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  1. I can get that. Hybrid is a great way. Have her grip it like a putter and use a putting stroke and it won’t take long to start at least having some success
  2. Seemore has some options. I much prefer their center shafts though, regardless of what Ian says. Perhaps they don’t perform really well on off center strikes but they are easier to aim and easier to strike dead center for me.
  3. Get him to learn to chip with their hybrid if you want to accomplish this. Part of me thinks the best path is to teach them properly, but on the other hand the most important thing is that they have fun. using the hybrid to chip was a game changer for my wife. Use it just like a putter stroke, standing tall and upright. Very easy technique to get decent with.
  4. I currently have two primary gamers. They are fairly similar center shaft putters. One has toe hang and one is face balanced. I use the one with toe hang the most but when I develop issues I switch to the other one. I hope to eventually get to where I can stick with the one with toe hang and not have small things change that make me get a little off kilter. Fwiw I’m not a bad putter and it usually never gets too bad. But when the line stops rolling pure I get antsy…
  5. The apex pros and the Srixons should be good options. I’d combo the, with the apex or the zx5’s if I were you, based on what you said about your ball striking. I had the apex pro 19’s until recently and loved them, but definitely appreciated a 5 and a 6 iron with a little more help.
  6. I’m the opposite. I find myself liking to do things that are against the grain. Mostly with equipment and not technique though.
  7. Everyone has their personal preferences but if your intention is to game it, I would leave it be. I’d be nervous to get it refinished as ones that old can be kinda light and I wouldn’t want to make it even lighter (and I like light putters). I love the way the putter looks as is.
  8. It does more than I’m comfortable admitting. Rationally I know it’s absurd, but I play a lot and think about the game a lot. So when I play really bad, it can cause thoughts like “your trying hard at this and sucking, ergo you suck at things in general”. Crazy to write it out like that, because I’m not sure I’ve ever asked myself this question before. And I’m 43 years old, and a 3.7 cap, so I’m not that good (in my defense I didn’t hit a golf ball from the age of 21-41 (see I’m having to justify myself to random people on the internet, God it seems I’m very fragile ) anyways, thanks for asking the question, I’m going to go check into a mental institution now, because I just realized I’m insane…
  9. I’m fairly sure that this thread did not start as anything but what it is…wether the equipment forum is the right place for it is a reasonable point though.
  10. But the pxg commercials are something special. Not hating on the clubs btw. If I had a set a loved I’d gladly play them… the giant weenie comment makes me think that poster is perfect for PXG. He called you a giant weenie for not buying a driver! too perfect
  11. That’s the reason I didn’t buy a 5 iron. It was $60 to ship me a 5 iron…
  12. We all have to choose where we spend our money. If I was convinced it would outperform everything else then I would get over it, but with all of them being so similar, I’d rather not spend my money with a company whose image I would prefer not to endorse, who has such annoying commercials.
  13. I’ll take a stab at this, even though I’m far from an expert on this and do not play anything like these. Because of this, I haven’t hit that many of the clubs in this category. That said, I like these thought experiments so here we go. irons - mizuno mp14’s or so,etching similar (these are just a club I’ve hit a fair amount). My dad also has an old set of McCgregor VIP’’s that feel amazing. Once I was paired with a guy who had some of the callaway legacy stenson blacks in the bag. I hit a grand total of 2 balls with his 8 iron and that was a great feeling iron, that would be a lot more playable than butterknife blades for me. But with so few swings it is hard to rate them accurately. One iron that I think people will mention, that I disagree with is Miuras. They feel so good, but not that soft. Just good. I’ve only ever made a handful of swings with Miuras as well, so my judgement could be off on them. The feel of them stuck with me enough that I have kind of wanted a set ever since I hit them, even though they don’t really match up well with my game. Just not that soft. Ball- softest would be balata. I grew up at the end of the balata era and really love that feel. As far as a ball that is actually playable now I would think something like the titleist AVX or Bridgestone tour brxs would be a good starting point, depending on how you want the ball to perform, as they are very different outside of the softness. I’d lean towards the brxs because when I think super soft I think balata, and when I think balata, I think spin. I’ve grown to like firmer, lower spin balls, but have never really liked softer, lower spinning balls personally. There are a lot of soft feeling balls like the callaway super soft, that feel soft, but to me, not in a good way. More mushy. And I’m not going to compromise on a urethane cover. Shafts - I’ll pick graphite and I’ll go with recoils. Taking the vibration out makes everything feel smooth and I would say soft. Recoils are the smoothest, softest feeling shaft I have tried. Grips and gloves- Im not going to comment much on these because I think this is getting the softness in the wrong way. Im sure some of those soft Winn grips and some thicker gloves might make things feel soft, but I feel that is more just dulling feedback rather than softness coming from a good place. The same could be said for graphite shafts I suppose, but in my mind it is different…
  14. Your talking about the new forged pro wedges right? I haven’t seen them in person, but man they look good in pictures! The reviews I’ve seen have been positive but have definitely found them to be a smaller/more demanding head than the other wedges in their class. That would definitely make them a lot more demanding than glide 3.0’s. Take that with a big ole grain of salt thouh, as I haven’t seen them in person. The pictures look so good but they are probably not for me for a few reasons. I was using glide 3.0’s (which I loved) and currently have glide 3.0 in the 50, and zipcores in 54 and 58, which I also really like. I know some people will argue that forgiveness in wedges doesn’t matter, but the idea of a head more compact than something like the zipcores makes me a little nervous as a 4 hcp. People like to debate wether forgiveness matters in a club like a wedge, but I definitely want a little margin for error if I’m opening the face and hitting shots out of bunkers, in thick rough or other shots where it is difficult to make center face contact. A scratch or better player may not have that concern. The other issue I have is the price. As a golfer with expensive tastes but a budget, it is difficult for me to spend that much on wedges. They are the only clubs in my bag that I’m definitely going to change out every season. They would have to be really good to justify $200 a club, when you can get the other top tier wedges for $150ish (possibly a good deal less if you shop smart). To many golfers an extra $150 a season is no big deal, but for others, like me, it’s a factor. So there is a long winded opinion that is not really worth anything, because I haven’t even hit them! I did really like the look of these in pictures and thought a good amount about if they were good fits for my game. Hopefully someone with actual hands on experience can chime in with more helpful reviews.
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