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  1. Very nice. How does the Cobra 3H play? I use a 3H from TM; love it. Enjoy,
  2. Nice bag and great Nike irons. I have the Nike Pro Combo as my backup iron set; they are great for accuracy and working the ball in either direction. Enjoy.
  3. Love the irons. I used the Titleist 981 for over 20 years; loved them since they had just a little offset compared to the 962s. I am playing with the Titleist forged 804s now; they have more perimeter weighting than the 981s. Enjoy.
  4. Welcome. Nice set of clubs. Wedges look sweet.
  5. Srixon Q Star- Tour. A good economically priced Urethane cover ball that plays well in the wind and importantly, feel great against the milled surface of my putter. Its not soft (can't stand soft) and its not clicky. Just right. You can get it on sale for under $20/dz. Can't beat that for a quality urethane ball. The XVs are pricier and I don't feel the need to step up to it. I am a 9.3 GHIN and maybe if I get to under a 5 HI, I'll consider something different.
  6. Classics. I had the TM r7 quad. Loved it. While it was replaced by a Ping G10 driver many years ago, I still regret selling it.
  7. I'd have to say my TM Rbz hybrids; the 3 and 4 hybrid get me the 200-210 and the 185-195 yd shots with a lot of ball height. This surely has helped me shoot better scores. Also, I shouldn't forget, my trusty Ping G10 driver combined with the UST Pro Force V2 shaft has been great; helps me work the ball both ways and put me in good position (most of the time) for my second shot. They are both still in my bag. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?
  8. Great bag. Sweet Edel putter. Love those Nike Pro combos. I have the earlier version as my second set.
  9. Nice set up. As regards not chaning your irons; don't change them if they work. I play with an old Titleist forged 804 set of irons; love them since they are forgiving and feel great. While I don't hit my 6 iron 200 yds (these are traditional lofts, lol), I can work the ball both ways when needed and flight it low to battle the Texas wind. I also liked that you adjusted your iron lofts to gap your wedges right; looks like you know your game well. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Nice irons and wedges; great looking bag.
  11. 7 (including bag and balls)!! See my signature! Ping (driver), Tour Edge (3-wood), Taylormade (hybrids & putter), Titleist (irons and gap wedge), Cleveland (wedges), Srixon (balls). Callaway (bag). At one point I did experiment with some Orlimar fairway woods but don't game them anymore.
  12. Nice set up. I'm curious about your experience with the Toulon Atlanta putter; I've had my eye on it since it looks perfect at address.
  13. The Toulon Chicago looks perfect; I like it for the very reasons you mention. Enjoy.
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