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  1. It is a DI, but not marked on shaft. I managed to find original receipt from when I ordered it.
  2. 38.5 38 37.5 37 36.75 36.5 36 1/16th 36 They were build originally to standard length and other than straight pull nothing else has been done with them.
  3. I am in Canada so I can attempt to get accurate pricing for shipping before final sale. Also willing to negotiate and discount by combining items. 1) Titleist 816H2 19 Degree (Head Only): $50USD OBO plus shipping 2) 2014 Callaway Apex 4-PW: $75USD plus shipping SOLD 3) UST Recoil Prototype 125 F4 (4-PW): $175USD OBO plus shipping 4) True Temper AMT Black R300 (5-GW)grips and ferrules intact (never hit): $100 OBO USD plus shipping 5) Vokey SM8 Wedge Flex Pulls from 52, 56, 60: $10 plus Shipping, but will also throw in for FREE w
  4. Not playing the max but currently in the G400 LST. I put in a tensei orange last year and it was a game changer. I know the stock shafts are CB but this is the bets X stiff shaft I have had that actually feels active but controllable.
  5. Good to know....fingers crossed fitting occurs in a few weeks!
  6. did you try the ZX5? I'm really liking Srixon and considering a combo set...also looking to go back to basics!
  7. Crossfield has a review up on the YouTube now. They look ok, hollow body, P790ish but I don't find them as good looking.
  8. Anyone combo up the ZX5/7 yet and if yes, where did yo make the split and what adjustments to loft did you do? I have T100s at teh moment and thought I might do a T200 split but there was no gains with the T200 so I went 5-PW in T100s. Really miss the 4i but leaning toward a 23degree ZX UI 5-7 in ZX5 and 8-PW in ZX7.
  9. If different weight shafts they will change sw....there is an older post on here somewhere that has sw guidelines. Obviously change in length or grip will impact sw as well. And the clubs would have been swing weighted at factory or by original builder so if you pull the shafts pay attention to see any shaft or head weights. And as someone else said, depends on how sensitive you are to sw.
  10. Fingers crossed that lockdown is over come March!
  11. Really want to try out the MMT this year.
  12. how are they for stability? I have a lot of sway an find good, stable shoes help, but they are usually the heavier, less comfortable options.
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