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  1. so knowing how far some internet golfer hits a random 7 iron is going to save u $ and years in practice. Yikes good luck
  2. how fing bored are u guys. what a waste of bandwidth
  3. Just bringing this back up. Tweak this swing and it is money. Missed one fairway today, got too flat and hit a hook that ran and ran with the hard fairways. Just hitting greens on top of greens. Going to b a blast this year. Added bonus the more comfortable u get with this swing model the more aggressive u can be and get some good distance. Just my 2 cents, although today was a lot more than 2 cents
  4. If i could find bacon seeds I be a freaking framer !!!
  5. what happen to the 4 major food groups? Animal fat, tobacco, alcohol, and sugar.
  6. I know a few waitresses/waiters in AZ that would disagree with u. They would actually draw short straws to see u had the task of serving him and his people.
  7. Is this a net tournament? The cities?
  8. Fake sleeping while his hand is rubbing her lap, check out her expression
  9. there not, how can u miss with a head the size of a watermelon. too much delusion on how far they are going to hit it from tv to the internet
  10. so police statement says he hit him in the face and then tackled him, holding him down, wait for it, UNTIL HE SAID UNCLE. LMAO freaking grade school. The college he plays for must be a hoot.
  11. Not defending player A but B and daddy could just ignore him. Know how off u got to b to b bothered by that comment.
  12. exactly tough guy B jumped him from behind and loser daddy needed a putter. i'm sure the kid doesn't have any talent to even sniff pro golf, just daddy money.
  13. No old big kid, real big kids are at 7000ish
  14. so u play around 7,000 plus or minus a 100 right
  15. Daddy got lucky he didn't wave that putter at the wrong person or he'd have had a 2 iron up his a**. Hopefully Daddy and son disappear from golf couple of asshats.
  16. Been a starter at a 36 hole semi private course since before the covid stuff. 1. Most of those that wanted a single cart were full of bs for their reasons. 2 just from a course point of view between all the covid golfers, we almost increased membership 30%, weekend tee times solid 6am to 4pm and people still call the day of and are aghast there's no tee times. Or my favorite "I/we don't want play with anyone else then u don't play. AND #3 NOBODY WALKS ANYMORE FROM 18 YR OLD TO 100. Add a covid tournament and carts don't last long and u want a single cart. That worried stay the f home or wait f
  17. no it is a cheap dog track who cares if u like it swing away
  18. It is common, what should of been relayed to you was that you need to be off the course by 9 or just not past 14. This was a scramble starting on 15, courses that don't do that loose money. We do it a lot but the early birds are given the info so they can choose to take the tee time or not. 7:20 also seems late to be the first one off.
  19. U said ur Shane Lowery build ie fat. Nothing impressive about that
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