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  1. Did I overpay? I thought it was a little high but now I’m worried...
  2. I would not personally worry very much about shaping shots until you are at least a single digit. I would focus much more on finding a consistent stock shot shape. In my humble opinion, unless you get to be a plus handicap, having a stock shot shape that you use over 90% of the time will lead to lower scores than trying to shape shots throughout the round. Learning how to flight the ball is more important, and falls under the category of shaping, but hitting a draw or fade on command is over rated for all but the best ball strikers. Other advice, of the same type, is to develop a shot patt
  3. I’m no expert but it seems like you should maybe be looking at the head and not the shaft. For what you spend on a low launch/spin you could spend a little more and get an epic flash sz with a hzdrus black 6.5 (or a cobra or whatever catches your fancy) and get a setup that may suit you better. Just my thoughts, but I wouldn’t want to spend a good chunk of change looking for a small improvement when their are major improvements to be had for not that much more money.
  4. A playing partner had his big Bertha 2015 head explode. Being the groups resident club geek he asked me to look around for a replacement. Money is kinda tight so I’m trying to track him down a good deal. If anyone had a big Bertha 2015 or maybe epic or epic flash at a reasonable price, I would be thankful. The shaft and adapter are good so just need the head. Pm me with pics of anything you guys have laying around. thanks!
  5. I think it is sold, but if I don’t get PayPal within an hour or so I will get a picture of the sole up, for sure.
  6. If your relatively new to the game, and I’m thinking you might be, I’d get a 56 degree wedge and you will be all set for the foreseeable future. Almost all golfers are going to benefit from something 56 degrees or at least 54 degrees. If I wasn’t going to have a lob wedge I would personally go 56 for sure. Lob wedges are tricky for new golfers and you will be able to do anything you need to do with a 56. It will make most bunker shots easier and give you an option for delicate shots around the green and you can open the face if you need to hit a higher shot or want to try and hit a flop (u
  7. Trade interests include anser style putters or sim2 or tsi hybrid heads in 22 or 23 degrees. Other newish hybrids would be considered. 54 and 58° wedges are less likely but possible. I like everything so go ahead and hit me up with offers and I’m happy to add or receive cash on either end. Both putters are in excellent condition and come with head covers. 2 ball ten 34” -$210 Scotty-sold I just looked at the pictures and they are not too great. I’ll upload more this afternoon when I get home from work and just message me if there are specific shots anyone wants to see
  8. Great...now I figured out another thing I want to spend too much money on. not cool man. Seriously though, Great write up. Sounds like a good fitting experience.
  9. jomatty

    TSi2 Hybrid

    I haven’t hit the tsi2 but ts2 has been a good one for me. If I was you I would test the tsi3 as well to see if the more iron shaped hybrid had less of a left miss bias.
  10. It’s so ugly I feel like it must be really good. It’s not like they didn’t know that wasn’t a looker...I would have to be making a lot of putts to force myself to look down at that though.
  11. I putt traditional but the wrist lock felt better left hand low to me, so it’s worth trying
  12. If your a regular seller it’s no big deal to sell the head and sell the shaft. If your someone like me, who is just trying to sell what didn’t work out/has been replaced, it’s a PIA to have someone buy the head on Monday, ship it out on Tuesday, then on Wednesday maybe you sell the shaft and have to package again, and ship. This is just me. If I can find a buyer that will take both it saves some effort. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way but I prefer it. Some people need a shaft. Some don’t. Nobody has to buy anything. Sometimes you find a buyer that can take both, sometim
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