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  1. @joelco thanks man! I was using http://golf.okrasa.eu/clubs/swingweight-en/sw-plan-en/ and http://golf.okrasa.eu/clubs/swingweight-en/sw-measurement/ ill use yours as well to see if it matches. Ive been building my own/families clubs for a while. I just wanted to know the exact weight of everything and SW since this was my dream build that took me forever to get correct. So far after re weighing today and using the 3rd option you gave' here is what I have after adding all swing weights then dividing them by 3 for each site and this is what I got. Driver: D4.6 3W: D4.3
  2. I appreciate the help! Ill be looking for a swing weight bench local. I just tried to do numbers based off stock listing and then changing things up. Either way I'm pretty happy with all the info I was able to do since I've never really looked into weights and stuff. Once I get to a scale Ill notify everyone! Thanks again @Stuart_G @adam C
  3. Thank you for the info!!! @Stuart_G they feel all good so far my game has been better since I made this bag. Ill see if I can go to a local guy for swing weight. But just based of the sheet I made does it seem close enough weightage wise? It seems to increase correctly from Driver to Wedges
  4. Hello Everyone! i have finally built my gamer set that took about 2 years to get the right parts testing and shafts. I have a question on my specs. Ive done all the weight measurements needed. My math (and 3 different sw calculators) seem somewhat right except for my driver. 3 W and 3 Rescue are still at D4-4.5 Irons are D2 4-8 and 9 is D3 PW D4. Wedges are D6 in 52 and D8 in 56 60. my question is The Stock SIM driver is 45.75 my KuroKage I installed plays it at 45.625 which theoretically should have dropped it to D4.5 area. But I think the head itsel
  5. I was thinking hydrochloric acid but have no idea if that will affect the copper. Once everything is back to normal I'm going to make some calls to local shops and see if they have any ideas. Worse case scenario Iron Factory, but I love how they look now haha
  6. I kinda fell in love with the look but I do expect myself to send them in within the next few months ot end of the year after COVID settles down.
  7. I like that"tools not jewels" I played with a guy who had MP14s. Even though they looked rough they still looked amazing to me haha! Look for a pair on Offerup or Ebay!
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Honestly I haven't decided if I want to do the Iron Factory or not. I will probably one day but at this point I see it as If I'm playing they're going to get messed up anyways. Biggest reason is I have a friend who is a contracted fitter for Titleist so were going to see if I can get a major hookup for 620 MBs possibly. I was brought up in golf using only demo or used clubs. I always bought shafts new but heads didn't matter to me, as long as I hit my numbers Im okay with it. Swing weight wise they came out at D3 and my pitch at D4. Im okay with the PW being D4.. Ill k
  9. The faces are actually in great shape! Heres a photo of the faces. I took these from P,8,6, and 3.
  10. Hey Everyone, This is my first build ever and first post as well. Ive been gaming a set of JPX 900 Tours with some Ctaper 130s. I love these clubs but my issue is the top line. I love a thin line and once I got up to the 8 iron my eyes just didnt like it. I went on offerup one day found a set of MP33s. Face is in great condition but on the club itself theres rust. I was like whatever I’ll sand them or something. Come to find out there chipped, but in long streaks. I paid $80 for 3-P. I decided Ill put my Ctaper 130s in them and take it for a ride. I noticed as I was sanding it wasnt rust
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