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  1. Still no net for me either. Ordered 4/4, marked 'shipped on 4/4, found label created on FedEx dot com 4/17, no ETA or real info yet. I did get a phone call after posting on this forum apologizing and telling me the net would ship on Monday 4/20. I'm really trying to decide if I should wait of not. I purchased a RAM 10X7 net on Amazon which arrived in a few days but I don't want to open if I decide to return it. Or should I return the Rukket if it ever gets here?. I asked for a refund only to be told it was 'on the way'. Can anyone tell me if the Rukket quality is really worth more than double the price of the RAM net? The design is the same but I can't really get much info on the RAM net. Amazon is out of the now, but it was $64.99.
  2. I'm in the same boat with Rukket (which rhymes with something). I ordered on April 4th from their website and within a few hours received an email that it had shipped but it would be up to two days to receive a tracking number. This seemed weird but I thought OK but I have never gotten tracking info. I have sent them two emails asking for an update and tried to call. Each time I called I got a recording that their mailbox was full and to try later. I have checked on my FedEx, UPS and USPS account and nothing is incoming from them. I filed for a refund from PayPal stating that "What I really want is at least a status update but they will not communicate with me.". If I got an email saying they were behind with and ETA it would have been OK. I went back to Amazon this week and most of the other nets were out of stock so I ordered a Ram net for $69. I doubt it is the same quality but I did receive it already. I'm waiting a few days to open it as I'll return it if I ever get the Rukket. This customer service is unacceptable. They have not answered my email or updated their web page which indicates orders are being shipped promptly. It clearly is not the truth. Richard
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