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  1. Yes I believe thats the feel. But the whole idea imo is to hold on as long as possible while accelerating, also believe that not being stacked with weight moving forward and this is a car crash.
  2. As soon as I hit my first pull, ball comes back in stance and instant correction.
  3. oh man being in Myrtle you gotta see TS it is a no brainer. Go a day early , stay a day later but make time !!!!
  4. Not last yr because of all the covid. Year b4 they placed 6th out of 15 schools :). We have 4 divisions based on school size. We are in Div 1 large schools.
  5. Agreed, unfortunately our state/division/schools go by jv and varsity. They don't play the same teams on the same days, don't travel or practice together. Have two different coaches etc. The state actually has separate jv and varsity state tournaments.
  6. Don't need wind in my sails. I have a mind of my own and the last thing that will influence it is an internet forum. Also thought you didn't have a JV team
  7. No we have jv matches in our division the schools are big enough. so jv teams play other jv teams usually 3 or 4 school meets.
  8. Oh and there are def pencil whippers, coaches won't admit it but I followed their first match. And no I won't approach that subject with the coach. Its his business to deal with it not mine.
  9. Been a coach for over 20yrs and I am a firm believer fathers shouldn't coach their kids. No matter how unbiased you think you can be bias will sneak in its human nature. Wasn't bitchin just asked a question and got responses that were more dissertation in nature than yes or no. Like I said live and learn.
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