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  1. My kid is on the younger side and we shut golf down during winter (we live in a year round climate so don't have to shut it down) but we do and we start tournament golf again in late spring. I see friends that are playing golf every single season, every tournament with no break and this is going on for years now. I mean these kids are playing a massive amount of tournament golf, same kids practice non stop as well. It also seems like this is more of the norm where we live and not the exception. Just curious what others have seen as the kids get older who are on this non stop golf regime (does it work, burnout, do they hate the game later.) curious on what others do with their kids who compete.
  2. Here in the Bay Area the startup sector could give two ______ about playing golf. You much better off learning how to play ping pong...
  3. Hey its the SF Bay Area - That 3k Stanford rate must be a early bird deal - everything in Silicon Valley is 3X to 5X and sells out instantly - agree with Abh stated
  4. My kid is still little but i don't get all the drama about the worry about the exemptions. Who cares how the other kids got there it does not good speculating on it. If you want your kid to play sign them up and try to qualify. If you make it great if not try again next year. If you get an exemption great enjoy it. My kid played in IMG last year (first time) and i know many kids got invites based on there not being enough players (covid) so they accepted more kids rom qualifiers who came in 3rd. Good for them they got in i don't care how but lets just tee it up and play.
  5. This thread needs to move to a educational topic board. I'd much rather hear about 9-10 year olds who hit driver 260, little kid workout routines etc...
  6. For public school kids just go talk to the principle and let them know whats up - there are always ways to work around this -
  7. reading these post makes me want to stop having my daughter playing tournament golf
  8. She is getting closer to 10 - we've only played those yardages about 4x but all were low 80s under 84 - she carries driver about 150 we get about 20 to 25 yards of roll - we are at sea level I'd say average roll i guess - My kid plays with other girls who will also shoot similar scores - typically we play shorter yardages but yeah she is pretty good i guess
  9. My daughter is 9 and plays that distance is shooting low 80s, her carry yardages are about the same as your boy - I'd say its too long for her but she has fun mixing it up. I prefer stuff closer 4800 yards so she has to hit more long iron shots instead of her hybrid and FWs
  10. Right in line with the mission of PGA Junior League (*sarcasm*) - I wonder if this guy would have taken the time to recruit the top kids if the finals weren't on TV. By the way is this thing still on TV? This is the part that turned me off to PGA Junior League and many coaches do this all across the US
  11. Its no longer the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s or 2000s - how Jack Nicklaus did it back in the day (and he is still my fav golfer) no longer exists - kids today are more pampered, technology rules the world, college as we know it will be obsolete in the next 15 years, things change rapidly - teach your kids social media, make sure they embrace and understand technology, get them a trackman and LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. We just got back - my kid did pretty well, great vacation, great kids, lots of fun but all this stats and everything is a good example of how parents ruin most things for the kids...its for the kids they are little have some fun --- i think the vast majority of folks there are having a blast its a few that make everyone look like idiots
  13. This melts my heart --- my daughter has done #1 in a version of her own, but number 2 I'm liking a lot - haha
  14. My kid plays the ping prodi g Hybrid and FW - I feel they are weighted right for her and play better than the USKids. My daughter is just slightly taller than yours. At such a young age this club is perfectly fine - if they aren't hitting it well its more do to the swing than the club -
  15. HAHAHA - Besides one practice round and the tournament rounds that will be all the tournament golf we do (don't worry we grind hard the weeks before then shut it down - she plays better that way) We are at Singing Hills and I have been there once and I can tell you the rest of the family won't want to stay there. Looking for a place more central, beach, pool, near some attractions, restaurants - maybe a legoland or seaworld day, beach day - with covid this will really be our first vacation in a long time, so wanted everyone to have a good time
  16. The other threads on this were old so thought I would start up a new one. I was wondering if people could share their experiences on what they thought of IMG Junior Worlds in San Diego. I will be taking my kid this year with the family. Looks like our course is way out in the middle of nowhere so was hoping for some hotel recommendations with nice pool / beaches, things to do or check out while we are there. Maybe some cool local tracks to play. My kid is on the young side for her division so wanted it to be more of a family vacation not pushing the golf to hard this time (next year I'll go more crazy on her .... Thanks for any advice / tips...
  17. Was that the 5th hole in the qualifier? - my daughter popped it about 230 as well
  18. Fun to watch - loved seeing Pasatiempo on TV - also they are cool with juniors - rate for kids $5 as opposed to paying just under $400 a round
  19. Very true - probably at appropriate age juniors should get in the gym - even if not make a career in golf or any sport they are probably going to live a healthier life than someone who doesn't do any gym. And let me tell you it takes a great deal of dedication to over do it in the gym. 99.9% of the world isn't going to over do it in the gym.
  20. you could also say his weight training was the cause for him to crush the ball, win major tournaments and make millions of dollars - life happens - do you
  21. My kid has done it in the past. I thought it was a lot of fun and was a good opportunity for older kids to act as leaders and help out the younger kids and gave the younger kids an opportunity to learn the game. In general I think all the kids I saw play really had a good time. Its cool when a bunch of kids from the area play for the local course. I don't like how golf coaches at courses recruit the best kids from all over some travelling as far as 100 miles in hopes to get into the finals and on tv (not sure if its still on tv.) Some may disagree, but just not my cup of tea. My kid played in section where it was a mix of local kids. She made the all star team at 7 years old. The best part was at the all-star match when she had to tee it up against a teenager that was 6'2 and probably bombed it 280 - She did hit a bomb as well but her ball only went about 120 yards - needless to say her team never won a hole. I say sign your kid up they will have fun
  22. yeah that's what I was thinking too - different shafts had different swing speeds listed and then some shafts I couldn't find any swing speeds associated to them, but thanks we will be in ladies shafts for a while still
  23. When do you make the shift from ladies flex to a senior flex? - daughter is young side of 9 driver swing speed probably around 70 mph plays ladies flex now -
  24. your lucky your dad gave you a butter knife - "When I was 8 my dad dropped me off in the Alaskan wilderness naked and said "bring me the carcass of a grizzly or don't bother coming home".
  25. Now this is what GOLFWRX is all about - its been pretty quiet the last few weeks --- Here are a few comments from me: -I like sporting events where I of fear for my safety - ever go to a Raiders game in Oakland cheering for the other team -i like watching my kids play all sports it would suck if i couldn't watch - i just like watching sports -Here is my one experience when a parent bailed on their kid. It was a junior tour kids kids were 8 and a mom decided to bail on her kid and let her play by herself. Let me tell you i had to caddy for that kid cause she couldn't push her golf cart up the slight hills - i had to tee her ball because the ground was like a rock - the kid got a bloody nose and i had to help her with that - the kid ended up crying cause her mom left and i had to console her. It was a damn mess and as the only adult anywhere all of a sudden i was responsible for this kid. Im happy to make sure my kid stays in line but not looking to do it for anyone else. After i had a talk with the mom and said you shouldn't leave your kid she needed a lot of help. The mom basically looked at me and said F off
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