing out on a PS5 (due to scalpers, Bots and them not being available anywhere in the UK) I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a laser Range Finder. I got the Mileseey PF210. I ordered it off amazon on the 28th of December and it arrived on the 30th which was remarkable. It so easy to use and I'm really looking forward to trying it out on the range since the range is perched on the side of a old coal mine and slopes right and looking forward to using it on the course too. it has slope adjusted distance, pin lo
  3. This sums up the scene in England especially with Golf, While golf have been shafted into the rough for a 3rd time in a year, The UK Government have allowed Fishing/Angling to continue since they see fishing as exercise. Though I do fish myself (With my dad) I can't understand why people are allowed to travel to lakes, rivers and canals to fish and golfers can drive to their local course and can walk it but not with clubs and balls. Simply Mad The cartoon is from Fridays Daily mail.
  4. Well with it the new year, i will be using the 2020 model of the tour b xs. The 2019 model was amazing for me. I do also have some old Nike rzn tour platinums to use up ️ Happy new year and good golf everyone
  5. Its only took me till the last round (9 Holes) back in October to discover that I too like a softer ball. I have tried everything i can get my hands on. I've been through from Tpv1 to the TP5x and from Volvik to Srixon. In that last round I tried the TP5x but just could not get on with it nor get it in the air. I did and have decided that the Bridgestone Tour B XS is for me. It just ticks all the boxes for me Distance, performance, feel and durability. I did however used to like the Nike RZN Tour Platinum before moving over though I still have a few dozen to get through.
  6. A number of things really for me, 1. Covid rules - dang virus - feeling that you've cheated for not holing out properly. I have felt like this all season. , I feel this way since i have autism and i love the traditions of the game. 2. hitting a GIR and three putting for bogey (par 3) 3. hitting balls on the range well and blowing up on the course ie bad hole. 4. Getting annoyed with dog walkers walking down the middle of a fairway when just about to tee off
  7. Honestly, i never go on what the info says on the box, its nothing but a guideline but at the end of the day, its down to personal preference imo. If you like the characteristics of a ball, then stick with it. I have been playing the 2018 bxs for the past 3 seasons and have never played better with it. I have a new box of 2020 model raring to go for next season since its winter here now in the uk and courses have been shut due to a national lockdown we have had to endure. Dont think i will be using another brand ball anytime soon
  8. No problem, if Tiger help the design the ball he won the masters with then its gotta be good and is really good lol. ️
  9. Thats great to hear, i found that out too that the bxs worked best for me after trying every other ball on the market. I’ve never played better since i started using them. I enjoy the game more with them. I just need to add a little distance to improve my game, but that will come over the winter with range sessions
  10. Hi @NJgolfer11 in my opinion keep the Tour B XS in play, in the rick shiels review of the 2020 ball he said it was longer that the pro v1 and the durability is outstanding. I’ve played the ball since 2018 and haven't looked back since i switched from the Nike RZN Tour platinum. Though i also prefer a softer ball
  11. I know this is a bit of a long shot but have you tried the equipment section on the randa website? They have images and go back some years. The last time i checked they still have the nike tour balls from 2016. https://www.randa.org/en/RulesEquipment/Equipment/Equipment-Explorer hope this helps your research best of luck and good golf
  12. I commented earlier in the thread but... now I've seen a few more pics of what they might look like, imo I think it looks good with the colors Ryder Cup European colors not too flash as the Nike's were but will still put some people off. Just a little concerned about the carbon cracking which is why I've kept away from the SIM so far and I'll stick with my Nike Covert for a few seasons to come yet ^_^
  13. I agree where peter just said Thank You as tigers ball dropped. I wasnt allowed to stay up when that was on since i had school the following morning lol. A voice never to be forgotten
  14. Favourite moment of Alliss career was his meltdown at Jean van de velde in the 1999 open. Not a bad presenter too, look up play better golf on youtube boy Golf will NEVER be the same
  15. Thats cool i use this stencil https://www.amazon.co.uk/PRO-ALIGN-Callaway-Alignment-Accessories-Christmas/dp/B08CKYXCMD/ref=sr_1_7?crid=10VDW6I7X8DAX&dchild=1&keywords=triple+track+golf+ball+marker&qid=1606414616&sprefix=Triple+track+%2Caps%2C243&sr=8-7 and get pretty great results putting has never been better
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