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  1. 100% because you hit the ball first not the turf !!!!!!
  2. You are in Ireland man, Pubs, whores and gamble who cares about golf
  3. Nelly puts on a show, u guys will just have to settle for Asian ineptness.
  4. What has gone insane is the used market. I bought a used 975D back in the day that was 2 yrs old for less than 100$. Try that with a 2 yr old Taylormade or Callaway today.
  5. loft for loft different head technology makes no difference, but imo new shaft technology can make a difference.
  6. Gsea

    Is it just me?

    Low hands do not equate to flat lies at all !!!!!!
  7. 100% had both leg bumps as an adult. My left also was very painful as I got much older because it stretches tendon etc. Ortho went in and shaved the bone, bump is about half the size it was but living large now.
  8. just my stupid opinion but i love the no ferrule look especially with the becu.
  9. Be curious what you did if the clubhouse didn't send them out. Im hope the clubhouse came out and removed them
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