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  1. Thats why he's on that side of the rope and you all are on this side.
  2. a 4 cap lol, plus probably not even a traveling 4. ill put my cash on Gamez any day
  3. https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/31011358/tiger-woods-was-found-unconscious-suv-man-walked-crash-scene-affidavit-says
  4. Retired this bag(2018 bag I think) last year for a Players 4. In all honesty players looks better but the Taylormade probably better functionality wise. Might go back to it lol
  5. Coming to a course near you soon lol. Guy should stick to his "music"
  6. What club did he hit for the second shot?, Eagle putt?
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