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  1. I’m gaming a Toulon Las Vegas h7 and it is really nice for a longer flow neck style fang. Not sure what would be longer
  2. I’d listen to Monty...he is far and away the most knowledgeable on this thread. that said, if I was building my golf swing I would definitely go with as much of a bowed wrist/square club face as I can comforatable handle with a strong rotation through the ball. That’s just me though, but it just seems like a good way to approach the golf swing. Consider this more making conversation than advice though...also I do not have a lot of bow in my wrist at top of backswings. I don’t have the energy to try to get comforatable with it.
  3. The very first response had a fairly strong opinion against it so I suppose it does...
  4. His swing definitely looks shorter to me...
  5. He believes in this approach and he will stick it out. In college they convinced him to go to a standard length wedge. Results were good, better than the single length wedge. But it wasn’t what he believed was right for his game so he went back to the single length wedges. He has the courage of his convictions and is willing to work hard to make it work. everyone on wrx forgets that sometimes pros play bad for a stretch. It happens. A few months isn’t going to make someone with a lot of confidence abandon their game plan...
  6. Why are so many people so concerned with what others play? Peoples lofts are jacked. Shafts are too long. They should be/should not be using blades. Who cares? I totally get preferring a answer/Newport style putter but the fact that you asked this question makes me think you have never really tried something like a spider x with an open mind. There are pros and cons to blade versus “clown head mallet” putters but anyone who try’s a spider style putter and can’t see why it would appeal to some players is just not paying attention.
  7. High and forgiving. Should work well for you want it to do.
  8. I made a similar thread and most people seemed to think that they just couldn’t stand to look at it. I personally love the idea. As long as they have the same shafts I think it is probably the best way to really fine tune a set to your liking. I set out to make a blended set with different companies but ended up with a weird mix of callaway clubs. 7-p are apex pros and the “5 and 6” are epic forged. I use quotation marks because the 6 iron is actually an epic forged 7 irons and the 5 iron is the epic forged 6 iron. It gaps really nicely and I am happy with the set, but I can see why it w
  9. I’ve been working with a blast motion sensor to try to clean up my putting. I’ve made a fair amount of progress and am fairly happy with my ability to return the face to square. Under pressure, or under less than ideal conditions, it tends to break down some. I’m wondering if this is because of how much I open the face in the backswing. Generally I open the face somewhere between 3 and 3.5 degrees. On a flat putting mat I can usually return it to under .5 degrees. Is this an excessive amount of face opening in the backswing (and obviously closing in the forward swing). Does anyone have
  10. I’m a lifetime fader and when I’m playing good I’m attacking from the inside and starting the ball more or less straight and having it fade to the right. If I’m not careful I can fall into the habit of coming from out to in and hitting a pull fade. The pull fade is generally very playable, and if I’m really struggling I’ll default to it, but my best golf happens when I’m attacking from the inside with straight divots. I’m around a 6 hcp though, so take what I say with a grain of salt, as I’m no expert...
  11. When I got my 3.0’s I definitely had issues with this. Once I switched the shaft out I found them to be really good wedges though. The heads feel normal on a wedge shaft, like I’m familiar with. Op- I like the 3.0’s better than the 2.0’s and a little better than the stealth 2.0’s. Personally I would get the stealth if I wasn’t going to go with the 3.0’s. All are really solid wedges. I struggled with the idea of using a wedge that wasn’t a classic blade/Vokey style head. I was worried I would have a hard time opening the face and that sort of thing. It has proved not to be an issue
  12. Longer than Champ if he was going all out? If Champ wasn’t swinging the driver down at the ball I feel like he would be crazy long. Not sure if it would be longer than Finau if he took a full back swing. Rahm looks even shorter to me. I’m not sure if he really is or not though.
  13. Tony swings harder when he takes the club back further, he just can’t control it. When he posted the video of 200+ ball speed he took it back further
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