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  1. You play my home course you want me as your caddy, know every crook, cranny and trick.
  2. Gorgeous day, took out the 65 Dynapowers, 77 Hogans all in a Jones bag with Z-balata balls. Not sure I could improve on this.
  3. Right index finger, pronation early and ctrl distance with the right leg. IMO this leads to the cupped left wrist and balance. My guess is that the final piece for him was early pronation that lead to " I've got a secret". Right index finger position and pressure was a game changer for me. Then again could be none of the above lol.
  4. Doesn't get sexy than this. Blondes have more fun.
  5. Gsea

    Danny Lee

    he's a an idiot and a wuss for withdrawing
  6. lost distance when everyone bought irons with jacked up lofts. guys hit 8 irons now i hit a 7.
  7. Demands accuracy not super length and requires/allows many types of shots to be played. And of course has cold brews in the modest but atheistic clubhouse.
  8. Man speaks the truth. Carts aren't a right and if you are so worried walk your lazy a**
  9. its a stand bag to be used with the legs. Seriously ur upset cause it didn't stand on its own. Ping is nuts if they pay for the club.
  10. No bad equipment just bad swings now days
  11. My driving iron is a Mizuno True 2 iron. Hit it 200-210. Strictly for tight short par 4s. Love the trajectory.
  12. Great read, great round. thanks for taking the time to post it.
  13. If you play handicaps that's the definition NET score otherwise shut up and play gross. If your game is good enough you will win either way.
  14. Awesome, my backswing thought has always been keep the club face pointed at the the ball as long as possible, which accomplishes the same thing that you describe.
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