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  1. She's for real imo. Her and Selena Costabile are my dark horses.
  2. Separating the men from the boys
  3. Chinese Zodiac, year of the tiger 2022 ........
  4. Or my favorite JD & coke, that wrecks a good bourbon
  5. "loyal" I can think of other adjectives. Would it b "cool " if your kid did this?
  6. 100% PXGs look hideous plus a variety of other reasons
  7. coach at the high end privilege school? who the hell has kids playing with cart privileges lol
  8. range balls or any other ball won't damage a persimmon all bs
  9. he can't get you to a better swing, something is a miss here. a session every 3 weeks is a lot.
  10. you r a 3 cap and can't figure out how to help her, seriously
  11. Thanks all for the input. More curious than anything with all the "turf interaction" talk I hear about irons. I can compress a ball and find it doesn't matter about the sole (love hitting my eye2s). Granted I like my mizuno true muscle backs as my go to sticks and I don't play a lot of different conditions.
  12. works well and the pointed tip cleans grooves great. my guess is they changed tips because of all the complaints of people stabbing themselves with the point. keep your head out of your arse and use the cover. I'm sure people also couldn't keep the cover around long. the tip won't wear out if used correctly. i do feel they are way over priced and just a gimmick. mine was a gift but i use it.
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