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  1. I don’t think I would personally go 51 and 54. 3 degrees just seems too close. That said, I like chipping better with a 54 and like full shots better with a 58 than 60. Currently I’m gaming a 56 bent to 55 and a 60 bent to 59. When the grooves wear out I’ll probably go back to 54/58...
  2. He said it would be shipped promptly so hopefully I have it by this weekend. I’ll post an unboxing video and review! Along with another new driver I really think this is going to take my game to the next level!
  3. I’ve never thought about the fact that it is not used for anything involving divots...
  4. I’ve never thought about the fact that it is not used for anything involving divots...
  5. I know this has been discussed a lot over the years but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Plus I enjoy revisiting some of these topics in a conversation I can participate in...on to the question Does it make any difference what you use to fix divots? I’ve always used a two pronged fork. When my dad started teaching me the game 35 years ago, he gave me a divot tool well before I could hit a green and make a hallmark and explained the importance. The one he gave me was a 2 pronged, standard fork type, so I’ve always gravitated towards them. Recently I cou
  6. I’ve got a buddy who has just started playing. He is 6’7” and it causes issues using my standard length back up clubs. I’d like to get a GI set of irons for him that is 1.5-2” longer than standard and a degree or two upright. I want something decent but don’t want to break the bank. He has never played consistently and is 50 years old. He doesn’t even keep score but probably shoots around 115...something like a set of Titleist AP1’s, Mizuno jpx hot metal, Callaway rogue or rogue x, ping g 400/410. Something like that. I don’t want to spend a ton, as who knows if he will stick with it.
  7. I play a midsize grip on driver and standard on everything else. I feel like I can control the face a little better with the larger grip and it’s a little more of an issue with the driver.
  8. I ordered some yesterday from amazon and it showed up today. Whether it is better or worse than Home Depot options I can’t say. It was like $12 and says it’s for golf clubs.
  9. I wouldn’t overthink it until you see if you have a yardage gapping issue. You could also replace the 52 with a 50 but keep the 56 and 60. That’s what I play, 50,56,60 and I like it a lot. I had 50,54,58 before that and while I like the 54 better for full shots, I like the 56 better in sand and for chipping (usually use lob wedge from sand anyways) so it just depends on your game and what is more important. Fairly likely you won’t have an issue with your existing wedges though...
  10. Put a Mizuno adaptor back on a shaft for the st190 and took it out today. Felt much better. I know it isn’t “hotter” than TS2 but I get more distance with it. Fairly certain I’m going to order an st200 head and be done with it. Very slight upgrade from what I have, but I know I’ll be comforatable with the head shaft combo. Thanks for all the advice.
  11. I’ll try to answer your questions. 6 hcp give or take (6.4 currently). 1.5 years for two reasons. It’s quite a drive to get fitted by anyone decent. I’d like to get a full bag fitting when I spend a day doing it. My irons are new this year, as are my wedges. Also because I don’t think I want to spend the money for new on something only one generation newer than what I currently have. It’s just not worth it to me and I would rather wait. I get it that for many that seems crazy, but if I can get something for $300 or less and use a shaft I have that works better for me (you are right tha
  12. In the early 90’s I could hit a 3 iron no problem. Those 845’s were great. While I agree with you some, the modern balls just seem harder to hit with longer irons. I don’t think that learning to hit a hybrid or fairway wood is bad technique so much as different technique. I can’t see why anyone who doesn’t have serious club head speed would hit a 4 iron or below. It just seems unnecessarily difficult.
  13. I just went with one of these instead of a 4 iron and like it. Have been toying with the idea of replacing the 5 with one also. I play a 19 degree hybrid (Set at 18.25) as well
  14. Distance. Like I said earlier it’s fairly straight. I just found quite often that I would think I had really hit one well I’d get to my ball and be surprised at my position.
  15. I don’t like the shallower face and larger looking head (I know they are all 460cc). Mostly 8 dnt like the results I’m getting which are kind of blah...
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